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Advantages of using GPS satellite navigation


The popularity of the global positioning system is due to a number of advantages it has:

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Easy to use

You don't need to do any additional settings on your phone or download third-party software to determine your current location. The function is turned on from the smartphone's screen or through the settings.

If you want to use positioning all the time, you don't need to turn it off. A working positioning function may reduce the battery life of your device.


Global positioning is virtually independent of current weather conditions. It is possible to determine the user's location in rainy, sunny, foggy weather. In some cases there may be delays in data transmission from the satellite. As a result, the current coordinates of the person are not reflected in real time.

Free use on devices and applications

GPS technology is available to users around the world for free. There is no need to purchase a subscription or pay for any of the technology's features. GPS works for free in all apps on smartphones and navigators.

Coordinates can be obtained in all countries

GPS is considered a global positioning system. As a result, it is possible to find out your current location and form the following route of movement from the starting point to the destination in any country.

Communication with GPS satellites is not only in major cities. Routes can be built in the mountains, on the road, in remote places.

Ease of use

If previously navigation systems were mainly used by air, sea vessels and cars, now the technology is used in apps for cyclists, hikers. With the help of GPS technology, it is possible to track the traveled route in kilometers, to determine the average speed of movement, etc.


GPS technology has found its application not only in navigation systems. Now the transmitters are built into the bracelets for pets and smart watches for kids. As a result, parents or pet owners can track the current location of the wearer device in real time via GPS. Because the system does not require a network connection, the tracking function will be available almost anywhere, even if the child's phone is turned off.

You can find any sights

GPS technology is used in special apps for travelers. With the help of GPS navigation you can locate the nearest hotel, gas station, cafe, local attractions. In some GPS apps with the help of geopositioning system you can mark your own places of interest in cities when visiting them.

Informing about accidents and other events on the road

The most widespread use of GPS is in applications for navigation vehicles. The peculiarity of such apps is that they not only show the current location of the user and create the route from the starting point to the destination, but also inform about the current situation on the road.

So, with the help of GPS application it is possible to find out where there were road accidents, which provoked traffic jams, see the location of speed cameras and radar location. Due to this information, it is possible to create the best route and exclude possible delays due to these problems.

Convenient to use on a cell phone or smart watch

GPS technology is used in almost all portable gadgets. Thus, the function is available on most modern smartphones. Also, the transmitter to receive the signal is built into fitness bracelets, smart watches and other devices.

High Accuracy

Modern receivers of signals from GPS satellites are able to provide GPS positioning accuracy of 6-8 meters. In the case of launching a new generation of satellites in orbit will be able to improve the accuracy of positioning by almost 10 times. The accuracy of transmitter positioning depends on weather conditions. There are special correction systems, which allow to ensure the accuracy of determining the device on the map within 1-2 meters.

With the help of differential correction methods, some specialists were able to achieve accuracy up to 10 centimeters.

No internet required

Since GPS technology works by connecting the transmitter to the satellites, the navigation system does not require a stable connection to the Internet. Sometimes a mobile connection is required for better positioning of the user on the map. It is convenient to use satellite navigation if it is necessary to reduce mobile traffic. In this case, the user will need to download to the phone one of the special apps, which determine the position without an Internet connection.

Wiki. What is GPS

The Global Positioning System GPS is considered to be the unified system of satellite navigation around the world. Today, the system is formed by 25 satellites. They provide a signal to Earth, which is received by GPS receivers anywhere on the planet. The purpose of the system is to determine the current coordinate point of a particular receiver. The advantage of the system - it works regardless of the current weather conditions on the street, the availability of Internet access, time of day and other factors.

The global positioning system is tightly integrated into the life of modern man. Now it is almost impossible to imagine traveling on the water, in the air or by car without using a navigator. Determination of GPS coordinates is also useful in drawing up tourist routes, hiking, cycling and so on.

GPS corrects the route based on the user's current location. Many apps use this technology to create the best route to avoid traffic jams, road repairs, etc.

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Satellite navigation system becomes the optimal solution for determining the location and laying the route in the city as well as on a rough terrain, where there is no possibility to connect to the mobile network. Navigation systems often help tourists in wooded areas or other areas where Internet connection is unstable. It is enough only to activate the GPS transmitter and run a navigation app, then all the data will be entered automatically, the phone will not have to keep on all the time.

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