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12 best calorie counters for Android and iOS - 2022


It is very easy to get lost in the variety of weight loss apps: there are too many features to compare. In the following list, we consider the best apps for the Android platform, allowing you to keep a diary of food, calories spent and workouts, to control the balance of the GI and water consumption.

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Which app to choose (Our Top Picks)

Best app overall: Lifesum uses an easy and fast way to count calories.

Most accurate calorie counter: In addition to the calorie counting feature, Nutrition Tracker offers integration with smart watches and fitness bracelets.

Best weight loss app: The My Diet Coach app has a food database (more than 7 million foods), from groceries at the store to packaged foods and meals at restaurants.

Simple calorie counter: In Tasty, you can focus on calories burning, which is the way to weight loss.

The most functional calorie calculator: In MyFitnessPal, you can accurately track nutrients and count calories on any diet via a personalized profile.

Best free calorie calculator: Calorie counter from FatSecret. Food diary, extensive food database, exercise diary, weight chart and journal, and a collection of healthy recipes.

Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary

A smart and simple app that allows you to count calories and keep a weight loss diary. Calorie Counter will be useful for people who want to get rid of excess weight.

What readings are recorded in the log.

The following indicators are recorded in your logbook:

  • Number of exercises performed during the day;
  • Steps completed;
  • Fluids consumed;
  • Calories for breakfast, lunch, lunch, and dinner.

The user can also create their own notes or enter additional metrics in the log.

The statistics look like a graph of the cyclist's movement from the hill (starting weight) to the finish (result set). On the graph, you can track your current position based on weight. Calories are calculated by manually entering data or by reading a barcode from a specific product.

Recipe database

Recipes are present and divided into several categories. There is a separate category and food tracker for premium recipes. There are also dishes in categories - vegetarian, vegan, keto, low-fat, high-protein, etc.

Additional features

Detailed weight loss statistics, monthly and weekly weight trends are available. It is also possible to access the database of diets through the app.

Gadgets integration

The app counts steps taken and calories burned from connected wearable devices. The feature is only available in the premium version.

Intuitive interfaceMost of the dishes in the base have to be entered manually
After purchasing a subscription, the app synchronizes with wearable devices

Subscription costs

  • A one-month subscription is $8;
  • Yearly subscription, $54.

Download: Android | iOS

Calorie Counter by Lose It!

An app for counting calories and keeping a weight loss diary. All you have to do is install the app, stick to a set meal plan and exercise to achieve your goal.

Calorie Counter is created for people who strive for an ideal weight. The user sets what indicators he wants to achieve, the program automatically calculates the number of maximum calories that can be consumed during the day.

What readings are recorded in the log

The log (food tracking chart) records the number of calories consumed during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. It also records the number of calories burned during exercise.

The statistics is provided a scale. Initially, it is blank. The number of calories that you are allowed to consume during a day is indicated. The scale shows the number of foods, exercises performed and the final balance.

To calculate calories, the user add the foods he or she has consumed during the day. The product can be found in the database through the search bar or by scanning the barcode.

Interaction with gadgets

Reading data from smart watches and fitness bracelets is only available with a paid subscription. There is no synchronization with Google Fit.

Subscription cost

There is a free 7-day period. After it ends, the subscription will cost $35 per year. In the premium version, you can track the amount of water you drink, blood sugar levels throughout the day, and sleep parameters.

Intuitive interface.Most of the program's features are only available after you subscribe.

Download: Android | iOS

Calorie counter - EasyFit

The counter tracks the number of calories ingested throughout the day, exercise, water intake, and weight readings. The app will be useful for people who want to keep track of how many calories come into the body with food.

What readings are recorded in the logbook

The statistics are in the form of a circle, which is filled in as you eat calories. The following information is recorded in the logbook:

  • Number of calories during the day;
  • The amount of fluid you drink;
  • Proteins, carbohydrates and fats;
  • Time spent exercising;
  • Calories burned;
  • Weight loss during exercise;
  • Current weight;
  • Body mass index;
  • Waist size.

Calories are calculated by entering the names of foods into the search box. You can specify the number of calories manually.

Large amount of products in databaseProblems with entering dishes consisting of multiple ingredients
Simple and clear design
Food search by categories

Download: Android | iOS

Eat This Much - Meal Planner

The app helps you make a proper diet for weight loss. It comes in handy for users who want to reduce weight through proper nutrition. Eat This Much keeps track of your protein, fat and carbohydrate intake throughout the day.

The log records calories, current weight, and other indicators. The number of calories is calculated based on your starting weight, age, gender, and the result you want to achieve.

