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Once Upon a Time in America (1983): best GPS locations


In 1983, the movie "Once Upon a Time in America" directed by Sergio Leone was released on the wide screen. According to the largest database of cinematography IMDb, this legendary tape of the gangster genre is one of the hundred best films.

The film has become a cult work for several generations of viewers. Fully reflects the experience of the fate of the picture and the cast - Robert De Niro, Elizabeth McGovern, James Woods, Treat Williams, Burt Young.

Events take place in the 20s of the last century in the slums of New York. Four guys from poor neighborhoods meet and make a gang of gangsters. Guys vow to remain friends under any circumstances, to provide support, and, if necessary, to sacrifice their lives.

Enterprising and charismatic young people managed to become the authorities of the criminal world. Even yesterday, inexperienced boys, tested by serious tests, created a powerful structure that brings considerable income.

But the scheme, tied to robbery and violence, because of betrayal is rapidly collapsing. Many years later, one of the once friendly foursome returns to his native neighborhood. He remembers those with whom he began his fateful ascent.

Where scenes of the movie were filmed

The plot of the movie covers a period of several decades. The place of shooting the main frames of the epic narrative served as New York and its suburbs.

Some moments were filmed in Canada, France and Italy.

Locations for most of the story were the corners of Manhattan. For example, the famous scene where the young men walk and then visit the distillery was filmed on Water Street and Washington Street.

A fragment of the picture, when the character in the movie Noodles enters the vault, filmed in one of the largest city cemeteries - Woodlawn (40.888719428690294, -73.87030638628924).

Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn (40.70223798355198, -73.93586179057816) became the location for shooting the shots of sending a juvenile delinquent to prison.

Moments of the characters in the restaurant were filmed on South 8th Street in Brooklyn (40.70968206045591, -73.96384851277597).

The Long Island City building (40.74695720131068, -73.95523440946388) was the location for the courtroom scenes.

In Florida, in the resort of St. Pete Beach (27.737703100183786, -82.75379564418927), near a 4-star hotel, footage was filmed where Max shares with friends a plan to rob a bank.

Several shots were taken in New Jersey, more specifically at the Intermodal Passenger Station, Hoboken Terminal (40.736182327116616, -74.02964978884452), on the banks of the Hudson River. Warren Avenue and Ocean Avenue were also filmed.

Some areas of the big island city of Montreal perfectly replaced corners of New York. Therefore, the film crew traveled to Canada. Here filming was carried out in the provincial prison, on Rue Le Moyne (45.538499252400435, -73.49725257634746), St. Pierre, near the Ritz-Carlton restaurant (43.64556598758781, -79.38667810706978).

The site of the filmmakers was the Athanas-David Pavilion, an administrative building on St. Denis, Lake Saint-Pierre (46.19239402060661, -72.81518699704881).

The historical object of the French capital - the railway station Gare du Nord (48.88112446000485, 2.3558072237977035) - is depicted in the scene of Deborah's departure to the west coast.

Some fragments of the cult movie were filmed in Italy. The scene of Noodles' date with the girl was filmed not in the center of Manhattan, but in a hotel and restaurant in Venice.

Studio shooting with the construction of scenery was carried out in Cinecitta Studios, the center of television and film production.

Even with the location shooting, the locations were subjected to some changes in order to create real pictures of the time. But fans and admirers of this iconic film can experience the atmosphere in which the characters lived if they take a tour of the locations where the filming took place.

Filming locations

Location NameLatitude / Longitude
Woodlawn 40.88871943 / -73.87030639
Brooklyn 40.70223798 / -73.93586179
South 8th Street in Brooklyn 40.70968206 / -73.96384851
Long Island City building 40.7469572 / -73.95523441
St. Pete Beach 27.7377031 / -82.75379564
Hoboken Terminal 40.73618233 / -74.02964979
Rue Le Moyne 45.53849925 / -73.49725258
Ritz-Carlton restaurant 43.64556599 / -79.38667811
Lake Saint-Pierre 46.19239402 / -72.815187
Railway station Gare du Nord 48.88112446 / 2.355807224

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