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How to Fix It When iPhone 13 GPS Isn't Working


iPhone users often have issues with receiving GPS signal from the satellite. It happens regardless of the iOS version. As a result, maps and other gps dependent apps do not work, or the location is not indicated accurately.

Well, let's find out why iPhone won’t show the correct location and how to fix it. Let's start with the simplest solutions of the problem.


  1. Way 1. Enable / disable Location service
  2. Way 2. Make sure offline mode is turned off
  3. Way 3. Time set correctly
  4. Way 4. GPS update
  5. Way 5. Reset via iPhone
  6. Way 6. Other ways to fix GPS on iOS

Enable / disable Location service

The Location service must be manually enabled on your iPhone with iOS 11, 12, or 13. In some cases, iOS apps (for example, iOS Maps) use the wi-fi network to determine your location, providing inaccurate information.

Therefore, make sure that the GPS connection on your phone is enabled. How to do this:

  1. Go to Settings
  1. Tap the Privacy button
  1. Tap Location Services option.
  1. Disable Location Services by tapping the Disable button.
  1. Wait for half a minute to a minute and then move the slider to the On position.

The method is quite simple, but it works on older versions of iOS (14, 12), where you sometimes see a similar service signing off and need rebooting it in the way described.

Make sure that offline mode on iOS is turned off

Similar to the above method, try to use the "Airplane" mode. If you forget to deactivate it, all wireless connections, mobile network and GPS will be unavailable. Most likely, a notification will appear on the screen informing that "service unavailable."

You can disable offline mode on your iPhone the next way:

  1. Go to Settings.
  1. Enable Airplane mode by moving the slider to the right.
  1. Wait 20 seconds to 1 minute and re-enable the option.

This solution is also applicable in many other situations, not only in case of GPS failure.

Check Time settings on iPhone

There is no correlation between the accuracy of the set time / time zone with GPS, however it is necessary to check settings in the iPhone, so they correspond to your location.

The easiest way to fix iOS GPS settings is to enable time synchronization on your iPhone.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to General > Date & Time
  1. Check the Set automatically checkbox.

Updating GPS navigation app

If the GPS doesn't work in a certain application, it makes sense to update it. Perhaps an outdated code or iOS update has affected the fact that this app is working glitchily and does not "see" the GPS signal.

To update the navigation software / maps on the iPhone, you can do the following:

  1. Go to the App Store.
  1. Open the Updates tab.

  2. Check for new versions for the applications that are experiencing problems.

  1. In Version history you can check whether the update resolves the GPS issue.

Resetting GPS settings via iPhone

Let's assume that you have tried all the methods unsuccessfully. In this case, the reset can fix all software errors in the current firmware at once and thus return the GPS module to a working condition.

Important. It is strongly advised to make a backup copy of the data on your phone via iTunes, Finder or iCloud (by copying files manually). If you don't make a backup - all files on your iPhone will be lost.

How to reset iPhone via Macbook / PC:

  1. Open iTunes app;
  2. Connect iPhone to your laptop / Macbook / PC via USB cable;
  3. Wait until iTunes detects the connected device;
  4. Select iPhone in the list;
  5. On the Summary tab, select Restore;
  6. Confirm the action;
  7. After resetting, the iPhone will reboot.

Other ways fix GPS issues on iPhone

  1. Reboot: do a restart - simple software failures on your iPhone are usually resolved this way. Alternatively, turn your device off and on.
  2. Go to another location: the GPS signal may be undetectable or very weak at these coordinates.
  3. Update iOS. Update is safe, performed in semi-automatic mode and comprehensively solves many problems which occurred in the old version of the mobile OS.
  4. You can solve hardware failure only through authorized service. Go to Apple Support Website and select the nearest service to contact. If you didn't cause the problem, you'll get your GPS fixed at no charge.