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Best voice changers for Android - 2022


There are situations when you need to disguise your voice so that the person you are talking to will not know who you are talking to. For this need, there is a mass of mobile applications that convert the sound signal, that is, the voice, in a variety of ways. We suggest you get acquainted with the best applications of their kind.

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VoiceTooner app

With VoiceTooner, you can make your social networking activity even more interesting by using animated characters to make your phrases sound more lifelike.

VoiceTooner is a voice-altering program. With VoiceTooner, you can record your own voice and then use animated characters to give your own voiceover. Each of the characters has its own unique voice timbre and facial expressions, so the result is always interesting and makes children and adults smile.

Useful functionality of the converter:

  • Many animated characters, including robots, fighters, zombies, wizards, hamsters, rabbits and even poopers with unique voices.
  • The finished recordings can be saved and uploaded to the Internet (WhatsApp, Facebook, e-mail, etc.).
  • The application works perfectly even on the weakest smartphone: changing the voice does not affect performance.

The program is available for free review and use via Google Play. At the same time, a small advertising block is displayed on the screen, and periodically clickable banners pop up.

The standard set includes 9 animated characters. This list can be significantly expanded by purchasing new characters for 59 rubles. Once every 24 hours you can get 1 character from the store for free. Any purchase removes advertising.

The official source for downloading the program is the Google Play store. In this case, the security of your device is guaranteed.

The analogues of the program VoiceTooner can be considered:

  • "Voice Converter" - a program previously released by this manufacturer, but has a modest interface and fewer features.
  • "Voice Modulator" - has the functionality to impose sound effects on various audio recordings and voice messages.

The above programs can be found on Google Play, and download their free versions.

Download VoiceTooner

Voice Changer

Voice Changer is a free Android app that allows you to change the sound of the user's voice without additional devices, as well as simulate the surroundings with various special effects. It is great entertainment for those who love jokes and pranks.

With Voice Changer you can:

  • Completely change the sound of your voice to prank your family and friends, or keep it incognito when talking to strangers;
  • Make and save your own audio recording or video clip using different effects - this app allows you to record sound and picture at the same time. So you can get a unique ringtone or text message signal;
  • Cheer up any company by recording your friends' voices and changing them to the voices of different characters: dragon, chipmunk, robot, wolf, child, etc. or by applying effects like echo, shiver, helium, etc;
  • Change the voice to male or female.

The voice converter can be installed on a tablet and/or smartphone. The application is russified, so it is easy and convenient to work with it, and even better to understand the interface helps a beautiful design and animation.

Voice Changer in different versions can be downloaded completely free of charge. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro is the only paid version of the application currently available. It has an updated graphical interface, added eight voice models, and increased the audio recording duration to five minutes.

Download Voice Changer

Voice Changer

If you need a "time killer" that lifts your mood, this app will definitely do the trick. Thanks to Voice Changer you will be able to change your voice by applying effects. Great entertainment for one person or for the whole company.

By installing this app you can:

  • Hear how your voice would sound if you were a robot, a chipmunk, an alien, and many more options. Some of them are quite frightening and unusual. There are also acoustic effects that make you feel like you're underwater; out in the open; under the vaults of an old church.
  • You can apply the effects either by recording audio in real time directly in the application or by using already created recordings or music tracks from your phone memory.
  • Share the most interesting versions of the resulting recordings with your friends on social networks. Thus, you can make an unusual greeting or greeting or prank friends and relatives.

The biggest advantage of Voice Changer is that it's absolutely free. You can download the app from the Google Play Store. There you can also find other applications like VoiceFX and Vocoder: VoiceFX, Vocoder, Auto Tune and others.

Download Voice changer

Voice changer with effects

Voice changer differs from similar programs for changing the voice with the following features:

  • The ability to share the result with friends - you can send the finished recording to e-mail or popular messengers like WhatsApp. In addition, the audio can be combined with the selected image, creating a short video, and then share the result on your Facebook page.
  • The app transforms the text into a voice, which can immediately be processed with any effect from the list. The resulting recording with a distorted voice can be set as a ringtone or notification sound.
  • The program includes a "Piano" feature that allows you to change the tone of the voice in an audio file in real time - just press the desired keys, then save the result.

