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Best offline maps and navigation apps for New York city


Choosing the best free offline navigation app for New York with maps without internet. Download GPS navigation app with offline features for a mobile phone in 2022.

We've previously talked about free GPS navigators for Android. Today we're going to choose the best navigation app by how it works offline, so you can use it in New York without internet after enabling GPS connection on your phone. Let's focus on the offline features of navigators and maps that come with Android apps.

In this selection, I've compiled the best apps for navigating New York without internet. Feel autonomous in the city!

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Comparing our offline navigators (a table)

The advantages of offline maps

In some cities such as New York the Internet may not be available or a SIM card is expensive. In such a situation, an offline map comes in handy. It does not need to download data, although in some cases you need to be prepared and download the maps to your phone beforehand, so you can use them offline. Well, let's take a look at what apps for Android and iOS will be useful if you are in ny.

By default, all mobile navigation apps work online and can operate unstably without direct internet connection. In the absence of network they can refuse to display maps and not want to build routes. All of the mentioned above can become a serious issue.

It can be easily solved by downloading offline maps on your gadget.

  • These maps will work offline both in Europe, Asia and the USA.
  • Offline maps are indispensable during navigation in New York, when your mobile traffic is pretty expensive or when you're in the place with no access to internet and you need to use a map.

New York Travel Guide and Map

The app is available for iPad and iPhone. It will help you navigate in New York, mark new places, points of interest and find ways to get to them. You won't need expensive roaming or a prepaid SIM card.

Features of the app:

  • It is self-contained: addresses, place and street names are available, you can make a walking route to get around New York
  • Fully searchable: use New York Travel Guide and Map as a guide.
  • Different categories of objects are available - gas stations, hotels, restaurants, organizations of New York
  • Easy management of places: save lists, routes to use them offline. You can set up different color markers, labels just like in Google Maps


  • It's free
  • Offline search
  • Detailed offline maps of New York


  • Sometimes the app freezes and works unstably

Download New York Travel Guide and Map: iOS


Waze navigation app is a free GPS navigation app which works without internet in New York. It is developed by a community of enthusiasts. It shows road traffic in real time, notifies about accidents and traffic jams, as well as the location of road cameras. Its local versions have been adapted to the road conditions of the majority countries of the world.

In Waze app for Android there is no apparent feature of saving maps offline like, for example, in Google Maps. The navigation app from time to time requires internet connection in order to be able to fully operate. However, there are some workarounds how you can save offline maps.

How to save New York maps offline

In order to download Waze offline map, you have to:

  1. Connect to any WiFi / mobile network;
  2. Run Waze app on your phone;
  3. Enter the address you want to save for offline use;
  4. After the specified location is found, Waze will store the data in the app cache.

You can use offline maps while travelling around Europe or the United States. Note that in offline mode you are unable to download any updates until your mobile device is connected to internet again. Information on traffic is also unavailable offline.

How to download traffic information to Waze navigator:

  1. Make sure your mobile device has internet connection;
  2. Open Waze GPS navigation app and enter the location you need;
  3. Waze will map a route to your destination and then display it when you use the app for navigation;
  4. Click on Waze icon in order to open the menu and find "The settings" in the popped up window;
  5. In order to save the latest traffic information, go to Waze > Advanced settings > Data Transfer > Download Traffic Information > Enable.

In addition to it, Waze will also display how much data has already been downloaded and cached by the app.

Map of New York offline

The app uses OpenStreetMap maps, so there's nothing wrong with the detail and accuracy of the data. You can safely rely on them and use them being anywhere in New York whether it's subway, a store, a bus or just on the street. Maps works the same way as in any navigator and does not require wifi or mobile internet connection.

Features of the Map of New York app:

  • Suitable for beginners, the interface is very simple
  • High-resolution maps are constantly updated
  • The maps adapt to your screen size - tablet or phone
  • You can use the app as a navigator with a GPS connection
  • You can search for locations and names in an offline database
  • Users can share their location with others

The application has already been downloaded more than 100 thousand times, it has collected many positive reviews (average rating of 4.5 on Google Play).

Download Map of New York offline: Android

Navitel is a popular navigation app with offline mode feature.

Android offline maps transform your phone into a full-fledged GPS device. Moreover, there is no need to spend money on mobile traffic any more, which is often very expensive.

Not every users wants to spend time downloading separate locations (in the way we've described above). You can download a set of detailed maps for a specific country or region once. One of such solutions is Navitel Navigator. It's available for Android smartphones and tablets, iOS devices and auto navigators.

In "Buy" section on the developer's website you can find special sets of offline maps for Europe, the USA and Latin America.

If we're talking about the quality of details of navigation apps maps, then perhaps this app is the best offline navigation app for mobile devices.

Navigation appWazeGoogle MapsNavitelSygic
Offline maps (working without internet connection)++++
Availability of offline maps for Android++++
Navigation across Europe / USA++++
The cost of its full versionfreefreefrom €17€16.99

What about paper maps of New York?

This is no joke at all. Sometimes regular paper maps are more useful than any fancy cell phone or tablet app.

  1. You can download such a map as a pdf file and then print it out,
  2. But it is easier to find such a map in a usual tourist office, where you can get it for free.

The paper map of New York has all the main attractions, detailed streets, houses. In general, you can access all the infrastructure.

Here's a map that will help you not get lost in ny:


  • You have to figure out where you are by yourself
  • Outdated information
  • No information about cafes or restaurants of New York


  • Free
  • Easy to find

What navigation app is the best one?

Let's sum it all up.

If the openness and free cost of maps of New York are crucial to you, then you should pay attention to all of the mentioned above offline navigators with the exception of Navitel. If you're willing to pay around $30 for quality, then Navitel Navigator is a great solution for you and with no doubt it’s worth the money invested. This GPS program keeps the brand standards high and is in high demand.

Waze is a promising navigation app for New York city. But keep in mind: not all traffic information will be available offline and maps won't always be perfect in their details.

Sygic: GPS Navigation displays three-dimensional offline maps for 200+ countries. The app will be pretty handy for those traveling around Europe and the United States without internet.

Anyway, we suggest reading the reviews of other users on any navigator. Not always its maps contain enough details, so you can face troubles while riding across another country.

Tip. Install various navigation apps on your phone. Download their offline maps and test each of them and only after it keep the app the one that you liked more.

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