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Best apps for finding duplicate photos on Android and Windows


Many users who endjoy photography or storing a large number of images, photos or screenshots on mobile and desktop devices, sooner or later are faced with the fact that the phone memory contains hundreds of similar files that take up a lot of space. Searching for and deleting the same photos, pictures, and screenshots manually is a rather tedious and time-consuming task. It is best to use a specialized software for cleaning space.

Next, let's look at programs designed to find duplicates on Android and for Windows:

Table of Contents

Duplicate Photo Finder

Download: Windows

The program is available in two versions - with installer and portable.

Duplicate Photo Finder features:

  • Comparison of resized images;
  • Comparison of images with corrected colors.
  • Finding duplicates in uploaded folders;
  • Modifying the percentage to compare pics.

How to use Duplicate Photo Finder:

  1. Run the exe file after downloading;
  2. Install Photo Finder;
  3. In the active window, select the folders for comparison in each column by clicking the "+" "+" signs near "Folders";
  4. Click "Start Search";
  5. Delete the same files.


Download: Windows

Another free Windows program for finding duplicates of photos.

The basic features of the program are:

  1. Search for identical files in all folders on your computer at once;
  2. Create an ignore list (to ignore individual photos or groups of files from the list);
  3. Saving projects for quick access to them;
  4. Making a blacklist of photos.

VisiPics settings: hide/show photo size, display hidden folders, scan reversed photos, change language, activate slow and precise processing.

Manual on how to search for duplicate photos:

  1. Select section or a specific folder where you want to search for duplicate photos;
  2. Click the arrow with the "+" sign on the right;
  3. Move the slider to the right to Strict, Basic, or Loose option;
  4. Click the "Play" button. Wait for the scan to occur.
  5. Delete the same photos. To delete files, click on duplicates in the left window. There can be 2 or more.
  6. Each photo will be labeled "Marked". Click "Delete". All marked duplicates will disappear.


Download: Android

A well-known app for finding and removing junk, duplicates, large unused files on Android. CCleaner contains a "Search for duplicate photos" tool.

Other CCleaner features:

  • Search for duplicates by name/size/date of change/content;
  • Excluding certain folders from search;
  • Search for identical photos and other file types.

How to search for duplicate photos in CCleaner:

  1. Start the program, go to Tools, from there go to Search for duplicates;
  2. Set the desired values for the search. Tap on "Find".
  3. The search is performed in all the folders in the phone memory.
  4. To remove some folders, go to the "Exclude" tab, press "Add", then "Browse".
  5. To find only photos, under "Include - Add - File types" specify the extensions: JPG, PNG, etc. and repeat the search.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Download: Android

An app for finding duplicate photos on your phone. Optimizes your device, automates the process of finding similar images.

Instructions on how to find similar photos:

  1. Go to the link in Google Play and install the application;;
  2. The app will ask for access to the photo and other files. Press "Allow"; A yellow "Scan" button will appear on the screen, press it;
  3. Wait for search to complete;
  4. You will see "Information" with the number of duplicate images and their size in the phone memory;
  5. Press "OK";
  6. The option "Delete all" in the upper right corner will delete all duplicates;
  7. You can also selectively delete found images;
  8. You can hide images by removing them from subsequent scans;
  9. To scan the device for similar images, press "Scan". Wait for the scan to complete;

Kerish Doctor

Download: Windows

A program to search for identical photos. Free use for 30 days, then you need to buy a license for £11.95.

Kerish Doctor features:

  • Search for duplicate photos, music, videos, documents, etc.;
  • Search by name and size or by content.

How to search for duplicate photos in Kerish Doctor:

  1. Go to the Maintenance section. Select Search for Duplicate Files;
  1. Specify the path to the photos;
  2. Select the comparison method: by size or by content;
  1. Select the cleaning method: complete deletion or move to the Trash;
  2. Select the search objects: photos, videos, music, documents, applications, archives.
  3. Click Analysis. Wait for the scan to complete.
  4. Delete duplicate photos.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Download: Android

Features and functions of the mobile application Duplicate Files Fixer:

  • The user can customize by which parameters it should find duplicate pictures.
  • Thanks to a clever system of settings, the program can even search for duplicate images that have a smaller format, resolution and size.
  • Duplicate Files Fixer supports a cache of previous duplicate image search results, which significantly speeds up the search process.
  • The program is available for download in both paid and free versions.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Download: Windows

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is a utility that allows laptop and computer owners to search and delete duplicate and similar images. A newbie user will quickly understand its functionality and perform a hard drive cleanup.

You can download this program to search and delete duplicate images, photos and screenshots on your computer by clicking this link.

To search and delete duplicate images from your hard drive:

  1. Launch the utility, and then the main window will open.
  2. You can add folders simply by clicking the "Add folder" button or by dragging items via the standard Windows Explorer.
  1. Choose the type of scanning: automatic scan or self-scanning.
  2. Select the type of image checking from the drop-down list and set the degree of similarity of the image, which will be considered a duplicate, for example 95%.
  3. Start scanning. Once the scanning process is complete, the program will display the result, and the duplicate pictures will be grouped together.
  4. You can check the grouped files automatically or manually, and then delete all unnecessary duplicate images to the Trash.

Duplicate Photo Remover

Download: Android

Free program Duplicate Photo Remover allows you to conveniently sort photos, pictures, drawings, screenshots on Android.

Functions and features of the application:

  • Works simultaneously with several formats, finds similar images that have changed, for example, after editing.
  • Indicates the percentage of matching images (can only work with a 100% match) and offers to delete the file or move it to a separate folder.
  • Works with a specific folder or several of them.
  • Files that are in separate photo albums will not be deleted or moved. A separate decision is suggested for each file.

Duplicate Photo and Video Remover

Download: Android

Before using the program, you need to configure it for the desired algorithm. This can be done through "Settings".

On the left side choose the types of extensions with which the program will work. On the right side you configure the delete options - "Delete Options":

  • "Move Files to Recycle Bin" - delete files through the recycle garbage can;
  • "Delete Files without Confirmation" - deleting files without asking for confirmation;

After configuring the program, click "OK".

You need to make a list of folders to be scanned. To do this, click on the cross, and then an explorer window will open to select the desired folder.

The "Start Search" button starts the scan. For the first time you can scan 1 folder, the program will give the results of matches at the end of this process.

After that the selected files can be deleted or sorted.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Download: Windows

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro searches for duplicate files both within a single folder and in multiple folders. The scanning speed is adjusted by the "Quality Previews" and "Modifications" options.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro features:

  • Search for photos in the gallery;
  • Sorting by name / date / size / width / height / number of duplicates
  • creating / opening / deleting duplicates,
  • displaying thumbnails,
  • compression, sorting, similarity threshold (for the best result set 95% in "Options", tab "Comparison").

Free use of the program for 30 days. The cost of the license is € 39.95.

How to search duplicate photos:

  1. Download and run the program;
  2. Click "Next", check the "I accept the agreement" box, click "Next" a few more times, and then click "Install" at the end. Wait for the installation and click Finish;
  3. Select the "Get License" option to access the full functionality or "Continue" to test the software in a limited mode for a month;
  4. Select the method of comparing duplicates: within a group or between groups. In the first case the search is performed in one folder, in the second - between all specified folders;
  5. Add folders, select the search option - "Similar images" or "Exact duplicates";
  6. Specify the path to save the results, click "Start" to search for the same files.
  7. After scanning, delete the found duplicate photos.

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