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The best voice translators for Android and iPhone - 2022


Mobile translators are incredibly handy, however when you need to translate quickly, each one manages with different success. What helps is the voice translation feature available in mobile apps.

In this review, we have collected the best voice translation apps for Android and iOS that translate text from microphone to English.

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Google Translate

Voice phrase translator is indispensable when communicating with foreigners. The app will help to translate speech in parallel and not to miss important details of a conversation.

Google Translate supports voice translation in more than 100 languages, including English and back. In addition to text translation, voice and photo translation are available.

For audio translation, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Google Translate app on your phone.
  2. Select the language you want to translate from.
  3. Specify the language in which you want to translate the recognized speech.
  4. Tap the Voice Input button (the microphone icon).
  5. Say the text in your voice. Wait a few seconds.
  6. You will get a translation as text.
  7. To sound out an English translation you need to tap the speaker icon.
  8. For translation in conversational mode, use the mode of the same name in Google Translate.

For 32 languages, there is a fast two-way interpreter function (Conversation Mode) - with voice pronunciation and on-the-fly dubbing.

Voice translation in Google Translate works smoothly. A stable Internet connection is required for the app to work successfully and to translate properly.

The voice translator will not translate phrases without Internet access. Although in the text version Google Translate works offline - just download the necessary dictionaries.

- Available in 103 languages
- Translation by photo from phone camera
- Only 59 languages available offline
- Only 37 languages available for translation from camera
- Voice recognition is slow

Download Google Translator: for Android | iOS

Microsoft Translator

Another voice translator for Android with a 'brand' name - Microsoft Translator. The app is free, supports voice and text translation. In addition, Microsoft Translator translates captions, phrases from the camera photo and screenshots.

Translator supports about fifty languages, works both online and offline. You need to download dictionaries to your phone to use the feature. However, in the audio version, this option will not work.

Speech translation is very useful if you are near the interlocutor and want to translate the conversation on the fly, responding in his own language. Using Microsoft Translator has shown that this way of communication is possible.

How voice translation works: you tap the microphone icon and say what you want to say or give the floor to the speaker of the foreign language. If there are several people, you can also translate their speech.

Translator copes well with a sounding and transcribing. It gives quite a high quality and detailed result. There are several translation options - individual words and whole phrases.

- Many languages can be downloaded for offline use
- The app is free, no subscription required
- The camera does not always detect words.
- There are just over 60 languages available for audio translation.
- Some features are not available in all languages.

Download for: Android | iOS

SayHi Translate

In fact, successful and really working voice translators for Android are not so much. On Google Play there are many proposals, but their quality leaves much to be desired.

By method of exceptions, we found a small but useful translator that does the job properly - SayHi Translate.

The translator has a simple and pleasant design. There are several settings: define the end of speech, recording sounds and auto playback.

You can select the translation direction through the main page of SayHi Translate. For voice translation you need to click on one of the microphones, depending on the task:

  • translate yourself into a foreign language
  • translate what the other person said.

SayHi Translate in Voice Translation mode requires Internet access. Offline functionality is not supported.

- The app is updated regularly
- You can change the voice, playback speed and tone of voice
- No ads
- High speed
- Sometimes the translation does not work correctly

Download for: Android | iOS

Translate Voice

Translate Voice is an app for translating voice dialogues from one language to another. It will be useful if you want to translate on the fly your interlocutor or voice your phrases in another language.

The main functions of the mobile translator:

  • Translation between several languages. In the settings you choose the language in which the phrases will be pronounced as well as the direction of translation (this is the principle used by many voice translators). German, Italian, Spanish, English, Japanese - about 100 language directions.
  • You can translate human speech and phrases - the result will be available as a plain text.
  • Publish the results of a translation online or send it by e-mail.

Translate Voice translator is easy to use, you can translate in one tap. The app will be useful for communication with native speakers of foreign languages and simple text translation.

- Advertising is not distracting- No translation from and to German

Download for: Android | iOS


TextGrabber is a mobile app that translates phrases and sentences, doing line-by-line translation. You can translate texts into more than 100 languages, including English.

Instant translation technology will save time. Text is recognized by the app using your smartphone camera in real time. Open the app, point the camera at the desired text to see the translation on the screen.

In addition, there is a text-to-speech feature. So you can not only translate words from English, but also hear the sound of the text in the foreign language. In addition to simply translating phrases, a person remembers their sound, thereby getting used to foreign speech.

Through the menu of the app you can publish a text translation in social networks. All hyperlinks, email addresses in the text will remain clickable after translation into another language.

Download for: Android | iOS

Instant speech translation

The app interface is a standard voice translator. You can enter text manually or record it using your voice.

Instant speech translation is suitable for students and travelers. Voice input can help you understand people's speech if you are in another country and do not know the local language.

Step-by-step instructions on how to do voice translation:

  1. Download the app for the platform you use.
  2. Run the app.
  3. At the bottom center, find the microphone icon and tap it.
  4. Allow the use of the smartphone microphone.
  5. Tap on the microphone again and say the text you want to translate.
  6. Done! You'll get the text translated into English and dubbed.
  7. To change the language, tap on the checkbox on the right or left side of the microphone icon.

Download for: Android | iOS


The app is a godsend for all lovers of learning foreign languages. Works both online and offline.

The main functions of the app:

  • Voice translation into English and 99 other languages of the world;
  • Use of the dictionary of synonyms and explanations of words;
  • Voiceover of words and phrases in different languages;
  • Recognition of accents and regional dialects.

The app also translates texts using your smartphone camera. It automatically reads combinations of letters and determines the language of the text and then translates it into the language you set.

- Vocabulary and dialects;
- Offline translation
- Paid subscription;
- Not always accurate word translation

Download for: Android | iOS

All Languages Translator

This translator helps you voice and recognize texts in 100 or more languages, including little-known dialects such as African. Comprehensible interface contributes to the rapid mastering of the service.

The translation app is equipped with an extensive dictionary, which helps to pick up a word with several synonyms at once. The program also has a built-in translation of the text by photo - just point the camera smartphone at the desired fragment of text to see the result.

Another feature of the audio translator is a built-in online chat. Users can communicate with each other in real time and in any language. Messages, the interlocutor will be translated into your language automatically.

Download for: Android

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