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Best apps for the Tesla car: iOS and Android


Electric cars have long been no novelty on today's streets. It has been several years since Tesla popularized electric cars, and later other companies picked up the trend.

Despite the growing popularity, there is often a problem - finding chargers. There are still many more gasoline-powered cars, and gas stations for them can be found on every corner. Recharging points, on the other hand, are sometimes not scattered in the most convenient places in town, especially when it comes to the U.S. and Canada.

The apps below are handy navigators for Tesla electric cars, capable of displaying nearby chargers or plotting long routes with chargers in mind.

There are also other apps besides navigators to make it easier to work with your Tesla. For example, vehicle status scanners. This allows you to track even minor changes and contact a repair shop in time, without bringing the car to serious breakdowns.

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Chargemap is an app for finding chargers for Tesla. The main page has a large map showing all the points to charge your car. It works in almost all countries, from India to the U.S. and Europe, however, not all existing points are marked in the U.S.

A filter button is available at the top right. In it, you can select:

  • Charger power;
  • Type of connection to the vehicle;
  • Payment card compatibility;
  • Rates and costs;
  • Network Types;
  • Display of failed chargers;
  • Marking on the map of the nearest services - stores, pharmacies, parks, tourist areas, etc.

You can build a route based on the percentage of charge at the time of departure and the time of arrival. Once you've entered the data, Chargemap will plot a route based on the closest charges, keeping your Tesla battery level from dropping to a critical level.

Additional route settings:

  • Speed Limit;
  • Network limitation;
  • Minimum Battery Level;
  • Avoiding toll roads and highways.


To use the app, you'll need to sign up - either through your Google account or through email. You will need to enter your name, country, and zip code (optional).

After registering you will be taken to the main page. The app displays all the charging stations, and works best in European countries.

You can mark the charging stations as favorites if you plan to return to them constantly. Then you can go back with a couple of clicks.

Electromaps don't provide any more functionality for Tesla.

Home Wizard Energy

A small app that provides remote access to Tesla car chargers. To use it, you have to register and specify your home location.

After that, you can select the desired charger in the drop-down list. If there is no suitable one, you can add the type of charger yourself.

This app helps you remotely control different chargers for Tesla, via Wi-FI. There is no map in this app.

There are also detailed instructions in the app itself on how to use the charger, how to connect the app to Tesla, etc.


This app is a simple map with the locations of Tesla chargers.

Using the navigator button you can create a route, select the model and brand of the car, the characteristics of the battery, the speed at which you will drive Tesla.

Nextcharge has no diverse functionality, but it does not take up much space on the device, and the information is updated regularly.


PlugShare is a large community of electric car drivers. You can find car chargers by make or by your preference. The app allows you to tag and share useful addresses with the community, plan, save trip itineraries, and more.

Registration is required and can be done through Google, apple or email.

Once you register, you can choose your car model for convenience, but it's optional. Unlike other apps, it works not only in the U.S. and Europe, but also quite well in Canada and Australia.

PlugShare can be used directly on your car's navigation system.


Another very small app with a minimalistic display of Tesla chargers on the map. When you zoom in, it displays the number of Superchargers in a given region, which makes Superchargers stand out from other apps, where chargers are just displayed as a bunch of little dots.

The map is displayed in the language of your device, but more details are available in English. On the bottom left you can see a full list of chargers with brief descriptions: operating time, establishment nearby, power and number of charging spots.

The app has a paid version, which includes:

  • Sending charger coordinates directly to Tesla;
  • Improved smart filtering;
  • More descriptions of places near the charger: hotels, restrooms, bars.

Scan my Tesla

The application is not free of charge.

The application requires a special connection cable. How and where you can buy it is specified directly in the description of the application on Google Play.

This software allows you to monitor and diagnose the condition of the car, as well as to report its failures. It is suitable for those who are not comfortable using expensive official software.

The phone shows the actual remaining battery capacity, temperature load, mode of operation, and more.

Once connected, you will see a fairly simple interface. The app has pretty extensive, yet intuitive in-depth settings. If you are not satisfied with using the paid program - you can simply download the apk version from any site you trust, and it will work exactly the same as the version from Google play.

Stats: For Model S/X/3/Y

Similar to the previous app, but on iOS. Its main focus is to scan the condition of the Tesla car for errors, as well as manual checks. For example, the ability to monitor engine temperature, battery status, remaining capacity, etc.

The following functions are available:

  • Displays total battery capacity of Tesla;
  • Connecting the storage device to your iPhone / iPad;
  • Viewing recorded dash cam videos;
  • Warming the battery at a specified time;
  • Climate change scheduling;
  • Scheduling Tesla battery charging;
  • Viewing vehicle information: battery status, driving efficiency, miles traveled, phantom discharge, charging history;
  • Charging Reminder;
  • Door / trunk open notification.

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