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How to fix Carplay in a Hyundai vehicle 🛠️


This instruction is intended for Hyundai car owners who have encountered errors with Apple Carplay. We will consider possible problems and suggest ways to solve them quickly on your own.

Table of Contents

1. Use branded MFI certified cable

If it is not, buy a quality iPhone cable no longer than 0.5 meters in length

Step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot the cable issue:

  1. Check the cable you are using to connect. Make sure it has the MFi (Made for iPhone) label on it. If it does not have any markings on it, it may be the cause of CarPlay turning off.

  2. If your cable is not a proprietary cable, you should purchase another and make a replacement. It is recommended to choose products that are less than 0.5 meters in length.

  3. Once you have purchased a new cable, you can disconnect the old one (by pulling it out of the connector) and connect the branded one.

  4. Once connected, a CarPlay connection notification should appear on your car system screen. Follow the instructions on the display to complete the connection process.

If after following all these steps, the CarPlay problem hasn't gone anywhere, it is recommended to check if your car supports this software from Apple.

2. Check if vehicle model is supported by Carplay

To verify that your vehicle model is compatible with CarPlay, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the CarPlay page.
  2. Find the list of supported car manufacturers and CarPlay-compatible models. Scroll down the list to find the Hyundai vehicle you own or intend to purchase.
  3. Make sure your car model is listed in the list of supported CarPlay models on Apple's official website. If your car isn't listed, you won't be able to take advantage of the system's features.
  4. If you can't find what you're looking for, use the search engine by tapping the magnifying glass. When the appropriate search bar appears, type "CarPlay" and search the list to find the information you need.
  5. If your Hyundai model supports Carplay, it may be all about the firmware.
  6. You don't necessarily have to go online to check if your car model is supported by the system. You can simply press the voice control button in your car and at the same time open the CarPlay screen on your iPhone, which is under Settings>General>CarPlay. Your car should appear under the list of available models.

Important!!!! Note that CarPlay compatibility may also depend on your car's software version. Make sure you have the latest available software version loaded by referring to your owner's manual or contacting your authorized Hyundai dealer.

3. Update the Hyundai head unit firmware

To rule out problems with the firmware, you should update it and see the result. To update the system, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the official Hyundai website for your region. In this case, at:
  2. Select the desired language at the top.
  3. Find the "Upgrade Instructions" section and go to it.
  4. In the opened window you will find information about available firmware updates and instructions on how to install them.
  5. Follow these instructions to download and install the latest firmware version for your Hyundai vehicle model.
  6. Prepare your SD card, download the appropriate software, launch Navigator Updater, select navigation maps, select a folder to save the data and proceed to the update process.
  7. Once the firmware update is complete, reboot the car system and try connecting your iPhone to CarPlay to see if the problem has been resolved.

If the problem has not been resolved, it is recommended that you change the system settings.

4. Reconnect CarPlay

Reconnect CarPlay by forgetting the car in the CarPlay settings, reconnecting devices, and restarting the car's engine

To get Apple's system to work, follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings then go to Basic.

  2. Scroll down and find the "CarPlay" section. Tap on it.

  3. In the CarPlay section, you should see a list of available cars.

  4. Find your car model and tap on it.

  5. From the context menu, select the "Forget this car" or "Delete car" option.

  6. After deleting the information, restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the power button and then move the slider to turn off.

  7. At the same minute, restart the car's engine.

  8. After rebooting, connect your iPhone to the vehicle system using the original MFi-certified cable.

  9. A CarPlay connection notification should appear on the car system screen. Follow the instructions on the display to complete the connection process.

If successful, the CarPlay system should start automatically. If the problem persists, we would recommend to disable Carplay and enable again, then check the connection via the head unit.

5. Use the CarPlay wireless adapter

For more information: Best Apple Wireless Adapters

Follow the steps below to utilize the wireless connection:

  1. Check if your vehicle supports wireless connection.
  2. Buy the appropriate wireless adapter from an online store.
  3. Install it in your car following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  4. Make sure your iPhone is connected to the Bluetooth wireless network in the car. Check the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and establish a connection with your Hyundai vehicle. Make sure the Bluetooth on your iPhone is turned on.
  5. Start the vehicle engine and wait for the infotainment system to fully boot up.
  6. A CarPlay wireless notification should appear on the in-car system screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection process.
  7. If everything was successful, Wireless CarPlay should launch on your Hyundai vehicle without a cable.

If you have trouble connecting, it is recommended that you contact an authorized dealership for assistance.

6. Contact an authorized Hyundai dealer

If after following all the previous steps, the CarPlay problem is still not resolved, it is recommended that you contact an authorized Hyundai dealership for assistance. Dealers have the knowledge and tools to identify and fix software issues.

To contact the dealership, follow the steps below:

  1. Check online if there are any dealerships in your city. If there is, you can personally come to the department with your car and ask for diagnostics.

  2. You can also visit the official website of the dealer and find the "contacts" section.

The numbers of the office staff who can help you solve your problem are usually posted there.

Contacting an authorized Hyundai dealer is the smartest decision for a car owner. Since only professionals can fix some software related problems.

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