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Cinema Paradiso (1988), GPS coordinates


Giuseppe Tornatore - Italian director, screenwriter and producer managed to make a picture "Cinema Paradiso", which is considered to be a hymn of cinematography. In collaboration with Richard Epcar and Vanna Pacioli, Giuseppe wrote the screenplay, and the musical accompaniment is made by composers Andrea and Ennio Morricone.

The main roles were played by a star-studded cast - Philippe Noiret, Marco Leonardi, Salvatore Cascio, Brigitte Fosse.

The movie was released on the screen in 1988. The main character of the narrative is the famous film director Salvatore. His works have long gained popularity and recognition, and he himself is at the pinnacle of fame and national recognition.

One day, returning home, Salvatore learns that his mother called and informed him of Alfredo's death. The director's friend sympathizes with him and asks him to tell her who Alfredo is and why his death saddened Salvatore so much.

The melodrama reflects the events that take place in a small Sicilian town. After the war, the only place of entertainment for the townspeople was the local movie theater, where a lonely man named Alfredo works as a projectionist.

Little Salvatore does not miss a single picture. But he is attracted not only by the movie - the child makes friendship with the projectionist, who replaces his father.

The essence of the picture is simple human relationships between two people, ordinary dialogues, quotes filled with worldly wisdom.

The viewer faces a dilemma - what in life is more important - career, wealth and recognition - what Salvatore has achieved in life or love and happiness, without which existence loses its meaning.

Filming locations of the movie "New Cinema Paradiso"

Giuseppe Tornatore is a recognized professional of Italian cinema of the past. Therefore, no one objected when the master decided to shoot this inspiring picture in those places where his childhood passed, and in his memory there are still boyhood memories.

Filming took place in the town of Cefalù (38.03290311306303, 13.997768779106577), on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, as well as in the director's hometown of Bagheria (38.079053309210344, 13.513621362786386), and Palermo (38.118484, 13.348031). In 1608 on the street named after the Italian politician and military leader Nino Bixio was built the building of the "Cinema Paradiso". It is an original Baroque structure with a huge octagonal fountain in the courtyard.

The main part of the scenes of the picture was filmed in this perfectly preserved building of the movie theater. Interior decoration and exterior furnishings did not require major transformations, remodeling or radical changes.

A popular location was the town square Piazza Umberto, located in the Palazzo Adriano settlement (37.681000, 13.378217). In order to make the filming look natural, minor changes had to be made and a few sets had to be added.

Some scenes were shot on the seashore, which also didn't require any special interventions in the scenery.

Local residents were happy to participate in the shooting, thanks to which the creator of the picture managed to convey, perhaps not so much the professional play of actors, but simple human emotions, the genius of samples of human destiny.

Filming locations of various scenes involving the main and minor characters of the movie, in which sentimentality is intertwined with comedy, and pragmatism with nostalgia, and today can visit fans of this cinematic genre. Except for minor changes, all locations remain as they appear in the movie.

Filming locations

Location NameLatitude / Longitude
Cefalù 38.03290311 / 13.99776878
Bagheria 38.07905331 / 13.51362136
Palermo 38.118484 / 13.348031
Palazzo Adriano settlement 37.681 / 13.378217
Santa Flavia38.081928 / 13.523531
Termini Imerese37.984207 / 13.694903

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