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Online text to speech services for English text reading and dubbing


There are many situations in which you may need to voice-over text in English. For this purpose, there are quite a few services on the Internet. Find out how they differ and which one is the highest quality.

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Service is dedicated primarily to the interpretation of words - you can type any word, phrase - and get its meaning, examples of usage and synonyms. There is also a built-in dubbing function that helps you understand its pronunciation.

How to use Reverso:

  • Type or paste the text you want to sound out into the text box.
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon and start the search.
  • On the page that opens, find the voiceover icon under the desired phrase and click on it.
  • The announcer reads the selected text.


  • Speakers have a very good pronunciation
  • Exhaustive data on translations and synonyms
  • The service can pronounce even the phrases that you can not find in the dictionaries.


  • It is not possible to pronounce a large text
  • The speaker reads sentences without intonation
  • Searching for words can take some time


This website was created specifically for English text dubbing, so the range of functions here is much wider. You can choose the desired accent, the gender of the speaker and even the speed of reading. The resulting recording can be saved on your device as a audio file.

How to use iSpeech:

  • Paste the text you want to speak into the input window.
  • In the window on the left, choose the desired language or dialect.
  • At the top, choose the gender of the speaker and the reading speed.
  • Press the Play button and listen to the recording.
  • Save the result by clicking on the Download button.


  • Wide customization
  • Possibility to save the prepared file
  • The service can work with individual sentences and large texts


  • The announcer does not place the intonation in the right places
  • For some accents, the sound may not be quite accurate


Service for translation and dubbing. Enter text in the selected language - and the site transforms it into English text and immediately voices the phrase. However, you can also translate English text without translation.

How to use imTranslator:

  • In the input field, enter the desired text.
  • Apply settings via the top panel.
  • Press the Translate&Speak button.


  • Speed customisation
  • Translation and dubbing simultaneously
  • Large texts support


  • Translation of complex phrases is not always accurate
  • No possibility to choose an accent - only American English is set by default
  • It is not possible to save the audio with the result of dubbing as a file


Service can do the text dubbing in English by a large number of voices. You can select not only the gender and nationality of the speaker, but even listen to samples and assign a specific character to read out your text.

How to use:

  • Listen to the samples and check out the available voiceover characters.
  • Choose the appropriate voice, tone, and speed.
  • Paste your text into the input box.
  • Click the Vocalize button.


  • Ability to use different voices to voice text online
  • The resulting audio file is available for download
  • Many reading speed options


  • Doesn't work with texts over 1500 characters
  • Pronunciation is not always correct
  • No intonation


Text dubbing through the service Zvukogram goes to a whole new level. It has a lot of convenient functions - you can set the intonation and accents, create dialogs between speakers, choose from a variety of voices and tones. Talking about voice acting, Zvukogram has no analogues.

How to dub a text (instruction)

  • Insert the desired text in the input field.
  • Set up all necessary parameters. On the top panel, you can choose which voice will be used.
  • Set the tone and intonation.
  • Add dialog if necessary.
  • Mark accents in the text in complex words with a "+" sign.
  • If necessary, type dot where there should be pauses.
  • Select the file format for the future audio.
  • Click the Audible button.


  • Many options for dubbing
  • You may save the resulting recording
  • Wide range of voices for the text pronunciation


  • Some features and voices are only available with a paid subscription
  • Service does not provide a built-in translation of the text into another language


The service is designed to translate words, phrases and texts. It can do voice translation of the text in English. The pronunciation of the speaker is quite close to the speech of native speakers.

How to use:

  • Enter text in a foreign language and translate it into English, or enter the text at once in the language you want.
  • A speaker icon will appear next to the English phrase. By clicking on it, you can hear how the word or phrase is pronounced.


  • Correct and clear pronunciation
  • Built-in English translation
  • Works with any amount of text


  • When dubbing, Translator does not create an audio file (it is impossible to download or save the recording)
  • The translation may not be accurate if the text is complex

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