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How to deactivate Google account on Android phone with minimum fuss

Updated on Mon, 11/23/2020 - 15:55

Removing Google account from your smartphone: how to do it with no data loss, how to avoid possible problems occurring during the process of deletion; what to do if standard tools are of no help. 


How to remove Gmail account from Android

The most "harmless" and easy way to remove Google account from Android is via standard account settings.

  1. Step 1. Go to your phone main settings (usually it's "Settings" in the list of all the apps or the gear in the top right corner of the screen when the top tab is opened).
  2. Step 2. Select "Accounts", "User accounts", "Accounts and backup" or "Users and accounts" (the title depends on the version of your Android).
  3. Step 3. Find the Google account linked to your phone, click on it and select "Delete account".
  4. Step 4. If you don't have any other linked accounts, you'll need to enter your PIN, password or unlock pattern.

Tip: some systems can refuse to delete the last account linked to a smartphone. In this case, you can link another account, for example, you can create it specifically for this purpose and then delete the previous one.

This method removes from the system only the account itself and all the settings and data from it will be stored on your device.

How to delete Google account from phone via Hard reset

If this option isn't suitable for you and a more thorough cleaning of your smartphone is required, you can perform the so-called hard reset (the reset of settings):

  1. Go to your Android phone Settings.
  2. Find the section that has "Reset" in its name. Perhaps, it's called "Backup and reset", "Restore and reset", "General management" or "Backup". The name and location of this section depends on the model of your smartphone and the version of its system. The task is to find the section with "Reset settings", "Reset to factory settings" or something similar in its name.
  3. Click on Reset button and confirm your intentions several times by tapping "Yes" and "Agree".
  4. After you restart your smartphone, it'll boot in a "clean", factory state: there will be no information on accounts stored on it and all personal data will be deleted.

If you don't have access to the settings of your smartphone (for example, you forgot your password or unlock pattern), you can still reset your device by pressing "Reset" button placed in the case of your phone for a long time. For security reasons, in the majority of modern phones it can be found under the back cover of a phone.

Why would you delete Google account from your phone?

All Android smartphones have a preinstalled package of Google apps such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Chrome and others. However, not every users needs them, despite the convenience of single Google account. At some point, the disadvantages of using this package outweigh the advantages, and a user decides to remove his/ her account and all related data from the phone.

Even at this stage, there may be difficulties, for example, your phone can prevent the removal of the last linked account or affect important data during the process of removal. Therefore, if you don't want to fix additional failures or to lose valuable information, you should first evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using Google account.

The benefits

The downsides

  • One account for multiple services (Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps and etc.) will save you from the trouble of trying to remember different passwords to each app;
  • Synchronization of information between all devices, i.e. when you activate your Google account, you can immediately enable data syncing between all the apps from the standard package;
  • Quick logging in the services which support authorization via Google.
  • Quick access to Google Play app store.
  • Constant gathering of information. Google company has officially stated that it collects certain user data. The company does it in order to improve the algorithms of targeted advertising, but users doubt it: if the company is able to get some kind of personal information, it's likely to be able to get other valuable data of the owner of a phone.
  • Google apps are frequently updated, and the majority of them are constantly running in the background which consumes free RAM and battery power. For top-class smartphones it's not very crucial, but for budget models such consumption of resources by unused apps is quite an issue.

How can I remove account from Google without performing hard reset?

There are several different in their complexity ways to remove Google account from your smartphone: the methods can be pretty harsh and quite sparing. You should select the appropriate option depending on the conditions under which you want to delete your account. For example, if you've lost the access to the device completely, then only a hard reset can help you, but if you're able to unlock your phone screen, you can select an "easier" option of removal.

The downsides of deleting Google account from Android

The main problem users face after the removal of account from their smartphones is the lack of access to Google Play app store. You will have to install new apps from .apk files or use other app stores. Fortunately, there are such alternatives options as Amazon AppStore, 1MOBILE and others.

Moreover, if you delete your Google account from your phone, you will lose access to your bookmarks in Google Chrome, YouTube subscriptions, data saved on Google Drive and etc. All your information, of course, won't disappear from the account, but it will be more difficult to reach it via the phone.

How to delete accounts if there are several of them in the list

A system can be linked to multiple accounts, not necessarily Google ones. Each of them can be removed in the "sparing" way described below.

If your smartphone refuses to delete the last linked account, trick it by connecting an empty account you've just created. Otherwise, hard reset can help you.