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Interesting and entertaining movies about airplanes and aviation


Movies of different genres about aviation and airplanes. Unbelievable stories, unusual incidents, heroic stories, unforeseen situations. And also - people's lives, feelings and fortitude.

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Air Marshal

  • Year - 2003
  • Country - USA
  • Category - Drama, Action, Thriller, Adventure
  • Running time - 90 min
  • Director - Alain Jakubowicz.

Brett Prescott, a former Special Forces man, retired, takes a job as a secret agent for crew and passenger security on civilian flights.

On one flight to America from Europe, a plane with an important senator on board was hijacked by a group of terrorists. The intruders made demands, not even realizing they would get a decent response.

Brett recalls his combat skills and takes decisive action, preventing the hijackers from carrying out their insidious plans.

Fans of detective and intelligent cinema appreciated the picture. The professional play of the actors, the complexity of the plot and the decisiveness of the characters impresses.

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  • The year the picture was released - 1983
  • Country - USSR
  • Genre - action, crime, drama
  • Running time - 65 min
  • Director - Vladimir Zlatoustovsky

The plot begins with the rash actions of a stewardess Katya. The girl agreed to smuggle on board a suitcase with a collection of expensive cognacs, without suspecting that she had unwittingly become an accomplice to the terrorists who were flying on the same flight.

The film became a kind of manual for Aeroflot employees. The film shows what criminal carelessness can lead to. The film shows how the crew must act in extreme situations, how to communicate with terrorists, how to correctly contact ground services.

The filmmakers also taught the passengers a lesson - you should not try to neutralize hijackers on your own, but wait for help from the special services.


  • Year - 2009
  • Country - USA, Canada
  • Genre - biography, drama
  • Duration - 111 min
  • Director - Mira Nair

Amelia Ekhar has dreamt of the sky since early childhood, amazed by the flight of a soaring silver car. She was destined to try her hand as a pilot.

Then the brave pilot's career skyrocketed upwards. Amelia, along with navigator Fred Noonan, decides to make a round-the-world flight. This unprecedented event was supposed to be a record-breaking one for a female pilot, but it turns out to be tragic. The plane mysteriously disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.

The real story impresses with the professional acting and the music. The film is a real godsend for fans of the drama and biography genre.

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  • Year of Issue: 1966
  • Country - USSR
  • Genre - drama
  • Running time - 86 min
  • Director - Larisa Shepitko

Nadya Petrukhina was a young girl before the war, an unformed personality. But during the terrible years she had to become a pilot, to steel her character, to undergo serious trials.

Many years have passed since then. Now she is a grown-up, respectable and serious woman, the director of an educational establishment.

However, her memories of the war keep her going. After all, only her youth was filled with real meaning. Now Nadya also needs wings to cope with reality, and her irrepressible desire to fly never goes out.

The emotional power of the heroine, the twists and turns of fate, and the excellent acting are all impressive in the film.

The film will appeal to lovers of the sky - strong-willed, resolute and courageous people.

Con Air

  • The year the picture was released - 1997
  • Country - USA
  • Category - thriller, action, crime
  • Running time - 115 min
  • Director - Simon West

There is a "con air" branch within the U.S. Bailiff's Office. It is essentially an air prison that transports criminals to court hearings, to a new place of confinement.

One day a group of the most egregious thugs are loaded on board. They must be transported to another prison under the strictest supervision.

Among the passengers was former Ranger Cameron Poe. The man was serving time for involuntary manslaughter, and, upon his release, rushed home to his wife and daughter. However, the reunion would have to be postponed.

An interesting and dynamic plot makes you relive every event. The brilliant performance of the actors and the excellent music smoothes out the sharp angles.

Clear Sky

  • Year of production: 1961
  • Country - USSR, Mosfilm Studios
  • Genre - World War II, drama
  • Running time - 104 min
  • Director - Grigory Chukhrai

A test pilot, Alexei Astakhov, meets his love, Sasha Lvova, in the most terrible war time. The love affair was short-lived. Then came the news of the pilot's death. The girl was left alone with a baby in her arms. Time passed, but Sasha couldn't believe that her beloved died.

One day Alexei came back. As it turned out, he was in enemy captivity. But the most terrible ordeal he had to endure among his own people. He was expelled from the party and not allowed to fly.

The man was acquitted and rehabilitated only after the death of "the father of all nations".

The high feelings of the heroes, their faithfulness and fortitude, the staginess and the high craftsmanship of the actors are all impressive in this picture.

Executive Decision

  • The year the picture was released - 1996
  • Country - USA
  • Genre - adventure, thriller, action
  • Playtime - 133 min
  • Director - Stuart Baird

A chemical warfare weapon has found its way to Europe. Chechen mafia sold the deadly gas to terrorists. Attackers hijack a passenger plane and demand the release of the gang's leader.

A special plane with a team of special forces arrived from America. They must secretly infiltrate the Boeing, which is in the air, to find and defuse the bomb, capable of destroying the entire population of coastal areas.

At the same time there will be no radio contact with the ground, so as not to reveal the operation.

The iconic plot keeps the viewer in suspense all the time. Dynamic and unpredictable picture will appeal to thrill seekers.

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Flight Of The Phoenix

  • Original title:
  • Year - 2004
  • Country - USA
  • Category - Action, Remake, Disaster
  • Running time - 113 min
  • Director - John Moore

A cargo plane crashes in the Mongolian desert with oil workers on board. The men were on their way home because of the closure of an unprofitable field. After the accident, it became clear that there was no point in waiting for help.

Then the crew decides to build a plane of their own from the wreckage to get out to the people. But tensions rise between the victims, preventing them from working in a well-coordinated and friendly manner. However, the commander of the ship and the navigator manages to save the people.

The film is a story of survival in a difficult situation, of absolute confidence in the result, of unity and strength of spirit.

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That's How the Legend Began

  • Year of production: 1976
  • Country - USSR
  • Genre - family, biography, drama
  • Running Time - 66 min
  • Director - Boris Grigoriev

The plot of the film tells the story of the childhood of a legendary man, the world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

The boy spent his childhood in a small village in Smolensk. According to Yuri, it was that time that played a significant role in shaping the boy's character.

The terrible years of the war, German occupation, hunger, devastation, and the liberation of the village from invaders fell on his lot.

After the war, together with his fellow villagers, Yura rebuilt the school, took an orphaned girl under his protection.

And this ordinary country boy was able to prove that even an ordinary man could become a world legend.

The bright and dynamic plot will not leave even the most sophisticated viewer indifferent.

Iron Eagle

  • Year - 1986
  • Country - USA
  • Category - war, thriller, action
  • Running time - 117 min
  • Director - Sidney J. Fury

18-year-old Doug Masters' father Ted Masters is a colonel, a fighter pilot. He taught his son to masterfully fly a jet plane as a child. However, because of his underachievement Doug is not accepted to flying school.

One day Ted's brothers in arms bring sad news to the Masters' house - the colonel's plane was shot down and he was captured. The government fails to negotiate with the hostile state to hand over the prisoner.

Then the son decides to rescue his father himself. He rents a plane through an acquaintance, and takes to the skies.

The film impresses with the son's love, courage and bravery. There are also action scenes, stunts, and aerobatics.

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