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How to use Google Maps in offline mode

It's difficult to navigate with no maps or navigation app in an unfamiliar place and this is the case when Google Maps app steps in. But at the same time the internet connection can be too slow and not enough to download a full map and build a route.

Google Maps are running slow: how to speed up the app

Navigation apps have become an inherent part of modern people’s lives. They allow to quickly find the needed location, map a route, explore a new city, etc. There are often other apps with navigation, different handbooks, games with augmented reality which you can find on Google Maps service.

How to clear your Google Maps search history

How to remove an item from your Google Maps history on Android and iOS. How to pause the recording of your location history. How to clear Google Maps search history on a PC. Erasing cache via CCleaner.

How to turn GPS on and off on Android OS

Even the most budget choice phone models are equipped with GPS module. Let's talk about what is phone GPS and how can you use this nice function.

Waze GPS Navigation app: how to use offline maps

Waze Navigation app is a free app that has support of its users and which allows to assess the data on roads in real time. Every person using Waze can make various marks on a map, for example, a section of a road which is closed for a repair or a point with heavy traffic due to an accident.