Other features:

  • Meal plans, according to the goal set
  • Personalized Recipes
  • Meal Planner
  • Automatic creation of personal grocery lists
  • Creating grocery lists for the whole family


  • The app is clear and easy to use
  • No complicated features

Download: Android | iOS

Track - Calorie Counter

The Track - Calorie Counter app will help you stick to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition principles for weight loss. It will be useful for people who want to revise their diet to include healthy foods.


The log records the calories ingested with food during breakfast, lunch, lunch, and dinner. The statistics are displayed on a calendar chart.

Necessary calorie allowance is calculated on the basis of the data entered about the user - weight, age, gender etc. You may record the volume of water you drink.

Helps you make a nutrition planIt is not possible to authorize in the app without going through registration

Download: Android | iOS

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

This app keeps track of the calories from your food intake and the calories burned during physical activity and helps you monitor and reduce your weight.

MyFitnessPal has no built-in step tracker but you can connect a third party app to get your mileage logs.

The service also allows you to keep a detailed food diary and monitor your daily water intake along with the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

In order to use the calorie and body fat counter, you need

  1. Apply registration,
  2. Link your account to your Facebook profile,
  3. (optionally) Add your friends to MyFitnessPal,
  4. Launch the MyFitnessPal app on Android or iOS.

The developers offer two modes of using the app: free and premium.

Premium mode features of calorie counter app:

  • A more detailed analysis of food intake,
  • Physical activity planning,
  • Convenient tracking of fat, protein, and carbohydrate intake goals,
  • A calorie counting table is available to keep track of your food intake.

A monthly subscription for Android users costs $9.99, an annual subscription costs $49.99. When you switch to the premium mode, a free trial period of 30 days is provided.

Download Calorie Counter | iOS

Cronometer (Nutrition Tracker)

The main advantage of Nutrition Tracker is an extensive database of food and meals with calorie information. If you can't find the right dish, you can add your own recipe to the database.

Other features of Cronometer:

  • Nutritional value of the foods you consume, the ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and other elements in the food,
  • Various types of diets,
  • Statistics on weight loss progress and monitoring of weight dynamics,
  • Synchronization with Google Fit and other smart devices,
  • Flexible programs for weight loss and calorie control.

The app is paid and costs 8.99 USD / month.

Download Nutrition Tracker | iOS

Daily Water Tracker Reminder

The main features of the app are:

  • Calorie control,
  • Reminder of your water consumption for the day, week or other reporting period,
  • Setting goals and motivators for weight maintanance.

Calorie counting app is simple and easy to use. DWTR users can choose their own daily goal and set reminder options. By default, the app will notify you to drink water every two hours.

For 0,99 € per month, you can unlock the water consumption calendar function, which means you can view data from previous days and edit them.

Lifesum: meal planner

Lifesum is a handy app for maintaining weight loss. Suitable for those who want to maintain the current shape, gain or lose weight. The app gives accurate recommendations on the number of calories consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, allows you to monitor the intake of calories, water and plan physical activity.

In Lifesum, you can find a large list of recipes for each meal individually. You can get access to the recipes with a Premium subscription for one month for 2 euro.

With Premium subscription you can choose the most suitable diet and get detailed nutrition advice. The best diet can be chosen using the test that can be accessed in the app.

Premium users can also keep a calorie diary by changing additional indicators, such as waist circumference, chest and arms.

Download Calorie Calculator

Calorie Counter (FatSecret)

The food tracker app analyzes your meals and records your FS data. This data is needed to calculate the calories consumed during the day. To use all the features of the counter you need to register.

After registration you will have access to the weight loss calendar. If you activate the premium-mode you can create an individual nutrition plan. You can also specify additional meals in addition to the standard breakfast, lunch, dinner, and combined snacks.

Other features:

  • In addition to monitoring the food eaten throughout the day, the app allows you to account for workouts and rest times, making calorie intake calculations more accurate.
  • The FatSecret app offers many different meals and interesting recipes with photos.
  • Users can keep their own photo report of the food they eat.
  • The app identifies foods based on images from its own online database.

My Diet Coach

Calorie counting app is suitable for those who set a weight loss goal and want to go for it with confidence.

With My Diet Coach, sticking to your weight loss plan is easy. In addition to calorie counting and weight monitoring, the app offers interesting motivational mechanisms, such as creating your own avatar and its "lost weight" version. In case if sticking to a diet proves difficult, you can turn to the Tips section.

With a premium subscription, it is possible to monitor the schedule of weight changes and set yourself several test goals, such as water consumption goals.


Tasty is a meal tracking app and calorie calculator. Each dish has a detailed description that includes a list of ingredients, cooking recipe, and the nutritional value of the dish.

Under each recipe, you can see the number of calories contained in one serving, as well as macronutrients. Thus, Tasty can be used as a calorie counter.

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