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Best location tracking apps for Android and iPhone - 2022


Every modern smartphone has a set of navigational features at its disposal to track its location. This is accomplished through WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and A-GPS. But by default, the phone shows a minimum of location data. 

For more accurate navigation, you should use third-party applications. They allow you to determine the exact coordinates, share this information, and even remotely track your device (e.g., a child's smartphone). Which location tracking apps are considered the best in this regard?

Based on feedback from users themselves, the following location tracking apps can be singled out as some of the best:

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My GPS Position

This is a free app that reads navigation data from all the sources on your phone. Both by IP address, A-GPS (cell towers), and GPS. It's also fully compatible with GLONASS and Bidoc, so it works in any country in the world. Accurately determines the coordinates even in the absence of Internet connection. The only disadvantage - it is the presence of non-switching ads, but they are not shown if the network access is disabled.

Additional features:

  • saving points;
  • transmission of coordinates (latitude and longitude in the traditional decimal format, as well as elevation);
  • built-in speedometer;
  • viewing the map (if the Internet, Google Maps is used).

The application will be useful to absolutely everyone. And especially for those who often travel out of town. After all, you can create an unlimited number of "beacons" in the program. And for all this you do not need the Internet. It is only recommended to additionally put on your smartphone off-line navigator with support for decimal coordinates (eg, Navitel).

Download for: Android | iOS

Find My Kids: GPS Tracker

As you can understand from the name, this program allows you to find out the location of another device remotely. And it is one of the most popular applications on GooglePlay on this subject. In addition to location tracking, the utility also allows you to:

  • Control the time of use of gaming apps;
  • Forcibly send a call with a loud sound to your child's phone (even if it has silent mode enabled);
  • Sending a warning when the battery on your child's smartphone is almost empty;
  • Monitoring the location history of the remote device.

You can get the exact coordinates, too, as they are marked on a Google map (except for elevation). But most of the features are paid. Moreover, the app works through a subscription, not a one-time purchase. This is one of the main drawbacks. And it is also worth mentioning that the program supports older smartphones (Android version 4 and above).

Download for: Android | iOS


GeoZilla is positioned as a "family" tracker. Allows you to determine the exact location of family members, friends (if they have provided such permission). Of the supported functions are:

  • getting your current location (point on a map on Google Maps);
  • notifications when a family member visits or leaves a certain location;
  • viewing location history.

Also works on a paid subscription. The demo period is only 7 days (for an account, not a single device). After that, the program only allows you to send location requests.

Of the disadvantages, users note that the application takes a lot of space in the device memory (about 500 - 700 megabytes after 3 months of use, as all the history of locations is downloaded), as well as the rapid drain on the battery (in the settings you can set the frequency of polling GPS).

Download for: Android | iOS


Another free app for pinpointing your exact location. Previously, the utility only allowed you to send your coordinates to Google Maps or in decimal form (width, longitude, altitude). In recent versions it is possible to create closed groups, which will add family members and friends. And all of them will be able to track the location of each other in real time (if the owner of the gadget has provided such permission, he can give it temporarily). And all this - for free.

The only requirement: all users added to the group must have this app installed and have access to location data. There is also a built-in navigation on Google Maps, that is, the utility will show the nearest route to the person. In future updates, the developers promise to add support for GPX routes.

Of the additional features, it is worth noting the integration with the phone address book. Selected contacts can also be sent an offer to download the program with subsequent addition to a closed group.

Of the disadvantages point out that on some devices the utility does not work correctly. And in addition to this - it can be easily "cheated", using the function of providing a fictitious location issue (integrated in every Android phone, activated in the "For developers" section).

Download for: Android | iOS

Life 360

The developers claim that this program will allow family members to freely exchange location coordinates with each other. This is done in automatic mode, you can also turn off the mandatory notification of requests. The app functionality is similar to GeoZIlla. Of the additional features should be noted:

  • saving the exact routes of movement (with an indication of the speed on each of the sections);
  • access to the location log for the last 3 months;
  • integrated chat (with two-way data encryption);
  • data synchronization via a cloud server (all information will be saved if you change devices);
  • automatic sending of notification if the application failed to request location data from one of the devices (for example, a family member's phone ran out of battery or he manually disabled the Internet).

You can determine the exact coordinates here, too, as well as unload the route in GPX-format. Separately, many mention the user-friendly design and internal navigation in the application, which to understand it is not difficult even for the most inexperienced users. The program is paid by subscription. Demo mode works only 1 - 3 days (depending on region).

Download for: Android | iOS


In summary, the above applications are by right the best for determining the location. For the free ones we can recommend Glympse or My Location. For tracking your child's location Find My Kids is great. And for sharing coordinates among family members many recommend Life 360.

Ilia is a professional writer. He has expert knowledge in GPS and cartography with 15 years of experience. Additionally, Ilia has extensive experience in data recovery on PC and mobile. He started his career as a journalist by reviewing PC and mobile apps. His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions on MGT and answer them.