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How to use Archive feature on Instagram

Updated on Thu, 11/05/2020 - 13:58

The developers of Instagram service added the feature of archiving posts in 2017. Since this update it's become much more easier to handle the content of your account and organize your feed.

In this article we're going to help you to find an archive on Instagram and tell you what other changes have been made when adding this feature and how you can use it.

The contents:

  1. What does archive mean on Instagram
  2. How to access Instagram archive
  3. How to archive photos on Instagram
  4. How to reverse archive
  5. How to get the best out of Archive feature:
    1. Organizing your feed
    2. Deleting outdated and irrelevant publications
    3. Postponing the publication of posts
  6. Bottom line

Why do you need Instagram Archive feature

Imagine that you've decided to go through your Instagram posts and during it you found a lot of posts old and irrelevant. Deleting those posts and photos isn't the best solution: after a while you might need this content again.

In fact, adding a story / post to an Archive means hiding it. Note that it's not the same as deleting a post/story as it used to be before on Instagram. By archiving your content you hide it from other users, while you can still get access to it via your account. Refer also to [other functions of archive feature].


Where is archive on Instagram

Archive is located in the like-named section of Instagram app. Which in its turn has two subsections: Stories Archive and Posts Archive.

How to add a post to Instagram archive

To do that the latest version of Instagram app for a mobile phone (you can download and install it for free both for Android and iOS) is required.

  1. Go to your profile and click on the menu button at the screen top right.
  2. Click on the button "Stories Archive" in the menu.
  3. The selected post will be sent to Instagram archive.
  4. To find the hidden post open your profile again and click on the clock icon at the screen top right.


How to get back archived photos on Instagram

For example, you've changed your mind and now you want to get back archived posts on Instagram. Actually, it's very easy to do. In order to retrieve a post from your archive, do the following:

  1. Open Instagram Archive
  2. Select the post (or

    archived Instagram pics) you want to extract from the archive.

  3. Click on the bottom at the top of the menu and select "Show on Profile" option.

How to use Archive feature

Not all the users fully appreciated this feature and understood its purpose right after it was added on Instagram. We suggest several methods of how you can use the archive feature.

Organizing your Instagram feed

Obviously this isn't the only way you can use the capability of the archive feature. This feature might be useful, if:

  • you've decided to organize your Instagram feed,
  • you want to polish and bring together your profile,
  • you change the focus of a brand or the image of a person.

You can simply add those questionable and needless materials to the archive and see how it will affect the general “look” of the updated profile.

Instagram Archive allows you to try things out by adding or removing posts and photos while still being able to quickly bring them back to the feed.

If you're not satisfied with the result, retrieve everything from the archive and after a while give yourself another try armed with fresh mind and a flow of inspiration.

Deleting irrelevant or outdated content

Frankly speaking, there are many reasons for deleting Instagram posts. If, in your opinion, the content doesn't meet the interests of your audience, it's easy to delete it or, to be precise, to hide it. Why would you delete something you have spent time and effort on, if a brought back to life post can get a new chance. This is why this useful archive feature was developed.

An additional advantage of such method of "deletion" is that together with a post you also save the comments and likes to it.

A postponed publication (creation of a draft)

You can postpone a post till it's published / finished by creating it and immediately adding to Instagram archive. Via the archive feature you can create drafts and edit them in order to publish an already prepared post or archived Instagram pictures later.

Bottom line

At any rate, the archive feature is very useful. The most important is that it allows to avoid accidental deletion and protects its users from losing important Instagram photos and posts.

You can read here how to recover archived photos on Instagram (if you've deleted a publication without archiving it).