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Connecting Apple Carplay to Ford F-150: step-by-step guide

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So, in this instruction we will demonstrate how to set up Carplay in a Ford car. All steps of connection are relevant for Ford with Sync system installed. As an example, we will be looking at the Ford F-150, one of the most popular models on the market.

Step 1. Enable Bluetooth

Make sure your phone has Bluetooth connection enabled. It's easy to check this by pulling back the quick settings menu. The Bluetooth icon should be active.

Step 2. Add phone

Tap the Add phone button, find your car in the device list and confirm.

Step 3. Confirm the selection

Make sure the pin codes match on the head unit and on the iPhone screen, confirm the selection.

Next, you can agree to synchronize contacts and other data. This option is left at the discretion of the user.

Step 4. Pairing the devices

Ford will display a message on the screen that Pairing successful.

Tap Finish to complete the synchronization process and connect Carplay to the vehicle.

Step 5. Enable Carplay option

On the iPhone screen, select Use Carplay to automatically use this navigation system on future connections. But we'll tap Not now to make other settings in a more convenient way.

Step 6. Siri activation

To activate Siri, tap on the button of the same name by going to the Phone section.

Step 7. Sources section

To customize the sound, go to Audio - Sources section.

Here you can also configure Carplay player through which you will play music.

Step 8. iPhone Settings

Going to Settings - Phone Settings, you will see a lot of settings for your phone.

These are ringtone sound, phone behavior when you receive an incoming call, and notification settings.

Step 9. Customizing Connection Options

Go to Connection Options. Tap the Connect to Apple CarPlay button.

On the iPhone, go to General - Carplay.

Select F-150 from the list of cars. Toggle the Carplay slider to the right to activate Apple Carplay on Ford F-150.

Step 10. Pair with the Ford Sync

Tap on the Enable button.

Wait for the device to pair with the Ford Sync. The iPhone-style Carplay interface will appear on the screen. From this point on, you can freely use Apple Carplay to navigate.

Step 11. Customizing Carplay Apps

To add apps to the Carplay screen, you need to use the iOS settings. To do this, go to General - Carplay - Customize.

Activate the apps you want to use via Head Unit. Here, you can both add and remove unnecessary Carplay apps.

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