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Choosing a convenient video editor for Android and iOS

Updated on Mon, 10/26/2020 - 10:25

Modern mobile devices are equipped with high-resolution cameras, allowing to take colorful photos and shoot stunning videos. And if you want to create an outstanding product with the help of the mentioned above features, you can't do without a special editor. 

There are a lot of apps which can bring your creative ideas to life for devices running under Android and iOS. We've collected video editors that can help to create high-quality video content:

  1. InShot 
  2. VideoShow
  3. Videoshop 
  4. VivaVideo 
  5. Splice 
  6. KineMaster 
  7. PowerDirector 
  8. Movavi Clips
  9. Other editors

InShot (iOS, Android)

Free editor InShot is designed for creating and publishing multimedia content on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

Basic editing features available in InShot:

  • trimming / merging videos and framing;
  • changing aspect ratio, adding background and effects;
  • splitting video into multiple fragments and merging;
  • rotating and flipping videos horizontally / vertically;
  • applying and editing an audio track;
  • saving the video in the desired format (if necessary, in HD-quality).

As well as in any other video editor, InShot boasts filters and effects (such as glitch effect, stop motion, zoom, etc.). 

In addition to editing itself, InShot allows you to create presentations and compile slideshows and collages from photos. You can choose different templates and layouts as a background for a video. All of the mentioned features are available as "out of the box" editor. 

Thus, via InShot app you can create full-fledged videos from scratch and save them in the desired format. Its toolkit is distributed for free due to built-in advertising. 

Download InShot for: Android / iOS

VideoShow (iOS, Android)

VideoShow video editor is in high demand among mobile users. The application allows to create high-quality videos of high resolution.

Its developers regularly release software updates and add new features to the functionality. The current editor toolkit includes the following features:

  • adding animated stickers from the software collection,
  • fast video trimming, rewinding and zooming,
  • overlaying sound effects and adding slides to a video,
  • creating and applying filters and effects,
  • previewing a finished video and instantly posting it on social networks (such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

Instagram fans will especially appreciate editor square themes and modes. The app has slide shows, special effects and unique stickers which perfectly match videos. In order to use them, you should tap the "Edit" button, select the desired file and hone your skills via it. 

In order to create a slideshow, you have to select several photos from your device memory, adjust animated transitions, overlay your favorite music and then, of course, publish the video.

The program is installed on mobile devices, but there is also VideoShow desktop version. The software takes up little space and doesn't require the purchase of an expensive license. The only inconvenience this free editor can cause is the display of intrusive ads.

Download VideoShow for: Android / iOS

Videoshop (iOS, Android)

Videoshop editor will help you to easily create high-quality and deep in colours videos via its built-in tools. First of all, the app has audio and video effects, texts and a large number of templates. 

The step-by-step manual for creating a video looks like this:

  1. Select a video and audio file for editing, put them in the library;
  2. Add files to the editing table, mix them;
  3. Perfect the color settings (contrast / brightness / saturation);
  4. Customize the file size and proportions;
  5. Adorn your video with sound and video effects and filters;
  6. Apply text, annotations and subtitles;
  7. Publish the video on Snapchat, YouTube or Facebook. 

As stated on Videoshop app website, the creation and editing of content can require a lot of resources and due to this it's desirable to have a modern and powerful phone (iPhone or Android) at your disposal. In fact, nowadays it's not a big problem. 

The editor is distributed for free, but it contains ads (which can be easily disabled). 

Download Videoshop for: Android / iOS

VivaVideo (iOS, Android)

VivaVideo is another video editor with intuitive user-interface which is placed high in Google Play Market and App Store rankings. Despite the fact that the software is a charged one, users give their preferences to it by choosing the app extensive library of special effects and features.

Before you start working with the app, we suggest reading the instructions. In order to do this, run VivaVideo and tap "Manual" in the app main window. You'll see a comprehensive manual on the program with a description of all its features.

The functions of VivaVideo include:

  • mirroring and video rotation,
  • adjusting (speeding up and slowing down) selected parts of a video track,
  • overlaying photos and pictures from your device memory,
  • applying animated text (more than 15 fonts),
  • improving the quality of the audio and video via the software.

VivaVideo advantages:

  • low system requirements,
  • compatibility with Android 4.0 and above,
  • a built-in voice converter,
  • capability to save finished videos in HD and Full HD.

