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Review of programs for repairing usb flash drive working capacity

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What to do if your USB flash drive won t open or read. Choosing a program for repairing Apacer, Transcend, Kingston, Panasonic and HP USB flash drives.

Operation errors of USB flash drives aren t very common. Usually users complain on inability to read or write necessary information on the memory of their devices due to software damage.

Specialized software provided by your device manufacturer can help you to fix the problem and repair your USB flash / memory card.

In order to repair noname USB flash drives and those that don't have specially designed recovery software, a built in Windows Chkdsk and formatting system will suit your needs.

Apacer USB Repair Tool

Based upon forums reviews Apacer flash drives are quite reliable, but sometimes problems can occur. Its manufacturer took this fact into account and released a formatting tool called USB Repair Tool. The program supports software repair of storage clusters.

USB Repair Tool app might be useful if:

  • the process of writing/reading information takes a lot of time;
  • your flash drive won t open
  • your files caught a virus or a trojan;
  • an error appears when connecting a usb stick to a computer;
  • you can t copy files or you get stuck during the process

The program interface is simple: the main window has only two buttons: formatting and resetting to the factory state (low-level formatting). All data will be destroyed during both options, so it's better to create a backup copy of the data stored on your usb flash drive before you start the process.

Download Apacer USB Flash Drive Repair Tool

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

There is a firm app which is called HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool for Hewlett Packard flash drives if you need to repair their working capability. The capabilities of this tool are the same as the ones of Apacer, its interface isn't more complicated and only 1 megabyte of free storage space is required.

Format Tool graphical shell has only the most essential things. You can choose the device for formatting, the file system you need, its name and a formatting mode.

Basic formatting erases all the data from a storage device thus allowing you to reanimate your flash drive. Low-level (deep) does the same with the only exception: it deletes all the data permanently. In this mode the program doesn t simply clean the memory, it remarks a flash drive, which leaves no chances of saving anything, including viruses, trojans and other malware.

Download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

Kingston USB Repair Tool

Kingston USB flash drives have their own recovery utility. It s a simple program which doesn t need a lot of computer resources, but unlike the mentioned above ones it requires installation directly on the storage device you want to repair.

Kingston utility can be easily found on its manufacturer official website.

How to repair a USB flash drive:

  1. Download the archive with installation files from the manufacturer official website.
  2. Open the archive with Kingston USB Repair Tool and run the installation file.
  3. After installing it, select the storage device (usb flash drive) that you want to repair in the opened window.
  4. Click on formatting button.

This usb stick repair tool is designed only for the recovery of Kingston flash drives. There is no need in file system and other options configuration as the utility detects them automatically.

Download Kingston USB Repair Tool

Panasonic Usb Repair Tool

Panasonic USB Repair Tool utility will be useful for those who are facing problems with their storage devices: for example, reading or writing problems, hang ups, odd errors or inability to detect a USB flash drive.

You don t have to install this utility as it s enough to just run it and select the desired recovery mode. Simple and deep formatting modes are available.

Advice. Despite the fact that this utility has the word "Panasonic" in its title, it can be used for repairing Kingston and Transcend usb flash drives.

Download Panasonic Usb Repair Tool

An alternative method of curing a usb stick: a built-in formatting utility

If your flash drive starts failing, but you have no time or will to search for a suitable program, give a try to Windows built-in capacities. All you need for repairing a damaged flash drive is a computer running under Windows operating system and few minutes.

In order to check for read/write errors:

  1. Insert your flash drive into the usb port of a computer or a laptop.
  2. Create a backup copy of your data if necessary or possible.
  3. In Windows Explorer right-click on your storage device icon and select "Properties" from the opened context menu.
  4. Find "Tools" tab in the window.
  5. Click on "Check disk and fix errors".
  6. Launch it.

After Chkdsk finishes checking, we advise you to format your flash drive. The built-in formatting utility can be also opened in the same way: via Explorer context menu. We suggest choosing "Deep formatting" to remove any remnants of malware from the memory of your device and in order to return it to its initial state.

Note. The above mentioned programs for repairing usb flash drives will help you only if the problems with reading and writing were caused by software errors, such as viruses or bad-blocks. These utilities won t manage to cope with mechanical damages, as well as they aren t able to help if your storage device has run out of its working resources.

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