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Best route planner apps for iPhone and Android - 2022


When going on a trip, we often think about where to go, what route to choose, and how to get to the destination as quickly as possible.

On the road, a lot of questions might arise: where to refuel, eat and relax, how to avoid traffic jams and not get a speeding ticket.

Navigation apps are designed to help you plan your trip. In this review you will find the most sufficient and popular ones running under iOS (iPhone) / Android.

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Roadtrippers – Trip Planner

Roadtrippers is a free travel guide for travellers. Whether you are planning a vacation or want to go somewhere on the weekend, the Roadtrippers-Trip Planner app is made to help you find many attraction points and merely beautiful places along your way.

You can create and upload a route directly via the app or the website. If you use a GPS-navigator, Roadtrippers-Trip Planner syncs with it, transmitting all your route data so that you can keep an eye on the travel conditions along your route.

You can share your route with your friends and acquaintances and travel with them, and they, in their turn, can add some stops along the way. The app will help you find not only fascinating but also useful places on a map such as hotels, cafes, gas stations, etc.

The created routes can be easily saved in the device memory for later viewing and use.

If necessary, you can set Roadtrippers to add multiple stops or a circuit route through the scheduler.

The app runs in the background and doesn't overload your mobile device resources.

The app is focused on the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The free version of the program shows ads.

Download Roadtrippers: Android | iPhone

Badger Maps

Badger Maps is an app mainly for field sales. Its main purpose is to optimize routes for sales routes. Thanks to this you can reduce fuel consumption, save drivers time, and thereby optimize sales.

Let's note the basic features of Badger Maps:

  • Focusing on priority customers and sales
  • Data Visualization: graphing and reporting
  • Planning and optimization of routes, up to 100+ stops
  • Route saving, scheduling and sales optimization


  • Introduction period allows you to test all functions
  • Time and gasoline cost optimization


  • Cannot be used for individual journeys and trips

Available on: Android | iOS

Inroute App

With this app, you can plan your route according to the weather conditions, road bends and landscape features.

The app allows its users to:

  • Track the traffic situation in real-time, receive notifications on traffic jams or any changes in weather conditions on time.
  • Check routes for rugged conditions (the app sends voice prompts. Note that this feature is available only in the paid version of the app).
  • Use interactive charts that show temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, precipitation, altitude and curvature of the route and so on. (again only in the paid version).
  • Plot your own path or choose one of the options offered by Inroute App, as well as change the sequence of multiple stops on the map.
  • Export trip routes to Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze.
  • Sync all the devices you use (also only in the paid version of the program).
  • Find gas stations, hotels and canteens near you on the map.
  • Save trips to your device memory and view them offline, as well as print them via AirPrint.
  • Download data from XLSX, GPX and KML files.

We can state that the Inroute App provides full information about the trip and increases its level of safety. The app works with advertising.

Download Inroute App: iPhone

SpeedyRoute route planner

SpeedyRoute can be used to build routes with several points, there can be about 10 of them in total. In this case, the duration of the segments should not exceed 1 day. The free version has limitations, but it is also quite capable of making a route on the map.

If you need to make several stops or specify several cars - no problem, SpeedyRoute will do it and calculate the route time. The best option for each vehicle will be suggested. At the same time, routes are constructed separately for each segment between stops.

The SpeedyRoute app is universal and can be used in almost all countries in Australia, Europe, the United States, Canada and Singapore, various Asian countries and Africa.

Subscription costs start at $39/month (single user license). The maximum rate is $99/month, with up to 10 drivers and no limit on the number of stops.

Read also: How to build a non-stop route


  • Free route building (up to 10 stops)
  • Large number of maps for navigation
  • Good route optimization features


  • High subscription price
  • Android version only

Available on: Android


HERE WeGo is a convenient app for navigating around a city through the best routes. Check out the suggested options and choose the best one, then just follow the voice commands.

The app allows its users to:

  • choose the best route regardless of the type of transport you're going to use;
  • add several stops along the route;
  • plan a circular route;
  • compare the distance, speed, and price of a particular trip;
  • use voice and visual prompts to avoid losing your way, missing a stop or a turn;
  • learn about the possibility of detour in case of difficult road conditions;
  • download offline maps and use them when there is no Internet access;
  • share information with friends and acquaintances.

Download HERE WeGo: Android | iOS

Upper Solo route planner

This app is considered one of the best route planner app for Android and iPhone. There are 2 versions - delivery management for small businesses and an app for drivers who want to optimize routes.

Route optimization involves the driver making a route with multiple stops (up to 500), and the app calculates the most convenient way to reach the finish point. If you manage deliveries, Upper Solo route will help you choose the best routes for all drivers and choose the best performers and the right routes.

Let's list a few key features of the app:

  • Adding instructions for stops
  • Calculating the optimal time between different stops
  • Creating summary reports
  • Importing and exporting data in xls format

In the settings, the user can select different parameters, such as type of vehicle, departure time, and other preferences.

Subscription prices start at $5 and go up to $20. For customers, the subscription price starts at $39.


  • Lots of customization for routing
  • Import and export data to other apps


  • Difficult to choose a plan for individual use of the app
  • Short trial period

Available on: Android | iOS

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