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Best services for text dubbing with robot speech online - 2022


I've already done a review of the best online services for text-to-speech. I realized that there is no mention of services where you can pronounce the text with a robot voice instead of a human one.

So today I will share with you a selection of the best robot speech - text services. You can use robot voice to pronounce the typed text with the voice of a bot.

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Two directions are possible - translation of dictated text into electronic text and vice versa - voiceover of already written text. The bot's voice can be chosen to be either female or male. True, this is not a robotic voice, but closer to a live human voice.

For the scoring of the text online using technology Automatic Speech Recognition API. It works well enough, it is easy and fast to check through the appropriate window on iSpeech. API can be used on your own site or service, for example, to voice books through a bot, as has long been done on many sites for listening to audiobooks.

The list of languages for dubbing is very wide. It is perhaps the main feature of the service. You can use English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean robot voices.


This online synthesizer is not distinguished by some convenient and beautiful interface. You will find here the desired function of the voice of the text by a robot.

How to use the service:

  • Go to Text Voicing.
  • Select appropriate voice engine - for example, V4 TTS
  • Select the language - English
  • Select male or female voice from the list of available options.
  • You can also choose voice pitch (high or low) and intonation (joy, annoyance)
  • Type text in the box
  • Press the Voice button

There is no robot voice specifically, but you can play with the settings. to get the sound you want.

Apihost features are good for individual users. You can voice bots for small amounts of text - e.g. pages on websites. For larger sizes of texts I would advise to pay attention to the tariffs. The paid service will allow you to choose a bot for the Litres text dubbing in a reader format - in this way it is convenient to synthesize the text of English books.


The user's choice of bot is Tatiana or Maxim, depending on which robot voice you want. There are examples on the site, so we advise you to listen to them to assess the quality of the synthesizer.

How to do robot voice dubbing on zvukogram site:

  • Go to the Text Voicing section.
  • Enter a text or copy an existing text.
  • Select a pronunciation language.
  • Select the robot's or assistant's voice to sound out the text.
  • Select voice pitch, timbre and pronunciation speed.

As the creators of the online service say, there are no restrictions, but during the testing I was identified as a robot and was asked to switch to a paid package.

Neural networks are used for voicing, there are both free and paid options (payment is made by tokens).

Speech synthesis settings are quite a lot. The voicing is realistic, there are not many mistakes. In addition, the phonetic alphabet MFA is supported.

Also on the zvukogram site you will find a collection of sounds which you can apply to your videos for editing.


Texttospeech allows you to convert text to robot voice online, and you can choose not only the voice imitating a "live" person. In particular, you will find the Maxima bot in the list. This is a special voice bot for voiceover, which pronounces the entered text with a robotic voice.

It should be noted that the main page displays, in fact, a demo version of the service. To use it in full you should go to paid plan (see below).

To use Texttospeech it is possible similarly to above-mentioned sites:

  • You copy the words and sentence you need to say into the text box.
  • Choose a language and an option from the list - for example, Maxim bot.
  • Click on the Voicing button.

Important features of service Texttospeech:

  • free voicing can only be a text no longer than 200 characters (rates can be found in the section Tariffs, up to 3 rubles per 1 thousand characters).
  • if voicing does not work, remove special characters from the text - this may cause the service not to work.
  • You can adjust the height and tempo of speech.
  • If necessary, you can download the voiced text as an audio file.

Other services for text dubbing with tts bot voices

1. ttsreader is a simple service for robot voice dubbing. Supports English language, with a choice of male or female voices.

2. readspeaker - cloud text-to-audio conversion. English is available, with two pronunciation options.

3. text-to-speech - electronic translator and converter of printed text to audio. Bot supports Spanish, German, English and other languages.

4. fromtexttospeech - another simple service-converter. Options are very few, the voiceover option is only one - the voice of someone called "Valentina". The result can be downloaded as mp3 audio file.

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