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Best services for finding your location via geographic coordinates

Our guide will help you to:

  1. Get the exact coordinates of any place on a map, or vice versa, 
  2. Find any point or place by its known latitude and longitude

With the help of GPS system you can have a sense of direction anywhere and under any conditions. There are many services and apps allowing to find places by their geographic coordinates and vice versa. The best ones are:

  1. Map & Directions
  3. Google Maps (PC version)
  4. Google maps app

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Map & Directions

On Maps & Directions official website you can find the exact GPS coordinates of any place or choose the place you need and see its latitude and longitude. Using the service is very easy, it has zooming in on a map and sharing your location features.

Moreover, Maps & Directions allows to determine the coordinates of your position on a map for free by pressing just one button. Click on "Find my coordinates" and the service will immediately mark your location and get its latitude and longitude with maximum accuracy.

On Map & Directions website you can: 

  • measure the distance between settlements or the area of any given territory, 
  • calculate the shortest route between given points,
  • create a map via Google Maps toolkit,
  • calculate the travelling time for a pedestrian / bicyclist or motorist. 

The service is useful for travelers, motorists and just curious users in general. service allows to find the coordinates of a specified place in any region of the world. The service is integrated with Google Maps, but has a simplified interface due to which it can be used even by an unskilled user.

In the address bar which says "Search" you should enter the address of the place which latitude and longitude you need. A map with coordinates will appear along with a marker at the desired location. The latitude, longitude and altitude of the selected point will be displayed above the marker.

Unfortunately, is unsuitable for the determination of a point via its latitude and longitude. However, it's an extremely suitable tool for the reverse procedure (i.e. searching via coordinates). The service supports many languages, including Russian / English.

Searching by coordinates on a map using the browser version of Google Maps service

If for any reason you want to avoid intermediary services and prefer to work directly with Google Maps, you'll find this manual useful. The process of searching by coordinates via Google Maps is a little more complicated than the methods described above, but it can be mastered quickly and easily.

In order to find out the exact coordinates of a place, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open the service on your PC through a browser. It's important to enter the full, not simplified (marked with a special lightning icon) mode, otherwise you won't be able to get the information you need;
  2. Right-click on the area with the desired point;
  3. Check the "What's here?" option in the opened context menu;
  4. Look at the tab in the bottom of the screen. It will display the latitude, longitude and altitude of the location.

In order to locate a place by its known geographic coordinates, you have to follow a different procedure:

  1. Enter Google Maps full mode on your computer;
  2. In the search bar at the top of the screen provide the coordinates. The following values are allowed: degrees, minutes and seconds; degrees and decimal minutes; decimal degrees;
  3. Press the "Enter" button and a special marker will appear at the desired location.

When using Google Maps it's essential to correctly specify geographical coordinates. The service recognizes only a few data formats, so make sure to take into account the following rules:

  • When entering degrees, use the special character for "°" instead of "d";
  • You must use a period instead of a comma as a decimal point, otherwise the search bar won't be able to show you the place you're looking for;
  • First you must enter latitude and only after it longitude. The first parameter must be written starting with “-90” and ending with “90” and the second – from "-180" to "180".

It's quite difficult to find a special character on a PC keyboard; you also have to put a lot of effort in the searching process. 

Therefore, instead of sticking to these strict rules, it's easier to use special services and the best of them we've already mentioned above.

Finding places by their latitude and longitude on Android OS

Quite often you need to find a place via its coordinates when you're away from a laptop or personal computer. Mobile app Google Maps, running under Android can help you out. It's mostly used to plan a route or check public transport timetables, but the software is also suitable for finding locations.

You can download the app for Android devices from the official page on Google Play. It's available in both Russian and English. After installing the software, follow our instructions:

  1. Open Google Maps on your device and wait for the map to appear;
  2. Find the place you need. Hold it until a special marker is displayed;
  3. A tab with a search window and the full coordinates of the location will appear at the top of the screen;
  4. If you need to find a place by its coordinates, and not vice versa, then the method used on a mobile device is no different from the desktop one (see above).

The mobile version of the Google Maps service, as well as the one for PCs, will allow you to carefully study the place you need and get its exact coordinates or vice versa: get an address via known data. This is a convenient way for both tourists and motorists.