The "Voice Converter" app is free - you can download it from the official page on Google Play:

Download Voice Converter

Additional effects can be unlocked by watching a video ad or by recommending the app to 5 friends. If both options are not satisfied, a version without ads is available, which already includes additional voice distortions - the transition cost is 180 rubles.

Among applications similar to "Voice Converter" are "Voice Modulator" and Voice Changer. Both programs have similar functionality, with one difference - the choice of effects in them is much smaller.

Voice Changer

An application designed to change the voice on phones and tablets. Aleaf Games' Voice Changer will appeal to kids and adult pranksters alike. The interface of the software is clear - even a child will understand. The disadvantages of the utility can be attributed to a rather large number of ads.

The main useful functions of the application:

  • Equally good at two tasks: it changes the voice directly during a new recording and converts already recorded files;
  • The developers have provided the ability to share the resulting audio files with friends in social networks, messengers and via Bluetooth, set records to the ringtone or alarm clock.

The application is free, there are ads and paid content. Disabling advertising costs 75 rubles.

You can download the program to change the voice on Google Play. The software is not suitable for changing the voice during a telephone conversation.

Similar applications on Google Play:

  • Baviux Voice Converter;
  • AndroidRock voice modulator;
  • Androbaby voice changer;
  • Handy Tools Studio voice recorder;
  • 302 Lock Screen Voice Changer.

Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer With Effects is an Android application that transforms your voice. The program itself has 24 rude, funny and strange sounds. The list of these voices includes: drunk, alien, underwater, in a cave and others. So you can make fun of your friends or just have fun. To change the voice in the program, you must first record the conversation. After stopping the recording, you will be offered 24 sounds that you can apply to the audio recording. After listening, you can download the resulting audio file to your smartphone.

The converted sounds can be saved on your phone, put the recording on your ringtone or alarm clock. Also, all the tunes are saved in the application, which allows you to listen to the recording in the main menu. If you want to download the ringtone, just click on the download button, which is located next to each sound.

The Voice Changer With Effects app is free, so anyone can download it from Google Play. But the program also has a paid feature - it disables advertising. For 17.99 hryvnia users can disable ads that sometimes interfere with the process. So you won't waste time watching commercials and can record audio as much as you want.


It's easy and fast with the Voicer app, you can make your friends and family laugh, you can refresh your social networks page, and you can send funny greetings to them. It "live" cartoon characters that are happy to voice your words.

What is in the app:

  • Different animated characters to voice, from a cute bunny to a soulless cyborg to a creepy zombie. Each has unique voice qualities: strength, timbre, and volume.
  • Built-in feature to save audio recordings, which can be shared in the Internet space.
  • Provides for interaction with phones of low performance and speed of processing requests.

How to change your voice

  • Start the program, click on the "Microphone" icon.
  • Write down everything you want to say.
  • Choose a cartoon character. Click it - the character will immediately reproduce your words in a familiar manner that everyone recognizes.
  • Make a video with the right effect.
- the use is simple - you can master it at any age; - the duration of the recording - two minutes; - free addition of a new effect and voice once a day.- only one character is involved in the recording at a time; - a small selection of cartoon actors; - unattractive background image.

This voice changer for Android, starting from version 4.3, is available for download at the link.

Voice changer sound effects

Want to transform your voice beyond recognition? The Voice changer sound effects app lets you do it all without buying additional equipment. Try on any image, experiment and add three-dimensional effects from the library to play pranks on your friends or keep your real voice hidden while talking.

Useful features available in the Voice changer sound effects app:

1. Create a recording with the converted voice, and there is an option to save it to a file. This comes in handy to remake the voice in voice messages - communication in messengers, text on the answering machine.

2. The function of simultaneous recording of sound and image.

You can download Voice changer for Android for free by clicking link.

- full change of the voice - you can even try to change the voice to female or male; - possibility to record not only audio, but also a clip with different special effects; - the application version supports the English language, graphic design without extra animation and variety of colors - it will help you to get used to the program quickly.The improved version is paid and you can download only the latest version of the operating system Android. Without this it is impossible:- to make a long record - within 5 minutes; - to apply a greater number of characters to replace the voice; - to use a more beautiful and user-friendly interface.

