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Handy GPS navigators with traffic jams - 2022


Traffic jams are a huge problem for motorists. Not always the information about traffic congestion provided to them is reliable. In this review we will look at navigation apps with traffic jams for iOS and Android. They help with tracking the situation on the roads.

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Radarbot: Radar Detector

The app allows you to monitor the road in real time, handle information about traffic jams, repairs on specific sections in real time. The app also monitors radar sensors on the road and notifies the driver of speed limits.

The app is suitable for drivers of cars, motorcycles, trucks, commercial vehicles, etc.

App features:

  • Tracking of standard, mobile, tunnel radars;
  • Notification of recorders and cameras near traffic lights;
  • Information about dangerous road sections and areas under repair;
  • Map of road potholes and speed bumps;
  • The app will allow you to focus on the road.


  • Works in all countries of the world;
  • Can work in the background with other apps;
  • Voice alerts;
  • Audible information when approaching a radar;
  • Special vibration mode for motorcyclists;
  • Can be installed on a smart watch.


  • Some radars are not detected by the app;
  • Problems with automatic switching between day / manual mode.

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TomTom AmiGO

TomTom AmiGO plans the best route based on the current situation on the road. Traffic jams and road repairs are alerted in real time. In addition, the user is notified about speed cameras and speed limits on a particular section of road.

The app runs in all countries and cities, some regions require downloading a local map.


  • Notification of speed cameras - mobile and stationary;
  • Updating the data in real time at the expense of the participants of the app community;
  • Notification of dangerous road sections - repairs, road potholes, other problems;
  • No ads in the app - nothing distracts the driver from monitoring the situation on the road.


  • Detailed route making with bypassing of possible problem areas
  • Intuitive interface


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Traffie Navigation & Alerts

The app allows you to build routes from point A to point B in real time, avoiding possible obstacles on the way. The driver is notified about traffic jams, road construction, accidents, dangerous sections, etc. All information is displayed online, requires an Internet connection.


  • Alternative driving route depending on the current situation on the road;
  • Simplified navigation in night mode;
  • Navigation screen on the car windshield;
  • Notification about weather conditions, weather forecast for each particular point of the route;
  • Information about speed limits on specific parts of the route;
  • Automatic update of data about the current traffic on the route.
  • Traffie Navigation works all over the world.

You can also use the app to see places near the current driver's position. A paid subscription is available - basic for $1.99, and extended for $3.99. The app doesn't work without a subscription.


  • Quick fixes for any problems with the app


  • No free version

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Karta GPS - Offline maps

App allows you to build a route from one point to another. Has detailed instructions for each intersection.

Build the best route to drive depending on the current traffic. Information about traffic jams is updated in real time. This allows you to avoid wasting time standing in traffic jams.

Features of the app:

  • No permanent Internet connection is required, maps of the desired regions can be downloaded in advance;
  • Effective traffic jam avoidance by analyzing traffic in real time, building the fastest and best traffic route;
  • Warning about security cameras. The app will notify the user if there is a speed camera ahead;
  • Information about places nearby - monuments, restaurants, stores;
  • Voice search for information;
  • Help in choosing the best lane for driving on multilane roads;
  • Calculation of the approximate time of arrival to the final point of the route depending on the situation on the road.


  • Quick orientation in a new city
  • Maps work without the Internet


  • Sometimes it does not show the user's real location

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inRoute - Intelligent Routing

inRoute allows you to plan the best route, depending on a number of factors - traffic jams, road or weather conditions, altitude differences, etc. There is support of voice control.

The app works worldwide, the most detailed maps are made for the U.S.

Tracking information is carried out in real time, due to this it is possible to build an optimal route, depending on the current situation on the road.


  • Ability to build a route by voice;
  • Voice assistant with a warning about adverse weather conditions and problems on the road;
  • Importing your own maps;
  • Creation of your own traffic routes with the indication of important points on the road;
  • Ability to build off-road routes taking into account elevation differences, curvature, air temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, etc.

The user can search for certain places along the route - gas stations, cafes and restaurants, places for rest. When building a route it is possible to take into account rest stop points. Working with maps is possible in online mode or without Internet connection.

To test the functions of the app, you can use a free trial period for a week after downloading. After that, you can sign up for an annual subscription for $39.99 or purchase it monthly for $5.


  • Up to 150 ready-made routes that can be entered and saved in memory;
  • Synchronize traffic routes between different devices;
  • Export and import of ready-made maps;
  • Warning of adverse weather conditions in the voice assistant mode.

The disadvantages include a high subscription fee.

Download for iOS

Navitel Navigator provides accurate information about traffic jams. Navitel.PROBKI service is free for users of official navigation maps.

Information about the traffic situation is displayed in real time on the screen of your mobile device Navitel is installed on. Internet and GPS connection should be activated.

Traffic intensity and congestion can be tracked by markers of green, orange, yellow and red colors. In addition, you can set the value of traffic jams according to the usual 9-point scale, depending on the traffic congestion.

Navitel Navigator can automatically build routes, taking into account traffic jams. If the app detects traffic jams, it offers a detour option, which can be longer, but faster - taking into account the better passability of the roads.

Download for Android | iOS

Google Maps

The app displays data on traffic jams on Google Maps. Similar to the browser version, in the mobile app you can activate the map of traffic jams through the menu "Layers".

To display traffic jams you need to click on the "Layers" icon, select the display mode and specify the layer with traffic jams.

It should be noted that the gps-navigator Google Maps, for objective reasons, can not display a map of traffic jams and congestion in all countries and cities. Nevertheless, it is possible to get information about traffic jams for major European roads.

Information about road works, road closures and other events that affect the speed of cars, is also available on Google Maps.

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Yandex Navigator

This navigator will be useful for motorists who need a traffic map for Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. The mobile version is available for both Android and iOS.

The app uses Yandex Maps to inform about traffic jams, accidents, repairs, and build optimal routes. It requires Internet + Gps-connection with a satellite (offline maps are also supported). The navigator is convenient because it offers the best options for bypassing problematic areas and voice prompts.

Download for Android | iOS - not bad (judging by reviews) free navigator, which is convenient to use to quickly track traffic jams on European routes, in Canada and the United States.

To get information about traffic jams on the map, click on the traffic light icon - the screen will display routes highlighted in green, yellow or red.

For the correct operation of and the display of traffic jams need a stable Internet connection on your mobile device.

Download for Android | iOS

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