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How to move Android apps to sd card on Samsung Galaxy


Moving programs from gadget internal memory to an external SD card is a topic of interest for many owners of old smartphones running under Android OS.

Google Play has many useful apps, but the resources of any device are quite limited. And moving apps to sd card is almost the only way how you can free up some space.

Besides, the lack of memory reduces the performance of Android, and in order to fix problems we highly recommend you to move at least part of the utilities to external storage.

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Why are apps installed on internal memory

Any program is installed on the memory of a gadget, because a removable storage device is considered to be a less reliable one compared to an internal, due to:

  • all the information stored on it isn't encrypted;
  • a defective product or a product of poor quality isn't able to provide stable operation of apps;
  • removing a card from your phone will make the access to apps impossible.

Restrictions of moving apps

The algorithm for moving programs to a memory card is different depending on your Android OS version, but there are some general rules:

  • some utilities can be moved if this function is designed by its developers;
  • Android system apps can't be moved.

Moving programs by standard means

The users of Android earlier versions are able to move games and other apps onto an external drive. The feature of formatting a sd card as an internal storage has been added since Android 6.0 Marshmallow version.

Guide on moving programs for Android 9— 10:

  1. Go to "Settings" menu – "Apps" section;
  2. Find software suitable for moving;
  3. Press "Move to a SD card" button (if the option is unavailable, then the software can only be run from an internal storage).

Stock function can't move all the data: this applies primarily to cache, which is why it's better to download a special utility for moving apps (see below).

How to move apps to sd card in Marshmallow

Users of smartphone running under Android 6.0 and above (on LG, ZTE, Samsung Galaxy S7, 8, 9) should do the following:

  1. In "Apps" select what you're planning to move;
  2. Open "Memory" tab;
  3. Click on "Change", then — "SD card".

"Adoptable Storage" option on Android 6.0 and newer versions extends internal memory by the means of a removable storage device.

How to move storage to sd card for future installation of apps:

  1. Format a SD via your phone;
  2. Uncheck "Use as internal storage" option;
  3. Restart your phone.
  4. Following that, "Memory" button will appear in the program menu, allowing you to change software location (to install apps on sd card in the future).

How to move apps to sd card on Samsung Galaxy (S7, S8, S9...) 

To transfer apps to sd card:

  1. In "Apps" select what you're planning to move;
  2. Tap a "Storage" button;
  3. Click on "Change", then — "SD card" (or memory card name).

Best apps to move apps to sd card

The methods described above are useless if your Android version or custom firmware doesn't support moving or the developer has banned such operations. There are special tools that make it easy to move a lot of apps, but even they can't guarantee successful result. If one of the utilities fails, we suggest you giving a try to another one.

AppMgr III (App 2 SD)

AppMgr III is a free app for Android 4.1.and above.

Its main features:

  • Moving Android apps to a memory card;
  • Force move apps to sd card;
  • Application manager (grouping, deleting and etc.);
  • Clearing cache.

"Being moved" tab shows a list of objects which location is about to be configured. "AppMgr III" can give the user a hint on which programs are better to be left untouched in order to avoid their operation failures.

Best app to move apps to sd card

Files To SD Card

Files to SD Card is a convenient tool designed for:

  • moving apps to a SD card;
  • copying files and folders from built-in storage to an external storage device;
  • deleting unnecessary files from your phone memory.

Files to SD Card works on devices running under Android 5.0 >. Among its advantages are simple and very easy for understanding interface and feature to move objects to a memory card in a couple of clicks.

Not suitable for all phones, the list of models is listed in the description on Google Play.


Multifunctional Application manager which is designed for smartphones running under Android OS 2.3 >. All options are available only on devices with root rights. You can download this app here.

Link2SD can cope with the following tasks:

  • moving apps to a SD card;
  • clearing cache;
  • sorting the programs according to different criteria;
  • creating shortcuts on Home Screen;
  • figuring out how much free space is available.

How to move apps to an sd card via Link2SD:

  • Approve the granting of superuser rights;
  • Filter the apps by "Supports App2SD" characteristic;
  • Select the one you need and move it.

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