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How to find out exact address by IP: the best services


To find out your current IP address or locate device by IP, you do not need to have special knowledge. Just use one of the specialized services. They allow you to check the location via Wi-Fi network.

We will review the best of them and show how to use these services in 2022 - 2023.

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IP Checker

This popular free service provides information on the location of the entered IP address, website or server. The main function is to calculate the current location of the user.

You can also find out location coordinates, ISP name, time zone, region, city, and even the index of the domain owner or IP address.

If you know only the domain name, the service will automatically display the IP address of the host owner.

How to find out your IP via MyGPSTools IP Checker:

  1. Go through the link to the official website of the service;
  2. The IP address will be displayed under "Your IP address:".


  • You can use IP Checker from your phone or computer
  • The service is easy to use


  • Limited functionality

Iplogger utility provides access to many functions. For example, through the service you can shorten a link or see statistics of people who have visited your site.

Of course, iplogger will help to determine the location by IP using a special IP tracker.

Instructions on how to find location by IP:

  1. To use IP tracker, go to link to iplogger official website;
  2. Enter the IP address in the field under "Paste an IP to find the info";
  3. Tap the "Find IP info" button;
  4. A window will appear with the full information of the IP owner

The data that can be obtained by entering the IP address:

  • country, region, city, zip code,
  • Internet connection speed,
  • ISP location. is a very simple service through which you can find out your IP address and other network information. You can also see your current location on Google Maps.

The following data is available there:

  • external IP address "External IP";
  • Address in the local network "Internal IP:
  • DNS server;
  • network gateway;
  • local network mask via "Netmask",
  • ZIP Code / Area / City and other geographical information.


  • simple service - just open the website and you'll see all the info you need on phone screen


  • weak functionality, for example there is no IP-address determination service.
  • no privacy: the service displays 'Recent IP Address' at the bottom of the page

What is my IP address

What is my IP address is an app for checking the IP address of a visitor. It has only one window and two buttons "Share info" and "Refresh".

The app can be used to view data about the external IP and local network settings. In addition, you can use it to find out the level of Wi-Fi signal, which comes in handy when searching for the best location for your router and other wireless devices.

How to use the What is my IP address app:

After launching the app, a screen appears on which you can find the following data:

  • external IP information ((IPv4 + IPv6)), the button is at the very top;
  • "Hostname": the name of the computer on the network;
  • "Local IP": the name in the local network;
  • "Connection": information about Wi-Fi signal strength;
  • Gateway" and "DNS": information about the addresses of the Wi-Fi router and DNS server.

Use the "Share info" button to send your IP address information to another user.

By tapping "Refresh" button, the app update the current IP address.

You can download the app here.


  • the app shows the level of Wi-Fi signal, which is not the case in all similar programs;
  • Convenient and easy to use, unlike the web service
  • information about the current IP address is constantly updated.


  • Many useful features are missing, for example you cannot find out your exact location by IP address.

ExpressVPN security tools

Another tool allows you to find out the location by IP and the level of privacy. The service will give out all the existing information on the specified IP in a fraction of a second.

Step by step instruction:

Step 1. Go to the link; Step 2. Enter the IP or domain in the form in the center of the screen. By default, your IP address is entered into the field; Step 3. The service will automatically determine the coordinates where you came from the specified IP-address, and will show this place on the world map.

Generally speaking, ExpressVPN provides VPN services, but you can use this site to check the location. The service doesn't show detailed information about the provider and the time zone of the host owner, but it determines the current location of the user with high accuracy.


Service will be useful for system administrators, gamers, ordinary users, it may also be useful for programmers involved in the development of mobile apps.

With you can not only determine the IP and network parameters by IPv4 / IPv6, but also:

  • measure the speed and quality of Internet connection;
  • scan local network to find all connected devices to it;
  • determine the availability of a remote device in the network, i.e. ping it (ping utility);
  • find out the IP address of the desired site and its location;
  • calculate the manufacturer of the device by its MAC-address.

