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How to change location on Android via fake GPS spoofer apps


The GPS feature on your phone is potentially dangerous. Other users, including hackers, can access your location at any time. In addition, many Internet services use your location information.

Therefore, there are many reasons to use applications like Fake GPS Location. This utility will help you disguise your real IP address and replace it with any other one.

Besides Fake GPS Location, there are other apps. In this article, we will review them and show in details how to mock location on Android.

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Fake GPS Location Professional

The app will help to determine the location of your mobile phone anywhere in the world.

To make the app work correctly,

  1. Download the app from Google Play,

Install the app.

  1. Go to the Settings - Developer options,
  1. Tap the "Select mock location app" button,
  2. Select "Fake GPS Location PROFESSIONAL" from the list of available apps.

To change your real GPS location:

Step 1. Run the Fake GPS Location app

Step 2. Specify the coordinates of the place (or set a marker on the virtual map) Step 3. Tap the Play icon on the bottom right

Step 4. As a result, the geolocation will change to the desired one.

Step 5. Apps and games installed on your smartphone will show fake location coordinates.

Real GPS coordinates will be hidden.

The app also has a motion simulation function. To use it, you need to choose how your movement should be displayed. There can be variants of movement: on foot, by car, by train, by plane. After that, set the direction of your movement. After applying the settings, your geographic coordinates will start to change depending on the settings.

To enable joystick, activate the item "Virtual joystick", which is located in the Settings.


  • Recent versions of the Fake GPS Location app have a "joystick" function.
  • Lots of GPS related settings.

Download the app: Android

Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free

This location changer app will allow you to:

  • set GPS location,
  • change GPS update interval
  • set the coordinates (for example, to make a friend believe that you are in another place).
  • add meta tags to photos, even if GPS was disabled at the time of capturing.

It is quite possible to determine the location using GPS with great accuracy. You can use hardware navigators and apps for this. GPS technology also allows you to build a route to a place where you have not yet been.

In addition, when shooting video and photos, metadata about coordinates is stored as data in a file. In some cases, this may violate your privacy.

How to change your GPS address:

  1. Downlad the app from Google Play
  2. Before you run the app, go to the Geolocation settings
  3. Check the "High Accuracy" option (it should be enabled).
  4. In addition, the parameter "Only GPS" should be active (on some smartphones it may be called "Device only").
  5. After that, start the app, write down the desired coordinates and activate it.
  6. Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free will set the fake location. Your phone and other apps will detect it.

To run the app, you need

  • An Android 4.1 or later device
  • Internet access, so that Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free can download maps to your phone.

Download the app: Android

Location Changer

Location Changer is a simple app that has great navigation features. You can

  • change the GPS location to fake ones,
  • to determine your current coordinates,
  • mark your exact location on the map and share it with others.

The app has an interesting "Joystick" mode.

To enable it,

  1. Go to the "Settings",
  2. Activate the "Joystick" option,
  3. Go back to "Settings" section,
  4. Select the "Speed" option,
  5. Set the maximum moving speed in kilometers or miles per hour,
  6. Double-tap the joystick pointer and move it to the desired location.

It is worth noting the "Fake locations" mode. You can set several locations on the map and coordinate range in seconds. In order to delete the pointers, you need to tap the "Done" button. When using this mode, the time interval will change.

Fake GPS Location works even after rebooting the gadget. If you want to disable the app, tap the "Stop" button. To zoom in on the map, double-tap on it.


  • The app provides detailed data about your geolocation.
  • There is a joystick mode.
  • Battery Saver mode with disabled GPS.


  • Developer mode may be required to use some features on Android.

Download the app: Android

GPS Emulator

The GPS Emulator app allows you to pinpoint any location of your Android device on the world map. Other apps will also assume that you are exactly where you indicated. GPS Emulator allows you to determine the real current time and altitude of a given geolocation.

Via the app, you can use the following types of maps: regular, relief and satellite. In the GPS Emulator section you can disable or enable geolocation for Google Play.


  • Easy to use
  • No unnecessary features to confuse you
  • It is stable and reliable.
  • Nice look and UX.


  • The app can stop working after an update.
  • No mock locating feature.

Download the app: Android

Mock Locations

Mock Locations is a small app to change the coordinates of your smartphone. This can be done using the GPS satellite data or mobile operator's network.

To set fake GPS location you should:

  1. Run the app on Android
  2. Set the desired route
  3. Tap the "Go" button
  4. As a result, all apps will receive fake location information.

Among the main functions of Mock Locations we will highlight the following:

  • The app fakes geodata by both GPS and cellular operator data.
  • You can specify stop locations and stop times.
  • You can set a variable driving speed.
  • If the starting point of the route is the same as the end point, the route will be closed, and the app will show that you are constantly moving.
  • There is a function to reduce the speed before the turn. In order to enable it, go to the Settings and activate the "Slow down before the turn” option.


  • There are many useful features
  • There is a function of making a fake route on real roads


  • Some users say fake gps not working due to wrong Google API key
  • Technical bugs after installing an updated version of Mock Locations

Download the app: Android

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