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Best Online Voice Changers - 2022. How to convert your voice from male to female

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If you need to stay incognito, look into specialized voice changer services online. They will help you maintain your privacy. Besides, Voice Changer app is a fun activity for kids and adults.

There is a large number of online services, the most interesting are Voice Changers, which will be discussed below.


The online service has a wide variety of features, but the most useful are the 3 following features of Voicechanger:

  • A large selection of sound effects for imitating someone else's voice;
  • Saving files in audio format;
  • The ability to share recordings online with other users.

Not every voice-changing service can boast as many effects as Voicechanger. At the same time, most of the features are designed for fun.

Privacy: Use the Online Voice Changer to completely change your voice, to hide it from other internet users as well as apply fun effects and make your kids or friends happy with your unusual recordings.

Save the result to a file. You can save any of recorded files on your phone or computer. All you have to do is tap the save icon after conversion. So you can play back your recordings offline at any time.

Share function. Sometimes you just want to share funny sounds with your friends. With the online Voicechanger service you can share your recording after it's been saved with the tapping the button under "My Sounds.

Online Voice Changer and Modifier

This is an extremely simple service with no integrated extra options that often get in the way of the average user.

The only requirement for successful conversion is to open your browser and go to the service page. It requires no installation and is ready for use.

Voice changer does the following:

  1. Click the Change Voice Now button
  2. Click on the microphone icon to record sounds or click on the Upload media button;
  3. Navigate to the menu to select the desired file;
  4. Select the language spoken: female or male voice, robot voice;
  5. Press the Start to process button;
  6. Save the result if necessary;
  7. Re-playing the file is available in the After section (the section is available on the current service page under the Before section).

The service has a stylish and simple interface. All functions can be learned in a few minutes. More than twenty effects are available to change your voice. Among them, for example, a robot or a child.

Features of this service:

  • You can record and change your voice online, in real time;
  • More than twenty online effects that change your voice beyond recognition;
  • You can edit recordings that are already on your phone;
  • Saving the recordings to your phone.


Voicemod has a stylish interface. It is not an online service, but a full-fledged desktop Windows application. However, you can apply effects and change your voice in real time, so online applications (ZOOM, HANGOUTS, FACETIME) can use the voice functions.

To start working with voice, you have to select the recording you want to change. There are two options:

  • Load the audio track from your phone,
  • Record the voice directly in the application.

Then you can experiment with the voice, like overlaying and changing sound effects until you get a result you like. You can do this several times for different voices and audio files.

The finished file can be saved in your phone, or you can share it via bluetooth or through social networks.

AV Voice Changer Software

A simple and fun application. It helps to make an audio recording and put an unusual effect on your voice. The resulting file can be used as a ringtone, alarm clock or to prank your friends.

Voice converter includes more than 40 effects. With its help the user can change the voice message as if it is spoken by a giant, a robot or an alien from outer space.

An online voice converter is built into the functionality. Users can create images with sound and then share them in messengers and social networks, make pranks. The app is also capable of converting text to sound with voice modulation.

To overlay the effect, all you need to do is make a recording or import a previously created one. In the menu, the user selects the option to change by pressing the appropriate key to listen. The audio can be saved on your mobile device or shared on a social networks.

The AV Voice Changer Software can only be installed on Windows PCs. The application is free, but with ads. It can be turned off by paying for the feature in the program store.

Other online voice changers

Voice Changer

One of the alternatives that allows you to voice text or translate a voice message into a text. Files can also be converted into videos to play pranks on your friends.

Online Tone Generator

An alternative to Voice changer with effects. This online service allows you to apply sound effects to your voice messages. More than 25 processing options are available.

Female to Male Voice Changer

Great service to change the gender of your voice. It is not possible to apply effects. You can also use Female to Male Voice Changer to process a song as an audio file.


A large number of effects and real-time processing feature make it unique in its own way.

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