The main disadvantages of VivaVideo are the abundance of advertising in its trial version.

When installing the editor, users are given a three-day trial period. In order to continue working with the app, you'll have to subscribe. The cost of subscription is about $3 per month.

Download VivaVideo for: Android / iOS

Splice (iOS)

Splice is a small but powerful and efficient video editor. It has been called the best editor app and add-on for iPhone and iPad mobile camera several times. Let's highlight the main features of Splice:

  • Syncing video and audio files;
  • Designing video base: background, color, brightness and contrast;
  • Adjusting aspect ratio, rotating a video;
  • Adding text annotations, slides, screensavers at the beginning and end of a video;
  • Video trimming, splitting into fragments and framing;
  • Applying filters and effects;
  • Automatic video publishing in social networks.

Download Splice for iOS

KineMaster (iOS, Android)

The creators of KineMaster have well thought the program out. Its interface differs from the previous programs by launching in a window with a horizontal orientation: since it's much more convenient to work with video materials in such a way.

Creation of video clips starts with selecting the size of a future video: 16:9, 9:16, 1:1. Next, users enter a large working area allowing to edit videos and create small masterpieces.

Many options are built into the video editor, for example:

  • parallel audio recording over a video (a separate audio file is stored in the device memory),
  • overlaying handwritten text,
  • 3D transitions,
  • adjusting the brightness, saturation and contrast of photos and videos,
  • changing the playback speed of videos.

KineMaster advantages:

  • built-in assistant for users with zero video editing experience,
  • simple interface,
  • capability to change the appearance of the software.

KineMaster has only one disadvantage: there is no free version. The cost of KineMaster Premium is $5,16 per month. / $30.89 per year. The video editor can be tested out for free during seven-days trial period. 

There are two types of subscription payment: monthly or 7 day trial + one-time fee per year.

Download KineMaster for: Android / iOS

CyberLink PowerDirector (Android)

Another powerful app for Android allowing to create high-resolution videos. 

Its montage table is presented as a timeline with multiple tracks. Users can overlay photos on video clips, record audios on top of them, experiment with transitions and set the aspect ratio.

Among the main features of the program are the following:

  • ability to slow down video playback,
  • adorning a video clip with 3D effects,
  • correction of brightness, contrast and color gamut of images,
  • applying animated stickers,
  • adding music from your device memory,
  • exporting movies with 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K resolution,
  • 64-bit architecture support = performance boost on powerful devices,
  • direct upload of saved videos to social networks,
  • storing projects in Google Drive cloud.

PowerDirector doesn't have a free version since users are given a trial period only for the first seven days. After it you have to pay for a subscription either monthly or quarterly.

Link to PowerDirector: Android

Movavi Clips (iOS, Android)

Movavi company has released a range of video editors not only for desktops (Windows and Mac OS X), but also for mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad and Android). 

One of the most convenient, user-friendly and, most importantly, free software for video editing is Movavi Clips. It has no advertising, besides a lot of features allowing to create memorable video clips, slideshows or presentations are hidden. 

The editor has a comprehensive collection of transitions, special effects and stickers which can decorate each video and give it a special mood. There is a convenient time-lapse scale allowing to edit video as if you were doing it via the desktop version.

Movavi Clips main features:

  • 180° image rotation and horizontal and vertical reflection,
  • adding background sound and editing an audio track,
  • applying special effects and filters,
  • framing, focusing on details, and zooming,
  • adjusting the speed (slowing down and speeding up) of a video clip,
  • recognizing the best moments of a video,
  • merging and video trimming, 
  • adding photos or slides at the beginning and end of a video clip.

Movavi Clips advantages:

  • no paid license is required,
  • no advertising,
  • convenient mounting scale,
  • convenient tips for beginners (there is a manual after the first launch of the program and a built-in guide).

Movavi Clips has only one disadvantage: its watermarks can't be disabled and they will be present in all exported videos.

Download Movavi Clips for: Android / iOS

Mobile video editors which weren't included in the review

We recommend paying your attention to the following apps which are also worth checking out: 

  1. LumaFusion (£28.99): iOS
  2. Filmmaker Pro (free): iOS
  3. Magisto Video Editor (free): iOS / Android
  4. Quik (free): iOS
  5. Adobe Premiere Rush (free): iOS / Android