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How to create route with multiple destinations on map


It is possible to add an additional stop in the navigator in just a few taps and thus make a convenient route. In some cases, when building a route, the user needs to mark several places to stop at once. Stop at a cafe, a gas station, a store or just at a particular address. Not all maps allow making a complex route.

This article will give examples of using navigators Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps to add multiple stops and destinations.

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Waze is a popular navigation app in the USA, Canada and Europe.

To add multiple stops in Waze app:

  1. Download Waze and open the application.
  2. Open the map.
  3. Choose a destination point. It is important to choose the final address first, as it will in any case be the last on the trip, even if it is closer than the intermediate stop. You can choose the address both in the search line and on the map;
  1. Press "Go";
  1. In the opened window select the button "Add stop";
  2. Enter the address of the intermediate stop.
  1. Instead of the address you can choose the nearest gas stations, hostels, cafes, or a place from favorites.
  2. The "History" section is also useful, tap on it will open a list of the last places you viewed. This can be handy if you do not know the exact address of the intermediate stop, because you can't select it by tapping on the map.
  1. After all actions, the intermediate stop will be marked by number 1, and the final stop - by number 2.
  2. Also under the address of the final route there will be written the approximate time of arrival, if you start driving right now.
  3. Below there is a button, allowing the user to choose the most convenient time to start the trip, taking into account traffic jams and traffic on the road.
  4. The "Overview" function is available, where the different colors will mark the way to the first and the second point of the route.
  1. The route can be shared using the appropriate Share button.


  • You can add only one intermediate stop


  • The way works on both Android and iOS

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most common services for navigation on Android, iPhone and other platforms. In terms of convenience, this navigator has no equal. Navigation and route building here work much better than in most services. If necessary, maps can be opened in the browser, but from mobile devices they work much worse.

In order to assign multiple destinations on Google Maps:

  1. Download the Google Maps app and / or open it on your phone
  2. Select your final destination on the map or by using the "Search" button;
  3. Tap on the "Directions" button;
  1. Select the point of departure;
  2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner;
  3. Tap on the "Add stop" button;
  1. Enter an intermediate address or multiple destinations on the map.This way you can add several stops.
  1. In case you need to change the order of stops, it is enough to pinch the address with your finger and move it above or below. Then you do not have to erase already written text and re-enter it several times.


  • The main advantage of Google Maps compared to Waze and Apple maps is the ability to add multiple stops along the way at once

Google Maps (PC version)

If for some reason you need to make a route with multiple destinations from your computer, you can do it through the browser. You can add multiple stops through the Google Maps without installing any programs.

Instructions how to add multiple destinations:

  1. Go to and search for your destination. You can either enter your destination manually or use geolocation, if your device supports this function and if your browser has the necessary permissions.
  1. After defining the path, click on the "Add destination" button.
  1. Specify the desired address. You can do this many times.
  2. To remove the additional route, put the cursor on it and click on the cross that appears on the right (Remove this destination button).
  1. To swap additional stops or reorder, hover your mouse over the small circles to the left of the destinations, press and drag them above or below.
  1. Just like with a phone, Google Maps can choose the most convenient and shortest route, taking into account traffic jams, road works, etc.

Other navigators can also provide this feature, but Google Maps has higher accuracy.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps does not have a function of adding a new stop or multiple stops. Rather, it can be called "pit stop.

Maps will offer choices from places like coffee shops, gas stations, etc. Entering the address of the desired house or street is not possible here. As in previous cases, the user first needs to select the final destination. You can do this by opening the maps themselves, or with Siri.

  1. After the desired route is selected, press "Go".
  2. To add a pit stop, slide your finger up from the bottom while driving along the main route and select the desired option in the pop-up section with buttons.
  3. After that, just click on the "Go" button next to the place of interest.

The second option to use map with multiple destinations is to ask Siri. This can be useful during the trip itself, if you are driving and suddenly need to stop at a gas station or a cafe.

In order to add a pit stop,

  1. Say "hello to Siri"
  2. Say out loud what you want to add - a hotel, gas station, parking lot, etc.
  3. Siri will open a list with suggested places,
  4. Press the Go button to take an additional route.
  5. To turn off the extra stop, say "resume route" to the voice assistant or click on the appropriate button directly in the maps with multiple stops.


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Each of the listed applications has very different functionality. For some people, it may be convenient to use the standard and familiar to everyone Google Maps, but for others it will be more convenient to use Waze. It is up to you to decide how to make a route with multiple stops. It is possible that this guide will be supplemented over time, if more convenient tools appear in these applications.

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