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Roman Holiday (1953): the best GPS locations


The world cinematography considers the film "Roman Holiday", directed by William Wyler, a standard of romantic cinema and melodrama. Despite the comedic plot, in the picture there is love, chastity, sincerity.

These feelings are a red thread in the script by John Dayton, Ian Hunter and Dalton Trumbo.

The main roles entrusted to Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert, Hartley Power.

The action takes place in Rome, in 1958. Princess Anne arrived in the capital with an official visit. The time of the young lady is scheduled literally by minutes. She scheduled interviews, meetings, and visits to production.

These activities do not inspire the young person at all. She wants to walk along the noisy street, where fun, freedom and music reign. Anna decided to escape from the palace, and look for adventure. Shortly before these events, the doctor gave the girl a shot with sleeping pills. The young lady fell asleep right on the bench.

Journalist Joe was supposed to attend a press conference with the young princess in the morning. But he didn't know what Anna looked like. In the meantime, he accidentally meets a girl in the park. Joe decides to help the lonely confused young lady, not even realizing who is in front of him.

GPS Locations

The movie was produced by Paramount Pictures. The studio planned to shoot only general shots in Rome, and the rest of the sets were to be designed on location. When William Wyler was invited to the shooting as a director, he put forward a condition - the picture must be shot in Italy. After all, in Hollywood it is impossible to create the atmosphere of a boiling colorful city.

The company went along with the request of the famous director, and the American comedy was shot entirely in Italian locations.

This decision was also financially advantageous. The movie studios were frozen by Europeans bank accounts, from which to withdraw money was inexpedient, but to use them in Italy can be.

The news that on the streets of the Italian capital will shoot an American movie, excited residents. Everyone tried to touch the world of cinematography at least a little. People were ready to take part in the filming on any terms. Cab drivers, waiters, small craftsmen, traders, policemen did not even need to get into the role - they enthusiastically played themselves.

The whole city became a movie set. Professional and original actors were in a high creative mood.

The choice of locations for filming was an extremely favorable decision in terms of budget:

  • Pantheon (41.899042030130715, 12.477044561371075),
  • Colosseum (41.890361920654776, 12.492542033297832),
  • Piazza Venezia (41.895841232458714, 12.482767206856227),
  • Trevi Fountain (41.901017300307224, 12.483809388847762),
  • Piazza Colonna (41.90108965368434, 12.479776104190444),

Nothing had to be completed, remodeled or invented at these sites. The site was cordoned off by the police. No fees were demanded from the film crew, and no one was outraged about the traffic stoppage. The Romans were happy to watch the filming process.

The plot of the picture was not a fiction or fantasy of the authors. Shortly before the filming of the movie in Rome visited the English princess Margaret. The young lady was characterized by a cool temper, complex character and freedom-loving. She, too, ignored a whole list of things to do, and went on a free journey through the streets of the capital.

The film crew felt part of this bustling city that belonged to the Romans.

Most of the scenes were filmed in the most colorful corner of Rome - the beautiful, shady and wide Via Veneto (41.906269382857836, 12.490185427204873). On either side were cafes, restaurants, and old hotels. Centuries-old plane trees provided coolness and shade, and the public strolled casually along the wide sidewalks.

Bohemians gathered at the tables of fashionable establishments, politicians had a leisurely conversation, businessmen made deals. As usual, photo reporters were "hunting" for all famous personalities.

They took photos, documented, and then sold savory details to scandalous tabloid newspapers.

The flavor of modern Roman streets may have changed somewhat since then, but the memorable places where the shots of the rating picture were filmed still attract citizens and visitors to Rome.

Filming locations

Location NameLatitude / Longitude
Pantheon41.89904203 / 12.47704456
Colosseum41.89036192 / 12.49254203
Piazza Venezia41.89584123 / 12.48276721
Trevi Fountain41.9010173 / 12.48380939
Piazza Colonna41.90108965 / 12.4797761
Via Veneto 41.90626938 / 12.49018543

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