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The best pedometer apps for walking on Android


Nowadays there is no need to purchase a pedometer as a separate device. Since you can simply download a corresponding app for your mobile phone. Below you can find the review on pedometer apps for Android OS.

How does a pedometer work

A step counter app allows to:

  • control burned calories;
  • focus on covering longer distances;
  • increase the productivity of walks.
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Modern people walk on foot far less than our ancestors. Due to the changed way of life: sedentary work, use of a private car or public transport, etc. In order to be in good shape a person needs to make at least 10 thousand steps per day.

It isn't difficult to count steps via a gadget and this is exactly what a pedometer is designed for. It can be useful for people who lead an active lifestyle, take care of their health and keep their figures.

Step counter from Zeopoxa

This app can be easily launched with just one click on "Start" and then you can put your mobile phone in a pocket.

Zeopoxa Step counter app for Android

How does the pedometer work? It tracks:

  1. The actual number of taken steps.
  2. Walked distance in km / miles.
  3. The duration of walks in minutes / hours.
  4. Walking speed.
  5. The number of burned calories.
Zeopoxa Step counter screenshot

The pedometer app has several additional features:

  • voice comments (which are convenient for documenting);
  • you can set a goal (for example, the number of moves to make per day) and receive a notification after reaching it;
  • display of indicators in the form of graphs with the possibility of comparison.

You can install the app for free without registering on third-party services. This app uses only the built-in features of Android.

It shows advertising content.

Download Step counter

Step Tracker additional features

  1. Changing screen themes according to a day time.
  2. Adjusting the counter sensitivity.
  3. Authorizing via Facebook.
  4. Being able to pause or continue counting steps.
  5. Operating when the phone is locked.

The app is free but it shows advertising content.

Download Step Tracker

Pedometer – steps and calories counter

This walking app tracks the number of taken steps and burned calories, controls the body weight of a user via scientific methods and visualizes the obtained data in graphs.

Steps and calories counter app for mobile

Its main features:

  1. Accurate counting of made moves in real time.
  2. Differentiation between walking, driving and other ways of moving.
  3. Calculating burned calories.
  4. Tracking travelled distance, walking time and the number of taken steps at different times of a day.
  5. Generating reports and creating charts for different time periods (a week, month or year).
  6. Daily PUSH notifications on your progress.

Its additional features:

  1. Personal settings (the measurement units of height and weight), setting and updating walking goals.
  2. Awarding bonuses: granting badges for every 10 thousand steps.
  3. Syncing user's workout data with Google Fit.
  4. Operating in the background without logging in.
  5. Sharing achievements with friends.
  6. Confidentiality.
  7. Supporting multiple languages.

Every feature of this pedometer is provided free of charge. It shows advertising content.

Free Pedometer for Walking and Running

This step counter tracks its user's motor activity (including running and walking), stores the information for the entire period of using and presents it in a graphical form.

The features of the pedometer:

  1. Instead of GPS it uses an accelerometer for counting steps which allows you to work with it in indoor stadiums and sports grounds thus saving the battery of your device.
  2. This app works even when your device is locked, however this may impair the accuracy of the data on some android devices.
  3. You can manually adjust the sensitivity of the pedometer, taking into account the location of your phone while walking or running (in a bag, pocket, etc.)
  4. The step counter supports all well-known measurement units.
  5. It can be installed and launched for free, but it displays advertising.

Downlpad Pedometer

Pacer – free pedometer for losing weight

Pacer syncs the data on walked distance and the burned calories with MyFitnessPal app. This step tracker can be downloaded on your mobile device without any additional settings. It's easy to work with:

  1. Download and launch the utility and it'll count the steps every time you take the gadget with you.
  2. You can check your walking history in the "Charts" tab.
  3. And communicate or share your achievements with friends via the "Groups" tab.
  4. In the the "Me" tab you can keep a track of your weight.
MyFitnessPal app for Android

The main and additional features of Pacer:

  1. Counting steps, burned calories and time  of walking or running.
  2. Tracking weight and body mass index and analyzing the influence of the level of your activity on it.
  3. Syncing information with your MyFitnessPal account.
  4. Graphical representation of data.

As well as:

  • recording jogging, walking and cycling routes;
  • creating groups for like-minded people, communicating with friends and comparing achieved results in real time;
  • training healthy habits.

Pacer app is available to users absolutely free of charge since it displays ads.


Step and calorie counter by Leap Fitness Group

This app tracks burned calories, walked distance and time and provides information in easy to understand graphs. In order to start counting steps simply press the "Start" button.

The features of the app:

  • In order to receive accurate data in the settings you have to specify the initial information which is used for calculating travelled distance and burned calories.
  • If you have any doubts regarding how accurate the steps you take are counted, you can change the sensitivity of the app counter manually.
  • This accurate pedometer uses built-in sensors for tracking steps thus saving the battery of your device.
  • It operates even when your phone i locked.

The main features of the app:

  1. Tracking the number of taken steps and calculating walked distance and time.
  2. Creating charts per day, week or month.
  3. Being able to pause or resume counting, as well as to reset data and start counting steps from the very beginning.

This app is distributed absolutely for free, but it has advertising content.

Download Step and calorie counter

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