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The best screenshot apps and snipping tools for Android device

Updated on Sun, 11/29/2020 - 15:15

There are standard ways to capture a moment on smartphones, for example, via hotkeys. At the same time, different Android versions and device models (LG, HTC, Lenovo, Fly...) have various buttons and gestures assigned for this feature.

Another method of taking an image of your screen is via special screenshot apps. Apart from simply creating a screenshot via these apps you can also edit it.


    What is a screenshot

    A screenshot is a shot of your screen. The need to save the image of the screen of your mobile device occurs quite often, for example, when you need to:

    • Share your screen in order to explain something or provide an illustration to instructions;
    • Quickly save information as an image;
    • Fix your phone.

    By default, all screenshots are saved in the memory of a phone in png format, so you can view it via almost any device.

    Standard way of taking a screenshot

    Method 1.

    In order to take a screenshot via a tablet and smartphone on Android:

    1. Open the screen you want to save;
    2. Press Power and Volume Down buttons of your phone;
    3. Hold them until you hear a sound or see a frame. An icon with a picture may also appear at the top of your screen;
    4. All pics are saved in the phone Gallery, so you can find them there.

    This method works on smartphones and HTC tablets. On newer devices as well as LG and Lenovo the way to take a screenshot described below might work.

    Method 2.

    The key combinations from the previous method of screen capturing don't always work. We suggest trying the following method:

    1. Hold Home and Power buttons, if they're present on your phone;
    2. Alternatively, give a try to the combination of Back and Home. It can work for the oldest Android devices with the version 2.3 and below.

    A notification will appear and you'll hear a distinctive sound.

    The best screenshot apps for Android

    Key combinations might not work, moreover the basic features of Android OS are also limited. In the addition to a screenshot app standard features via it you can also edit taken screenshots.

    We recommend you to download and test several apps: not all of them work on a certain version of Android, some require root access, their free versions may contain ads and etc.

    Screenshot (Geeks.Lab)

    The app designed by Geeks.Lab is an application for creating screenshots on Android phones and tablets. It's free of charge but has a lot of advertising.

    Convenient screenshot editor

    In order to take a screenshot, simply press and hold Volume and Power buttons for a few seconds. If such key combination doesn't work (which is quite possible if you have an HTC smartphone), try to hold Home and Power keys for a few seconds at the same time and a screenshot should be saved in memory.

    All created images are saved in a personal gallery via which you can open the editor. Its features:

    • Cropping a screenshot;
    • Adding a text (annotating);
    • Add a pixel mosaic / watermark.

    It's pretty easy to share an edited screenshot, save it to your Android Gallery or delete from your phone.

    Download Screenshot

    Screenshot Easy

    Screenshot Easy app facilitates the process of taking a screenshot on a smartphone running under Android, even though it's already a very simple process. It can be used not only for creating, but also for editing images and for their further publication. The app is installed for free and it has built-in advertising.

    it can quickly create a screenshot in different ways

    Depending on the model of your Android device, the screenshot can be taken in different ways:

    • press and hold Power and Volume Down keys for 2 seconds;
    • press and hold Power and Home keys for 2 seconds;
    • double click on Power On/Off button;
    • shake your device;
    • tap and hold camera hardware button;
    • click on the icon in the notification bar;
    • click on the floating icon;
    • use the shortcut or widget located on the home screen;

    Via Screenshot Easy settings it's easy to change the theme, select where to save the screenshots and reconfigure the triggers.

    Download Screenshot Easy

    Screenshot Touch

    Screenshot Touch is a pretty entertaining app for taking a shoot of what is happening on your screen which slightly stands out against its counterparts. Android version Lollipop or above is required.

    Recording videos and taking screenshots

    Screen capture features:

    • Taking a picture by tapping on the screen (via notification bar, overlay icon or by shaking the phone);
    • Recording a video in mp4 format with the capability to adjust its resolution, frame rate, sound and video quality;
    • Saving an image of an entire web page from a browser while scrolling (in order to use this feature, you have to open a link in a browser and enable Screenshot Touch feature);
    • Selecting the folder in which a screenshot will be saved, the format of its title and the quality of a picture;
    • Delay at a specified interval before taking a screenshot.

    The app built-in editor offers the following screen capture functionality:

    • Cropping an image and rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise;
    • Drawing on image via brushes, shapes, marks and its transparency settings
    • Publishing the captured screenshot in social networks or sharing it via other services;

    For using the extensive functionality of Screenshot Touch you have to “pay” by agreeing to view ads; however, advertising can be disabled for a small fee.

    We suggest reading the permissions required for the installation of this app: the app might require more than it actually needs. Which happens due to the fact that Screenshot Touch has many video and audio shooting features.

    Download Screenshot Touch

    Screenshot Crop & Share

    This small helper utility makes it much easier to capture a screenshot on Android. After a screenshot is taken, it's opened in a handy editor. After you make any changes to it, you can share this picture with other users.

    Simple and useful app for Android

    Among the features of the editor we shall highlight the following ones:

    • changing the size,
    • cropping,
    • creating notes,
    • marking sensitive data / highlighting important parts,

    In addition to the standard and editing features, it's also possible to capture a scroll page, you can take a screenshot of certain areas and crop unnecessary elements of a window, for example, the status bar or navigation.

    Download the app to your phone

    Screenshot Ultimate

    The Android screenshot app allows you to add notes, edit and publish a captured picture online. It doesn't require root-rights and can be installed for free. Some devices might ask you to run a special add-in via your computer.

    16 ways of how you can take a screenshot

    Ultimate prefix in its title is explained by the large number of methods (16 triggers in total) of taking a screenshot. Pressing an icon, shaking your device, sound, hardware buttons, apps widgets, scheduler and so on can act as a trigger.

    Additional features of Screenshot Ultimate:

    • Editing screenshots: drawing, adding text, transforming images and adding effects;
    • Editing settings can be automatically applied to new screenshots;
    • Sending files via emails or publishing them online;
    • Configuring the settings of saving (in memory / on an SD card) and the format of an image.

    Download Screenshot Ultimate

    Easy Screenshot

    Easy Screenshot is a small application. It supports only rooted devices running under Android version 2.3 and above.

    App with no settings but with an image editor

    In order to take a screenshot, hold Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. On Samsung devices you have to hold Home and Power buttons at the same time.

    In order to edit a picture in Easy Screenshot, you can use its editor via which you can crop it or add a note.

    Download Easy Screenshot