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Connecting Apple Carplay to Audi Q5: Instructions


In this guide, we will tell you how to connect Apple Carplay to Audi Q5 via MMI interface. We will be looking at the 2019 Audi Q5 model year. The instruction is suitable for iPhone 10 and above.

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By the way, the Audi Q5 and A5 models are similar in that they don't have a touch interface in the 2017 models. So, this instruction will be useful also for drivers of Audi A5 2017 - 2018 model year, where Apple Carplay integration is also available.

So, to connect Carplay to the Audi Q5 MMI, we are using an iPhone 10 running iOS 13. This is not the latest version of iOS, but it is very common on this particular model of iPhone.

Does Audi Q5 support Wireless connection?

This model of Audi Q5 does not provide wireless connection, so pairing is done via USB cable. In Premium plus models of Audi Q5, however, wireless connection is available.

So, for connection use from usb port of the car. Any any quality USB cable, MFI-certified will do.

How to connect Carplay to Audi Q5

Step 1. Plug in the iPhone to the USB port of your Audi. It is located near the steering wheel or on your right hand side.

Step 2. Click the Yes, I agree and use Apple Carplay button on the MMI screen. Click the knop to approve the action.

Step 3. After a few seconds, your iPhone will display a prompt. Confirm the connection by clicking the Allow button.

MMI, Apple Carplay and iPhone will then work together.

Using Apple Carplay in Audi Q5

You will see a screen with the traditional Apple Carplay interface. All apps are available on it: navigation, radio, music, messages.

To go to the previous screen, use the Back button on the joystick. Also, using the Back button on the Home screen will take you to the Dashboard. The screen usually displays the maps interface, audio player control buttons, and calendar.

To launch the Maps app, use the Q5 joystick. Tap on the map box and it will expand to full screen.

Your current GPS location on the map is shown as an arrow marker.

The right side of the window displays tips such as Gas Stations, Parking, Restaurants and other Places of interest.

Using the Wheel, you can navigate between Carplay apps.

Also Knob can be moved up / down / left / right. This is useful for navigating between different screens in Carplay. In particular, the left sidebar shows the three most recently launched apps and you can switch between windows using Knog.

In the Appearance settings section, you can choose the design theme - Automatic or Always Dark.

This way, Carplay will change the theme depending on the lighting conditions.

What should I do if Apple Carplay doesn't work in Q5?

As a rule, the error occurs if there are several mobile devices connected to USB. You need to select the primary device that will use Carplay.

Step 1. Go to the MMI start screen - Telephone.

Step 2. Tap on plus - Connection Manager.

Step 3. Under Audi Smartphone, switch to the desired phone by selecting one of the devices. Make sure the check mark is checked.

Step 4. If this way of fixing the error didn't help you, read our article, where all frequent Carplay errors encountered on Audi are collected:

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