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How to mute stories and notifications on Instagram

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In 2018, Instagram launched the mute feature, which gives you control over the content you see. Thanks to it, you can mute stories and posts from a particular user without unsubscribing from them. The mute feature also allows you to set up notifications about different content on Instagram.

For a long time, mute was only available to users of the English-language version. Gradually, the function got to other languages as well.

In this article, we'll tell you who will benefit from mute, how to use it, and answer the most popular questions.

Why disable stories or notifications from people you follow?

  • Courtesy. Today's rules of etiquette dictate that friends should reciprocate subscriptions. But, if their content doesn't interest you, you can hide it.
  • Detox. Sometimes you just want a break from the information noise around you.
  • Benefit. Having a subscription to some Instagram accounts helps you save money or get something. There's no need to look at their stories or posts.
  • Unnecessary activity. There are a lot of marathons and games going on on Instagram. And, if your friend participates in one of them, you don't have to read about their successes every day.
  • Business account. Sometimes an Instagram profile is work, followers are potential clients, and their personal content is unnecessary information.

How to mute stories and notifications on Instagram

From the mobile app home page

  1. In the feed, find the account entry whose content you want to hide.
  2. Open menu (three dots)
  1. Choose "hide" item
  1. Instagram will hide this entry and offer to hide the rest of the content of this user

Through the stories feed

  1. Go to the stories of the desired account and tap on three dots.
  2. Tap on "Mute" item.
  1. Choose the desired option: "Mute Story" or "Mute Story and Posts".

Through user's profile you are not interested in

  1. On profile choose "Following" item
  2. Tap on menu with three dots.
  3. Tap "Mute"
  4. In the menu that appears, tap on the item you want to mute: Posts or Stories.

Through the Instagram account settings

  1. Open the menu in the right top corner
  2. Find the item "Settings"
  1. Tap on Notifications > "Manage notifications"
  1. Here you can specify which notifications you would like to receive and which you wouldn't.
  1. You can deactivate all notifications for a certain period of time to make your Insta-detox complete via "Pause all" option.

If you are not interested in the person or Instagram profile at all, unsubscribe from it (via "Remove" button). That way you're sure to mute any content display and all notifications from them.

FAQs about Instagram's mute feature

Why isn't the feature working on my phone?

The Mute feature came out in 2018 and should work for everyone now. Only a very old version of the app may not have the feature.

Will the profile owner find out that his or her stories is disabled?

No, the disabled user will not know it.

Can I limit my stories to others?

Yes, this is possible. Here's one way:

In your account settings choose "Privacy" item. Look for "Stories". Mark the people you want to block from seeing your stories.

Instagram also gives you the option to publish stories only for close friends. You can customize their list in the same account settings.

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