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Amelie GPS locations


Movie description

Amelie is a romantic comedy about a girl Amelie Poulin. A series of sad events in life has not broken the girl, and she learns to find beautiful moments even in such a situation.

Amelie lives in Paris, near Montmartre. She works in a cafe called "Two Mills".

One day after work Amelie finds a box with children's toys in her apartment. And from that moment the protagonist of the movie starts searching for the owner of the magic box.

Amelie locations in Paris

Most of the filming took place in the Montmartre neighborhood.

Amélie and Nino meet at Place Villette. Also featured in the movie are popular locations such as Butte Montmartre and Sacré-Coeur.

Not far from the quai de Valmy is the lock bridge of the Canal Saint-Martin, where Amélie was also filmed.

Café des Deux Moulins is the famous café where the interior filming of the movie took place.

The subway scenes were filmed in the Lamarck-Gaulaincourt metro.

At the intersection of the streets Saint Vincent and Saules - the first scenes of the movie.

And on the square Abbesses Amelie communicated with a newsstand clerk. And in the house number 56 on Rue Trois Freres, Amélie actually lived.

Filming locations

Location NameLatitude / Longitude
18 Rue des Trois Frères (Amelie's home)48.885056 / 2.339913
18 Rue Lepic48.884815 / 2.333916
3 Allée Chevillard (Amélie's father's home)48.981026 / 2.277369
Acqueduc de la Vanne48.780617 / 2.335938
Animathèque d'Eaubonne48.990097 / 2.272684
Au Marché de la Butte48.885651 / 2.338326
Basilique du Sacré-Coeur48.886654 / 2.342562
Café des Deux Moulins48.884876 / 2.333554
Canal Saint-Martin48.868397 / 2.366716
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris48.852982 / 2.349671
Cologne50.939106 / 6.949336
Conduite de l'aqueduc romain de Lutèce48.824379 / 2.337916
Enghien-les-Bains48.970497 / 2.296896
Gare d'Ermont - Eaubonne48.98037 / 2.27109
Gare de l'Est48.876751 / 2.358909
Gare du Nord48.881783 / 2.357416
L'Escalier48.890167 / 2.338878
Lamarck-Caulaincourt48.889526 / 2.338
Le Verre à Pied48.840252 / 2.349547
MMC Studios Köln GmbH50.987385 / 6.892426
Montmartre48.886009 / 2.336627
Paris Gare de Lyon48.843979 / 2.373381
Pont des Arts48.858719 / 2.336985
Porte des Lilas48.876751 / 2.406584
Radio Ciné Rire48.846603 / 2.369213
Rue Ernest Roche48.895451 / 2.31977
Rue Mouffetard48.842186 / 2.349695
Rue Pierre Brossollette48.98608 / 2.274872
Rue Saint-Vincent48.888393 / 2.3404
Tchiki Boom48.882996 / 2.33576

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