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The best running apps for beginners with a calorie counter for iPhone


There are many running apps out there. Among them, only a small fraction are friendly for beginners. It is about such apps for the iPhone that we are going to talk about today. We will look at the most interesting features and tell you what workout plans are available for runners and cardio enthusiasts. We'll also mention features that relate to weight loss and tell you exactly how the calorie burn counter works.

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Developer: JOGGO UAB
Price: $32.99 / 3 month
App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.5 out of 5

Download: iPhone

The Joggo app is a great app for beginners who are just getting into sports training. According to the app's website, "The program is created by runners, for runners. It is absolutely beginner-friendly."

In Joggo, you can choose from a variety of running programs, and entry-level difficulty levels are available, as well as weight-loss and calorie-burning workouts.

Features that beginners will love:

  1. Availability of effective programs for beginners. It makes no sense to start with long routes without preparation. So in this case, Joggo has several running programs for beginners, where stretching, warm-up, and cool-down routines are available.

  2. Training - the app has a built-in training system, during which the user will receive advice on how to improve their performance. In addition to educational programs, you can use the voice assistant, which will not distract you and will tell you during the training what aspects to pay attention to.

  3. Goals - By setting goals, you can make significant progress as a runner. You can stretch your goals over a long or short period. You can track your progress through the Progress tracker. This feature lets you know how fast you are reaching your goals and how much time you still need.

  4. Personalization - the app adjusts to the individual characteristics of users. These are physical parameters (weight, height, gender), as well as health indicators and habits. All this affects the complexity of training and allows you to adjust the weight loss or running program.

The Weight loss tracker section is designed to track your weight loss. A weight loss or weight gain chart is available here. You can choose the period - day, week, month, year.

Thus, the app will be very useful for newcomers to running who do not know where to start and how to get closer to meaningful results. Using Joggo, you will improve your physical performance and prepare for more challenging challenges, such as a marathon.

Running Slimkit - Lose Weight

Price: Free
App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.6 out of 5

Download: iPhone

There are 3 workout apps available on the developer's website: Weight Loss Running, Walking, and Fitness. Beginners may want to check out the Weight Loss Running app. It focuses specifically on the peculiarities of beginner runners.

Let's note the features that will appeal specifically to new recruits.

  1. Choosing an instructor for joint training and consultation. This opportunity will allow you to avoid mistakes common to beginners, as well as to improve the efficiency of runs. A competent specialist will tell you what training program to choose and what type of load is suitable for you.

  2. Musical accompaniment - you can run to music that will adapt to your rhythm. This way you will make your runs fun, even if you run alone.

  3. Selecting a diet for weight loss - there are different dietary options available to help you lose weight, get rid of extra calories. This method will be most effective with a comprehensive approach - in combination with exercise.

  4. Choosing a workout plan - right when you create your profile and at the beginning you can choose a workout that is tailored to your needs. In the beginning you can choose simple jogging for short and medium distances, and then prepare for a marathon and half marathon.

Note that in training you can combine running, walking and sprinting. This approach will burn the maximum number of calories. However, if you do not want to follow any training plan, you can choose a free mode: run at your own pleasure, keeping track of calorie consumption and achievements.

PUMATRAC Run, Train, Fitness

Developer: PUMA SE
Price: Free
App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.8 out of 5

Download: iPhone

PUMATRAC is a completely free app with about 130 workouts available. Among them, of course, are a lot of videos for beginners. In addition to jogging, you can do pilates, yoga, strength training, and other physical activities.

The PUMATRAC app uses an adaptive workout model. What does that mean? As you train, your progress will be saved and studied by the app. Accordingly, the PUMATRAC app will tailor personalized recommendations and workout tips for you. In this way, you will be able to develop your running abilities and improve yourself physically. Later on, you can start running longer distances and take part in marathons.

Among the training programs you will find such types of activities as running, walking, strength training, boxing, Pilates, ballet and others. High-Intensity Interval Training is worth mentioning separately; it combines different types of workouts that will help beginners to get rid of excess weight.

Also, beginner runners will benefit from instructional videos for warm-up and cooldown. This is especially important for running, as failure to follow the basic rules can lead to negative consequences if the user is just beginning to join the long and middle-distance running or marathon.

Other features useful for beginners:

  • The app lets you set goals and personalize your workouts by creating your own profile.
  • Like other apps, PUMATRAC allows you to play music that adapts to your rhythm.
  • Supports integration with smart gadgets and services like Google Fit for accurate calorie counting

All in all, a great free app that can be used for both running and weight loss. You don't have to have a subscription or buy additional premium features.

Start Running For Beginners

Developer: Axiom Mobile LLC
Price: Free
App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.7 out of 5

Download: iPhone

A very simple running app that will be intuitive and easy to use for beginners. It doesn't need a lot of fine-tuning or time-consuming setup. Once you run it, it will adjust itself to your physical parameters. After that, you can start working out. Just go out into the street, the stadium and start running.

As the creators of the app emphasize, the most important goal is to increase jogging time. This is necessary to prepare for a marathon or long-distance run. In general, this is what is most difficult for beginners to cope with. Several levels of jogging difficulty, or goals, are available, ranging from 20 minutes to 1 hour. You can get to the last level in a 4 week period, and you have to do 3 workouts per week. It is an understandable and relatively uncomplicated process.

Features of the app that are interesting to beginners:

  • Integration with smart devices and services (Apple Health, Apple Watch, etc.),
  • The ability to choose a personal trainer for jogging,
  • Detailed customizable statistics on running and calories burned, the choice of reporting period,
  • Built-in step and calorie counters for iOS,
  • Free workouts,
  • Route recording on map,
  • Voice Assistant.

This app is one of the easiest to understand and that's why we recommend it as one of the best for beginners who don't want to get distracted by setting up different profiles and workouts and focus specifically on running.

None to Run

Price: Free
App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.6 out of 5

Download: iPhone

Every beginner knows that it's hard to start training (whether it's running, walking, etc.) with a clean slate. The None to Run app offers a simple approach to training. In the first week, all you need to do is 3 workouts of 30 minutes. This will allow for a smooth dip in training without putting your body under too much stress.

What sets N2R apart from other beginner's apps:

  • Workout programs are based on running time, not distance.
  • No sports equipment (or fitness bracelets, smart watches) are required to perform workouts
  • No burnout as a result of not meeting one or more goals while running

Main features of the app:

  • Smart Voice Assistant tells you when to slow down or speed up (in case it's an interval workout)
  • Several basic running plans, including 5k and 10k distances
  • Syncs with Apple Health to save achievements and workout history
  • Running in the background without unlocking. Standalone operation through the Apple Watch app. No need to sync with the internet
  • Free running mode without having to follow a plan
  • Exports running stats and other data to the Strava app

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