How to find out your IP:

  1. Go to a page
  2. Under IP Location Lookup you will see the IP address.
  3. You can copy the data by hovering over the IP address and clicking on the icon that appears.
  4. Additional information (STATE, LONGITUDE, LATITUDE, etc.) is available next to the IP address.


  • lots of information related to the IP address;
  • no ads;
  • service is easy to use.

What is My IP Address

What is My IP Address is an app for Android which provides detailed information about the user's IP address. It also shows the settings of the network to which the user is connected.

It has many additional functions and tools. In particular, What is My IP Address identifies the current location of the mobile device.

Network information is available in the form of data:

  • external IP,
  • host name,
  • location (city, region, country),
  • your current location,
  • provider's location.

Through the app you can check the availability of the website on the network (ping), scan open ports, as well as see the devices connected to the network. It is possible that this information can help you get more information about the owner of the IP address. However, we do not encourage you to use it for illegal purposes!

Download the app: Android


  • Lots of information related to the IP address;
  • Simple and pleasant design of the app;


  • No map


One of the largest VPN companies provides a service to check your location by IP address.

With IP Checker, you can get the following information:

  • The IP address that your device is associated with on the Internet;
  • The country in which you or the owner of the IP address;
  • City; Region; Geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude).

To find out your geolocation by IP:

Step 1. Open an Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari); Step 2. Type the above web-service address in the address bar; Step 3. Wait until the desired information appears on the screen under "My IP address". Step 4. Additional information about the connection point is available under "My IP Information".

IP Lookup

Anyone who has seriously wondered how to track a person by IP should know about the multifunctional service IP Lookup.

  1. Go to the IP Lookup website;
  2. By default, your IP address will be listed under 'Your current IP address'.
  3. You can also specify a different IP address by going to Lookup an IP address;
  4. Click on the magnifying glass icon to get information about the IP address.

You'll get detailed information not only in text, but also as a map: it will show the exact IP location, country, city, and even the Wi-Fi point to which the device is connected.

The site will be useful not only for those who have decided to find out the location by IP on the map. In addition to the aforementioned features, the IP Lookup service provides online tools for:

  • privacy checking,
  • speed of your Internet connection,
  • computer performance.

IP Location

IP Location allows you not only to find out the parameters of the network connection, but also to calculate the IP or location on the map by typing the address.

Instructions on how to find out your IP:

Step 1. Download and open the IP Location app.

Step 2. The app will display the following information:

  • your IP address is written at the top of the home screen;
  • location information: city, region, country and coordinates;
  • network information: local network address, DNS, MAC, Wi-Fi signal strength and some other.

Step 3. At the bottom of the main program window, there are three buttons: "IP", "Trace" and "Help". The first corresponds to the main program window, when you click on the "Trace" button a map appears on which your location is marked.

Step 4. Clicking on the three bars at the top right will take you to a menu that consists of four items: IP, Setting, Review and Private Policy.


  • ease of use;
  • there is information about Wi-Fi signal strength.


  • Weak functionality.


To summarize, it is worth mentioning the ways to hide your IP address from unauthorized users. To prevent other people from knowing your exact IP address, use VPN services. They can completely encrypt and hide your online identity.


What is an IP address

The Internet cannot exist without an IP address. It is a unique set of numbers that is assigned to each device connected to the Internet. It can be a PC, phone, laptop or other device.

In the old protocol (IPv4) the IP address is a combination of four digits from 0 to 255, in the newer IPv6, which is better protected, it is six.

Is it possible to find out a person's IP address?

To a person who doesn't know about computer networks, an IP address is a set of random numbers, but in fact the IP address contains the exact geographic location of the device. It allows you, knowing the IP of the network user, to know where the user is.

Why do we need to search by IP?

  • This is actively used by law enforcement agencies to punish an online intruder,
  • To develop web services,
  • Data about a person's address can be useful in forums and chat rooms, monitoring systems (for example, to collect statistics),
  • In a situation where you want to collect any information about the person of interest.

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