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Best free services to create a temporary email address and send mail


Using a one-time email address is convenient to register on forums, services, for subscribe letters. All correspondence will be available on a regular box after transfering to it.

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Best Temporary Email Services

Note. Single-use mail is valid for a limited time. If the website or conference tells you not to use a temporary mail address, choose any domain from the list when you create your mail.

Mail Poof!

Mail Poof is a service for creating self-destructing one-time email addresses like 'name @'.

You do not need to register on the Mail Poof website. Just choose an email address that will transfer all incoming messages to regular mail box. After you click on Create A Temp Email, the name for the mailbox will be picked up automatically.

Thus, Mail Poof acts as a secure, buffer mailbox that you can use for your needs without fear of spam.


  • Creating a temporary email account in one action
  • Temporary email account will not be deleted
  • API for developers is available


TrashMail is a "mail for an hour" service. It allows you to register one or more temporary addresses for personal purposes. A temporary email account can be used as a buffer for delivery to regular mail that you use regularly.

This service stands out with a large number of settings and parameters:

  • Choice of the number of emails to be forwarded;
  • Retention periods for emails and mailboxes;
  • Forwarding to another email.

After registration, users can create multiple temporary mailboxes. For an additional fee ($21.99 per year), access to 5,000 temporary addresses at once. There is no limit on the number of messages received.


  • 16 domain name options
  • convenient to create accounts with restrictions on the domain name
  • there is a handy extension for Chrome browser


  • need to register with a real account (all emails will be forwarded to the real email)
  • limited number of messages received


E4ward is a useful free service that will rid your inbox of unwanted incoming messages, spam and suspicious emails. A built-in filter blocks mail based on the recipient's address. This address is essentially the only element of email that can never be tampered with.

The sender address is under the complete control of the mail server (as opposed to the sender address, server (IP), subject, or content, which can easily be spoofed).

The E4ward mail service allows you to create multiple public email addresses for each of your contacts. These are so-called aliases. Each alias is redirected to a real email address (REA).

By separating incoming emails into multiple addresses, you can figure out and exclude the address receiving spam. Even if the email is compromised, you can switch to another address without notifying your address book correspondents.


  • email aliases
  • multiple intermediate mail accounts
  • powerful spam filter

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail allows you to register temporary mailboxes. The service is available as a desktop version and a mobile app for Android.


  • No need to specify real email when registering
  • All services are available for free with no subscriptions


  • Can only create one email address at a time
  • No browser extension

Once you've created a temporary email in Guerrilla Mail, you can start using it right away. The address you get after registration will be valid for one hour.

After the time has expired, you will have to register again to get access to another address. Incoming mails are not saved on the server and are not forwarded to third parties.


Burnermail is a service that makes it much easier to create and use disposable email addresses. Using such email addresses, you get full control over your incoming mail, protect it from spam and unwanted correspondence.

Burnermail also allows you to store additional information about the websites you register with (such as your username and password). This information will be associated with each one-time email address you create.

Each one-time email address created is fully trackable and can be instantly disabled through the service settings and filters.

In the free version you can create 5 Burner Addresses, only 1 Mailbox is available. There is also another significant limitation - 7 days Mailbox History. Mailbox history is deleted after the specified period. In the Premium version, all restrictions are removed.


  • Inexpensive premium subscription ($2.99/month)


  • Significant limitations of the free version


Free email with a self-destruct feature and no ability to send mail. The site is available in more than 10 languages. It works very simply:

  1. Go to to use generated email with a random name.
  2. You can use generated email or click on Change Address to change the name of your temporary mailbox.
  3. The status of the email account is available in the line below. By default, "Waiting for emails" will be displayed.
  4. Click on the email title to open it in your browser.
  5. You can delete the email or simply exit the service by closing the browser tab.


  • no registration is required
  • all operations with mail are performed very quickly
  • multilingual interface


  • you can't send a letter from temprmail

Thus, Temprmail is more than just a single-use mailbox. It will be suitable for a wide variety of needs: online sales, forum registration and services you don't plan to use often.


Nada is a temporary mail service. There is an option to send emails, if necessary, you can forward the desired emails to a real email that you want to protect from spam.

Here you do not need to register, the services are completely free. Your real email address does not appear in the account settings or during registration, so there is no need to worry about your privacy.

The created temp mailbox is available for use for a week. During this period there are no restrictions on the number of stored and incoming mails. After the expiration date, all user data is automatically deleted.


  • You can create up to 10 temporary mailboxes for free;
  • Adding of multiple temporary email accounts simultaneously;
  • User can choose a domain name from 10+ variants;
  • Random email address generation;
  • There is a email app for Android and iOS.


DropMail is the most simplified service for creating disposable mailboxes. The main feature is that one-time mail is available for an unlimited amount of time as long as the page in your browser is not refreshed. Theoretically, there is no limit on the lifetime of the mailbox.

Features of DropMail service:

  • All mailboxes created in DropMail have a forwarding feature - that is, forwarding emails to another email.
  • It is convenient for anonymous registration on sites with doubtful or unverified reputation.
  • All accounts are created in one click and are destroyed after reloading the page.
  • DropMail does not require registration to create temporary accounts.
  • High level of security: your temporary box will not fall into the hands of other users by accident.


  • the email service is very fast
  • unlimited number of email aliases
  • temporary mailbox can be easily made permanent (with authorization)
  • no registration or indication of real mail is required


Maildrop allows you to create a temporary email address like 'name @'. Even if the address is already occupied, you will still get access to the mailbox.

The main feature of Maildrop is that any user who knows the temporary mail can go into the mailbox and look through all the incoming mails. Therefore, the service is not suitable for obtaining important and confidential information.

Other features:

  • You can get a private temporary mailbox for an additional fee, only you will have access to it.
  • Emails in the temporary box are stored for an unlimited time.
  • No registration is required on the Maildrop site; all you have to do is come up with a suitable name for the box.


  • The service is not suitable for important and confidential information
  • Distracting ads


  • built-in name generator for temporary account
  • no registration required
  • powerful built-in spam filter

Why do you need a temporary email

  1. Temporary email can help you forget about spam and phishing emails that come after registering on questionable sites.
  2. In case you need to use the site, service or forum only once. Without registering, with an email address to do this is sometimes impossible.
  3. Registration through a mail account is also often needed at file exchangers and open access points of Wi-Fi networks in airports and other public places.
  4. If you provide the real address of the mail you constantly use, you may encounter a problem with a lot of emails with spam, promotional offers, and other unnecessary information. In the midst of this chaos, it's easy to lose the correspondence you need.


You can use any of the above services to create temporary mail in 2022. In their free versions, mailbox features aren't significantly limited.

Bear in mind that some important information (such as login, password, account recovery data), which may be needed later, has not been mistakenly sent to such "transitory" email. After destroying the temporary email, you'll lose access to your registered account!

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