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Top-6 Best Google Maps Games for Mobile


Would you like to play location games developed around real Google Maps? For example, to drive a car across the USA? Or to explore a castle in Germany? If this type of game is for you, read this article and click the links to play games on Google Maps.

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The map game opens in a browser. It is based on Google Street maps. At present, this game involves 100-300 thousand people.

The main task of the player is to guess the place where the user arrives. Tags are made by clicking on the map in the lower right corner.

The player is placed in five locations around the globe. The terrain, road signs, climate, and roads can be used to get the directions. They allow a person to guess to what place the user has been moved to. After the player has clicked on the specific location, the algorithm evaluates the accuracy of the match (from 0 to 5000). After that, four more cards are shown until the player has marked all of them.

To run the geolocation game, you should:

  1. Go to the official website of the game.
  1. Enter your e-mail in order to create an account.
  1. Confirm it through the email service by clicking the "COMPLETE REGISTRATION" button.
  1. Change password by tapping it on text boxes.
  1. Click the "Start" button.

Users who have purchased a premium account can create their own locations. Aside from that, the game is completely free.

Play GeoGuessr


The genre of this game is TowerDefence. The player can choose any location on Google Maps to defend against advancing enemies. Once you enter a location, MapsTD creates an area to defend and rewards you with 200 pounds. This bonus can be spent on standard turrets with simple range, speed and damage attributes.

By default, the game uses an 8-bit Google Maps overlay, but you can switch it to a satellite display or even use Moon maps. You can defend Moscow, Warsaw, Washington, Berlin and other locations from the enemies.

If you want to send troops to other areas, click on the turret. You get money for destroying enemies. These can be spent to build and improve turrets, and to buy troops.

Newbies can access only one route, but over time the new routes are emerging. It would seem that Google just decided to play a joke and color the map. But the game is still fascinating and addictive.

Play the game

Geo Guns

Not many shooting games have been created with the help of the Google Maps API. Of those few, Geo Guns is one of the best.

Geo Guns is an impressive tank fighting game that makes full use of Google Maps satellite maps with a 45° view (bird's eye view). You can choose to play in one of several preset locations.
Once you have chosen a location, the four tanks in your army will appear at the bottom of the Google map. Enemy tanks attack by waves from the top of the screen. Repulse the attack and win!

Play Geo Guns

Driving Simulator

In this location game, you can drive vehicles using Google Maps locations. You can drive safely, ignore roads, park, race around the track, and travel the world. Move as you wish on the virtual maps!
The left/right arrow keys are used to control the steering. The up/down arrow keys are for forward and backward, respectively. On smartphones or tablets the most convenient way to play is by using the virtual joystick.

To start playing Driving Simulator:

  1. Go to the official website of the game.

  2. Select the type of transport (car or bus).

  3. Select through the search box the necessary location.

  4. Start moving the vehicle using the arrows on the keyboard.

Play here

Resources Game

This geolocation game is an economic simulator for Android. The gameplay is designed on Google Maps, you can install the mobile application through Google Play.

To start, turn on your GPS and scan your surroundings for resources.

Also, don't forget to give the game access to your location, because you have to build mines according to real coordinates.

Resources Game will not start without an internet connection. Therefore, get ready for additional internet fees. Everything depends on the data plan of your mobile operator.

You may be able to find deposits of precious minerals. You can also build mines and process the mined ore.

Players sometimes drop things. You can collect them and use to gain some advantage (sell them, build them, improve your base).

Get rank, build a headquarters, and stay ahead of the competition. Good luck!

Game link


Discover the gangster game. It allows you to govern the cities on Google Maps. Control a virtual Donald Trump and help him conquer a city or even a country!

Your stamina decreases as you play, so look for restaurants from where you can flee without paying. Rob banks, break into ATMs and avoid the cops! Extort, get involved in all sorts of crimes, and help Donald Trump to become a real gangster!

Game link

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