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Why isn't Siri working in Carplay? Ways to fix the error


For GPS navigation in the car via Carplay, you can use different input methods. The most convenient is voice command input. Siri allows you to perform navigation and iPhone control commands by speaking aloud various commands: find an address, call a friend, find a gas station, etc.

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How to use Siri

There are a variety of ways to access Siri in Carplay. The most obvious one is to hold down the Home button in the lower left corner of the head unit for 2 seconds.

The second way is Push to talk voice command button. It is considered the safest, as it does not distract the driver from driving. This button is usually located on the left side of the steering wheel near the volume keys.

It looks like a picture of a human head.

As soon as you press the button, you will hear a distinctive audio message that you are using Siri to enter commands. At the same time, the screen will say: What can I help you with?

This means that the user can say any command and Siri will try to execute it.

What commands are available through the Siri app

1. To call someone in your iPhone address book, say Hey Siri, Call "iPhone contact name". The appropriate screen for the call will appear on the head unit screen.

2. To send a message, say Text "contact name", how are you?

After you dictate the text of the message, Siri will ask you to confirm the text.

3. Use the Read messages voice command to read new messages on your phone. Siri will read the text messages aloud.

4. To play a track through your car audio system, simply tell Siri to Play and say the title of the track, which is available on Spotify or in your iTunes library.

Note. If any of the commands are unavailable, Siri will notify the user: Sorry I can't help you with that.

What do I do if Siri won't start?

If the voice input function or Siri app is not working on your iPhone, try one of the following solutions.

1. Say Hey Siri and wait for the voice assistant to start.

It is very important to wait for Siri to launch after pressing the button to enter voice commands. To do this, you need to hold down the button for about 2 seconds or more. Only then will you be able to enter voice commands.

2. Restart your iPhone - most often it helps to solve Siri problems.

3. Proper USB cord - If there is no reliable USB connection between iPhone and car, Siri will not work. In general, it is advisable to use the quality USB cable that came with your iPhone. If you lose it, buy a new USB cable that meets Apple's quality standards.

4. Stable USB connection - If Siri is not working, it may be due to the lack of connection between the phone jack and the cable. Make sure your phone's connector is fine and there are no foreign objects in the USB slot.

5. Reconnect Apple Carplay to the car's head unit. If you pressed No and Don't ask anymore during the connection process, Carplay will not be detected in the head unit during the connection phase.

6. Enable Carplay on your phone. To do this, go to Settings - General - Carplay. Connect Carplay by using the Forget this car button and reconnecting. Also make sure the Allow Carplay while Car is locked option is enabled.

7. Check your access rights and privacy settings. Make sure Carplay and Siri are not restricted. To do this

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings - Screen time - Content and privacy restrictions.
  2. Go to Allowed apps,
  3. Find Carplay and Siri in the list,
  4. Slide the sliders to the right.

8. Make sure Siri is enabled on your phone. Go to Settings - Siri and Search. The Listen to Hey Siri option should be enabled.

If the above methods helped you to restore Siri, we would be glad to hear feedback from you. Also, feel free to ask your Siri-related questions via the feedback form. Good luck!

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