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How to enable USB debugging and find developer options on Android

Updated on Mon, 11/23/2020 - 13:53

Desktop recovery tools require enabled USB Debugging mode to access internal memory of your mobile device. Having it on, you can connect your mobile device to the computer using a USB cable to scan the device’s memory remotely, restore and save files.

If your Android version is 4.2 and below, you can get the access via a certain settings section. In the later versions, starting with Android 5 and 6, this option got hidden, has been disorienting both for users and developers.


  1. How to activate developer options
  2. What is USB debugging mode
  3. How to turn on USB debugging on Android
  4. How to turn it off
  5. Is it safe to leave USB Debugging mode enabled?

How to get access to Developer Options

In fact, it is pretty easy to enable the hidden “Developer Options” menu in Android Settings.

1. Navigate to Settings of your Android.

2. Scroll down the sections and go to the 'About phone - Software information' section.

3. Find the build number. To activate Developer Options, tap on the section 7 times (or more).

4. After that a small notification should pop up saying “You are now a developer!”.

5. Go back to the previous section (the Back button), in the main Settings there will appear a new section Developer options.

Android dev mode

6. From this moment on, Developer options menu will remain in your device, at least unless you do a factory reset.

What is USB Debugging

Not only developers turn to Developer options. Say, if you use an ADB utility, need to root a device or get access to its internal memory, you can’t do without enabling the USB Debugging option in the developer settings.

Is my device rooted?

How to enable USB Debugging on Android

Once you gained root privileges on your phone, you can enable USB Debugging. What you do is:

  1. Navigate to Developer options menu
  2. Scroll down to Debugging section
  3. Find USB Debugging option and toggle the slider

Disabling USB Debugging

If you want to get rid of Developer and other options on your Android, simply toggle the USB Debugging slider to the left.

Is it safe to leave USB Debugging enabled?

Indeed, a while ago USB Debugging was considered a threat to the security of your personal data when left enabled all the time.

However, Google developers resolved this issue, and now USB Debugging security is no problem. All new USB Debugging connections have to be approved by the user of the phone, in other words when you connect your phone to a new PC, a window will show up asking if you want to allow USB Debugging or not.

how to enable usb debugging mode on your phone