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Best route planners for iPhone and Android

Updated on Sun, 11/15/2020 - 20:54

When going on a trip, we often think about where to go, what route to choose, and how to get to the destination as quickly as possible. 

On the road, a lot of questions might arise: where to refuel, eat and relax, how to avoid traffic jams and not get a speeding ticket. 

Navigation apps are designed to help you plan your trip. In this review you will find the most sufficient and popular ones running under iOS (iPhone) / Android. 


    Roadtrippers – Trip Planner

    Roadtrippers is a free travel guide for travellers. Whether you are planning a vacation or want to go somewhere on the weekend, the Roadtrippers-Trip Planner app is made to help you find many attraction points and merely beautiful places along your way.

    You can create and upload a route directly via the app or the website. If you use a GPS-navigator, Roadtrippers-Trip Planner syncs with it, transmitting all your route data so that you can keep an eye on the travel conditions along your route. 

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    You can share your route with your friends and acquaintances and travel with them, and they, in their turn, can add some stops along the way. The app will help you find not only fascinating but also useful places on a map such as hotels, cafes, gas stations, etc.

    The created routes can be easily saved in the device memory for later viewing and use. 

    If necessary, you can set Roadtrippers to add multiple stops or a circuit route through the scheduler. 

    The app runs in the background and doesn't overload your mobile device resources.

    The app is focused on the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The free version of the program shows ads.

    Download Roadtrippers: Android | iPhone

    Inroute App

    With this app, you can plan your route according to the weather conditions, road bends and landscape features.

    The app allows its users to:

    • Track the traffic situation in real-time, receive notifications on traffic jams or any changes in weather conditions on time. 
    • Check routes for rugged conditions (the app sends voice prompts. Note that this feature is available only in the paid version of the app).
    • Use interactive charts that show temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, precipitation, altitude and curvature of the route and so on. (again only in the paid version).
    • Plot your own path or choose one of the options offered by Inroute App, as well as change the sequence of multiple stops on the map.
    • Export trip routes to Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze.
    • Sync all the devices you use (also only in the paid version of the program).
    • Find gas stations, hotels and canteens near you on the map.
    • Save trips to your device memory and view them offline, as well as print them via AirPrint.
    • Download data from XLSX, GPX and KML files.

    We can state that the Inroute App provides full information about the trip and increases its level of safety. The app works with advertising.

    Download Inroute App: iPhone

    Citymapper – Route maker app

    This planner allows you to create routes not only by car but also by public transport (buses, metro, trains), taxi and bicycle.

    With Citymapper, you can:

    • build the most efficient routes taking into account all types of transport;
    • get information about the arrival and departure of buses and commuter trains;
    • plot step-by-step routes between multiple destinations, 
    • receive real-time notifications about each destination: the arrival and departure of transport, failures in its operation, the need to leave a house or a bus;
    • optimise your way: find the correct entrance/ exit to the metro, as well as the nearest stop with the time of travel to it and GPS-coordinates;
    • save a trip and all necessary stops in your device memory (you can set multiple points with stops);
    • share your route with your friends so they can watch your progress and know your arrival time.

    There is no advertising content in the app.

    Download Citymapper: Android | iPhone

    Google Maps

    The Google Maps app will quickly and easily determine your location in any corner of the world and build a route you need with or without several stops. The undeniable advantages of Google Maps are the following:


    1. Multiple route options with alternative ways.
    2. Up-to-date information about travel conditions along the route (accidents, blocked roads, traffic jams, cameras and speed limits).
    3. Information about the public transport with all the stops.


    1. Information about nearby places of interest.
    2. New establishments, recommended places to visit, cafes, restaurants and interesting events.
    3. You can create lists of favorite places and plan events you want to visit.

    Additional features

    1. Availability of offline maps, the ability to use the app without Internet access.
    2. Photos of streets and houses, as well as the interior of restaurants, museums, and shopping centers.
    Download Google Maps: Android | iOS

    HERE WeGo

    HERE WeGo is a convenient app for navigating around a city through the best routes. Check out the suggested options and choose the best one, then just follow the voice commands.

    The app allows its users to:

    • choose the best route regardless of the type of transport you're going to use;
    • add several stops along the route;
    • plan a circular route;
    • compare the distance, speed, and price of a particular trip;
    • use voice and visual prompts to avoid losing your way, missing a stop or a turn;
    • learn about the possibility of detour in case of difficult road conditions;
    • download offline maps and use them when there is no Internet access;
    • share information with friends and acquaintances.
    Download HERE WeGo: Android | iOS