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What are my coordinates: how to check current latitude and longitude


In this tutorial, we will show you how to find out your current GPS coordinates. You can do this through the iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as through the GPS Coordinates Finder service and the Latlong website.

Table of Contents

MyGPSTools Finder

MyGPSTools Finder allows you to find your current position and coordinates of a specified point in any region of the world. The service is integrated with OpenStreetMap. It has a simplified interface that allows it to be used even by newbie users.

How to use Mapcoordinates to check current latitude and longitude:

  1. Open the link.
  2. Enter the address of the place, the latitude and longitude of which you want to get.
  3. The map with the coordinates will appear along with the marker at the desired location.
  4. The latitude, longitude, and elevation of the selected point will be displayed above the marker.

Unfortunately, Mapcoordinates is not suitable for determining a point by latitude and longitude. However, it is a great tool for searching by coordinates.

Waze social navigator

Waze app has an extremely nice interface with stylized animation.

How to find out current location with Waze:

  1. Download Waze.
  2. Give all the necessary permissions to track your location.
  1. Waze will ask you to register but you can skip this step if you like.
  1. Turn on GPS on your device.
  2. Select the mode of transportation you are using (if you are not moving anywhere you can just tap on the car icon).
  3. Tap on the point where you are located on the map
  4. Tap on the "More" button.
  5. Tap "Submit" to get a link to your current GPS location.

One of the best features of Waze is voice-activated navigation. It's more of a navigator, with a choice of transportation to get around - cab, motorcycle, car, bicycle. There are also the classic functions "avoid toll roads", "add a place to favorites, etc.

In addition, the navigator can find places such as gas stations, parking lots, hotels, hospitals and other places necessary for travel.


  • Constant notification that the app is running in the background. This helps avoid wasting battery power.
  • The app can keep track of traffic cameras, traffic, police reports, and road closures.
  • The basic features of the app work well even in small communities.


  • Not all features are available in small towns.

"My GPS Position" for Android

This app will help you find out your current coordinates in a few taps.

The interface is very simple. It is possible to make a backup copy of saved places in the cloud. The app also allows you to copy a link to your location or share it via the buttons in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step-by-step instructions on how to find out the coordinates:

  1. Download "My GPS position" app.
  2. When you turn it on for the first time, agree to provide all necessary Android permissions.
  3. Enable Location services through the Quick Settings panel.
  4. The app determines latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy, speed, compass direction.
  5. In addition to technical data, you can track your location visually in the "Map" section,
  6. You can also save certain places in the list.

Latitude and Longitude Finder

Service allows you to both convert the address into GPS coordinates of location, and vice versa. A big advantage is that with geolocation enabled and the resolution given in your browser, the service can determine your coordinates. All of this is displayed on the map, and the address is determined with street precision.

The service also allows you to share a link to your location, or place the map as a block on the site. Latitude and longitude Finder also explains in detail what latitude and longitude are.

How to know your current GPS coordinates:

  1. Go to website.
  1. Open the map and set the point to where you are.
  1. As a result, the data will be displayed in DD (decimal degrees) and DMS formats.
  1. Going into Coordinates Converter, you can convert coordinates from one format to another.

The website has a detailed instruction on how to use it. You can

  • convert address to coordinates,
  • use the function "where I am",
  • find out your IP address,
  • navigate by states (relevant to users from the U.S.).

This service is also represented by the Android app. You can download it from Play Market via the link.

The app has the same functions as on the website, but with the ability to save coordinates and mobile friendly design.

Locating on iOS

The advantage of iOS devices is that coordinate and location apps are built into the phone. In order to find out your exact location, there are several ways.

Way 1. Compass

The "compass" app is pre-installed on all iPhones (11, 12, 13, etc.). All you have to do is give your location permission. Then you can get your exact GPS location and share it.

Way 2: Siri

The iPad does not have this app, but you can use Siri instead.

In order to find out your coordinates:

  1. Activate the voice assistant
  2. Say "Show me my coordinates"
  3. Siri will give you the exact coordinates - latitude, altitude, longitude.

Way 3. Apps for iOS

In addition to the standard applications, iOS users can install third-party applications from the AppStore. For example - My GPS Coordinates with a nice interface and the ability to save longitude and latitude of any location.

Search by coordinates using Google Maps

If you prefer to use Google Maps directly, this guide may be useful for you. The process of searching for coordinates via Google Maps is a bit more complicated than in the previously described methods.

To determine a location based on known geographic coordinates, you'll need a different method:

  1. Open Google Maps in full mode on your computer;
  2. In the search bar at the top of the screen, enter the coordinates. Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds; Degrees and Decimal Minutes; and Decimal Degrees are allowed;
  3. Press the "Enter" key and a special marker appears on the map at the desired location.

The most important thing when using Google Maps is to enter geographic coordinates correctly. The service recognizes only a few data formats, so be sure to take into account the following input rules:

  • When entering degrees, use the special symbol: "°" rather than "d";
  • Use a dot, not a comma, as a separator between the integer and fractional parts, otherwise the search string will not be able to give the location;
  • First you specify the latitude, then the longitude. The first parameter should be written in the range from "-90" to "90", the second - from "-180" to "180".

Finding a special symbol on the PC keyboard is difficult; you also need to put quite a lot of effort.

Therefore, it is easier to use special services, the best of which we cited above.

Finding a place by latitude and longitude on Android OS

Sometimes you need to find a place by coordinates on your mobile phone. The Google Maps mobile app for Android platform will help to resolve the issue.

Usually it is used for planning or finding out the schedule of public transport. The app is also suitable for finding the location of the point or place.

You can download the app on Android on official page on Google Play.

After installing the app, follow the instructions below to check what is your GPS location right now:

  1. Open Google Maps on your device and wait for the map to appear;
  2. Find the place you are interested in. Hold a tap until a special marker appears;
  3. A tab will appear at the top of the screen with a search box and coordinates of the location;
  4. If you need to find a place by coordinates, the way on a mobile device is no different from the desktop version (see above).

Google Maps app allows you to explore the place in detail, find the exact coordinates, or vice versa. It is a convenient way for tourists and motorists alike.

Map & Directions

Go to the official website Maps & Directions to find the exact gps coordinates of a place or location. You can easily select the desired location and see its latitude and longitude.

The Map & Directions service is very easy to understand, it includes an option to zoom in on the map and the ability to share your location online with other people.

In addition, Maps & Directions allows you to determine the coordinates of your location on the map for free - with just one click. Click on "Find my coordinates" - the service will immediately put a marker and determine the latitude and longitude of the place.

On the Map & Directions website you can:

  • measure the distance between cities or the regions,
  • calculate the shortest route between given points,
  • create a map using Google Maps tools,
  • find a location by GPS coordinates,
  • calculate the travel time of a pedestrian / bicycle / car.

The service will be useful for travelers, motorists and curious users.

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