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Eat, Pray, Love (2010) GPS Locations


In 2010, the collection of the world's film industry was enriched by another bestseller - the picture of the famous American director and screenwriter Ryan Murphy. The script of Eat, Pray, Love was created by famous director Elizabeth Gilbert and Jennifer Salt.

The central characters of the melodrama are Julia Roberts, James Franco, Michael Omelly, Richard Jenkins.

The main heroine of the hit movie Elizabeth is a well-off and successful woman. She has everything that most girls dream of - a settled personal life, a loving husband, a high-paying job, money and jewelry.

However, no benefits do not please our heroine. She has not even turned thirty years old, and she feels depressed. The girl for a long time sincerely did not rejoice, lived by habit, without emotion kissed her husband before leaving the house. Before going to bed, she turned away to the wall, denying her spouse intimacy.

Every day Elizabeth became more and more convinced of the wrongness of what was happening. Unexpectedly, the lady decided to divorce her husband, go on a long journey, and start a new stage of her life.

The divorce went smoothly, and Elizabeth, having received the documents, decided to buy a ticket to Bali. Especially since she was sent there on a business trip. The woman planned to relax a little in peace and quiet. However, the beginning of a new life had to start with a very unusual adventure.

Where the shooting of the movie took place

The heroine of the picture, who was trying to find a mental balance, lived in New York in the Brooklyn neighborhood (40.678709675204104, -73.94534087275892).

The director preferred to shoot all the natural scenes in that colorful environment, where Elizabeth found herself.

Most of the filming took place in Rome. Elizabeth had an unforgettable experience, looking around from the observation deck of Sant'angelo Castel (41.90320690492218, 12.466715878967419). The object even today attracts thousands of lovers of unique natural landscapes.

Several times a day the heroine enjoyed the taste of gelato at Gelato di San Crispino (41.90169116673098, 12.485836666812839). And now this cafe has the best treat in town.

In a small square near Piazza Navona (41.899291042333395, 12.473417519441396) is another popular place - the Ristorante Santa Lucia (41.900954412475286, 12.475894427589278), where Elizabeth ordered lunches.

For pizza, the traveler ate at Ristorante Pizzeria da Michele (41.898241326654194, 12.512283265777125). Built in 1906, the building today bears the title "the sacred temple of pizza".

It is known that the wealthy lady, after living for some time in Italy, went to India, where she settled in the province of Pataudi. Filming was held in the Pataudi nawab's estate, several nearby villages and the Ram Mandir temple (26.792285155617662, 82.2001935746754).

The last stop on Elizabeth's journey was the island of Bali (-8.414165721272418, 115.18664375674912). The woman came to her friend - Balinese healer, spent the morning in prayers, and recorded material. By the way, the apartment still accepts those wishing to touch the magic of healing.

There is another popular location in Bali. This is Padang Padang (-8.810611727596994, 115.10386721117752), the beach where our heroine liked to rest. However, at that time it was a small cozy place, but after filming, the popularity of the beach increased noticeably.

At the same place remains a small souvenir market, where you can buy simple interesting trinkets.

Another attraction Bali, associated with the shooting - a small house on the rice plantations, where Julia Roberts’ heroine lived.

Unfortunately, the rice thatch roof is still intact, but the new owners of the structure have tried to preserve the Ubud atmosphere (-8.50672155797891, 115.26234846083568).

Filming locations

Location NameLatitude / Longitude
Brooklyn neighborhood40.6787096752041 / -73.9453408727589
Sant'angelo Castel41.9032069049221 / 12.4667158789674
Gelato di San Crispino41.9016911667309 / 12.4858366668128
Piazza Navona41.8992910423333 / 12.4734175194413
Ristorante Santa Lucia41.9009544124752 / 12.4758944275892
Ristorante Pizzeria da Michele41.8982413266541 / 12.5122832657771
Ram Mandir temple26.7922851556176 / 82.2001935746754
Bali-8.4141657212724 / 115.1866437567490
Padang Padang-8.8106117275970 / 115.1038672111770
Ubud-8.5067215579789 / 115.2623484608350

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