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Google Earth Update Frequency: FAQ - 2022


Google Earth is a convenient PC program for viewing detailed images of our planet. Despite the fact that this program is an alternative to Google Maps, many people use Google Earth, because there are many unique features for working with maps. If you want to find a photo of your house or street, or if you want to know when the maps will be updated, Google Earth is a more convenient way to get this information.

In this article, we will tell you how often maps are updated and how to find out the exact date of update through Google Earth in 2022.

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Google Earth update frequency (official information)

The short answer: Google Earth maps are updated every month. This information is confirmed by data from the Google blog, where the developers declare exactly this time interval.

Average map update frequency

However, this data may differ. The fact is that the average map update frequency is from one to 3 years. Technically, it is very difficult to constantly update maps of all areas and systematize them, marking all changes in the form of color markings. Satellite maps, aerial surveys, and Google Street View also contribute to this. Some Google Earth users note that their locations are not updated for more than 3 years, the process of updating maps can even take 5+ years.

How are maps updated?

Maps are never updated in large areas at once. Updating is done gradually, changing small areas. Each area on the map has its own priority. Less popular places are updated relatively less frequently than touristy places.

So if you are waiting for your street map to be updated, it will not happen rapidly. However, there are major updates to Google Earth for U.S. states and cities. When you update, the developers release a KLM file that shows all available updates and upcoming changes on the map in the form of color markers and lines.

Why don't map updates happen more often?

This is due to the fact that the data for maps comes from different sources and it takes quite a long time to integrate updates into Google Earth. At least the developers are trying to take into account the fact that certain areas on the map are in demand and update them more often, as noted above in the text.

Why hasn't the map section near my house been updated for more than 5 years?

Unfortunately, this happens too, and Google Earth doesn't provide updates. This may be because your house is located in a sparsely populated area or in a region where changes are quite rare. Because of this, this location has a low update priority. Also, maps may have less detail compared to more popular streets and towns near your home.

Can you see real-time changes on Google Earth?

In Google Earth, you can see the date the image was updated or created on the map. However, you cannot see these changes in real time, as the update interval ranges from days and months to several years.

Can I send a request for a Google Earth or Maps update?

Yes, you can do this through the browser version of Google Earth. Go to the menu (three horizontal lines icon), then find Help > Send Feedback. However, sending a request does not guarantee that the developers will update satellite images in Maps soon.

What good alternative does Google Earth have?

If you have the opportunity to use mobile applications, we advise you to pay attention to Google Maps. It offers the same features and navigation options as Google Earth. However, you won't be able to find out when the maps are updated.

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