Voice Effects & Voice Changer

This program is an addictive and fascinating entertainment, in which you will immerse yourself for a whole day and not notice how the hours fly by. With Voice Effects & Voice Changer you can congratulate someone in an unusual way, joke on someone, relieve stress and improve your mood, arrange a fun activity in the circle of friends, as there is a constant voice play with interesting inserts.

What's in the program

  • Variety of sound models: recording with the voice of a movie robot, a mysterious creature from another planet in the solar system, an exotic animal, and other characters with a characteristic sound reproduction.
  • A large selection of accompanying sounds that help give the listener the impression of your real presence, for example, deep in the ocean, space with a strong wind or echo.
  • The ability to apply effects in two ways: directly in the process of audio recording, and by using the recorder and music files on your smartphone memory card.
  • A way to share your own creation through social networks.

Download Voice Effects & Voice Changer

Voice Recorder & Editor

This application has a number of features that make it stand out among similar voice changer programs. It helps the owner to extend the standard features of the transducer - to change the voice so as to truly surprise your loved ones and colleagues.

The functionality of Voice Recorder & Editor includes:

1. A way to combine audio and picture to make a fun video.

2. A method for converting a text message into a voice message with special effects if you wish. For the sake of laughter, such a record is set as a melody or individual notification to a contact on a cell phone.

3. Also thanks to the "Piano" function it is possible to change the voice in real time - to give a personal touch to the speech, singing.

- the created file can be sent not only through messenger, posted on a social network page, but also sent to an email address; - work with the voice and text; - view commercials or recommend the program to five people opens new effects for creativity.- if you want to fully use the program, then you have to watch ads, and without it the version for money, which includes other voice distortions

Free app download on Google Play via link.

Voice Effects Editor Recorder

This is one of the options to spend your time in a useful way. This way you gain additional skills that you can apply at work and get a plus sign from your boss. The app also allows you to switch gears from your worries, make jokes, and attract an audience to your social networking page.

What Voice Effects Editor Recorder includes functionality:

  • Two options are provided: change your voice as you record and adjust the saved file.
  • Transmit creative audio in different ways: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, social media and even via Bluetooth.
  • Set the recorded voice as a melody on your alarm clock, phone.

The program Voice Effects Editor Recorder, designed for the Android system from version 4.1, is convenient to download from this link.

- very simple application that users of all ages can work in; - the program is free; - works on tablet and smartphone.- an abundance of advertising information; - voice change during the call is not available; - you will have to pay to disable the commercials.


Transform your voice beyond recognition, amuse your loved ones, and just have fun - you can do so with VoiceFX. It has a collection of voice samples to suit all tastes and moods.

What's in VoiceFX to change your voice

The main menu stores a list of audio files. Any of them are quickly downloaded, installed as a ringtone on mobile and landline phone, alarm clock.

The Android application is ready to download at the link.

How to use the VoiceFX app:

  • Record the desired conversation.
  • When you're finished, you'll be prompted to choose a voice for you.
  • Choose and listen to the result.
  • If necessary, save it to your phone.
- free installation; - multifaceted choice of sounds - from funny to frightening; - uncomplicated interface.- presence of ads; - impossible to make a long recording - it is often interrupted; - no need to see the imposed spam paid.

Questions & Answers

Recommend an app with the ability to record your voice to a file, like a voice recorder

Voice Converter is a popular application that allows you to change your voice and apply various distorting effects to your audio recordings. The program supports both direct recording from the recorder and downloading of pre-prepared files.

Is there a voice changer with fairy tale characters' voices?

There are 24 effects available in Voice Changer: monster and dwarf, alien and robot, space station and old radio, and other funny voice imitations.

Where to download similar apps if none of the options is satisfying?

On Google Play you will find other voice changers: Voice Modulator, Voice Converter, Voice Changer. These programs differ in sound effects, recording quality, and the ability to create an audio recording from text. That is, some programs have more sound effects and others have better recording quality.

Explain, in step-by-step form, how to change your voice on your phone?

  • Install Voice Tooner
  • Open the application on your phone
  • Tap the Start button and allow the app to record audio
  • Tap the microphone icon to start and end recording.
  • Select a character and again for voiceover.

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