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Best Android text messaging apps - 2020

Updated on Sun, 11/29/2020 - 09:49

It doesn't matter whether your phone is running under Android or iOS, it will have a stock messaging app installed by default. If the limited capabilities of standard software don't satisfy your needs, you can find a more functional alternative.

In fact, we're going to talk about popular messengers and sms replacement apps for Android devices, which you can download for free or for a fee. We were choosing the apps according to the number of positive reviews they have and, of course, their rating on Google Play.

Top texting apps - 2019 for Android:

  1. Textra SMS
  2. GO SMS Pro
  3. Facebook Messenger
  4. Signal
  5. Mood Messenger

Textra SMS texting app

Among text messengers this program is the ultimate winner by the number of downloads. The 

Android messaging app is compact, nimble and it has an attractive design and modern interface. The unspoken motto of Delicious is "Fast, eye-pleasing and for free".

Indeed, the capabilities to customize text messages are pretty impressive:

  • wide range of icons for a quick sending;
  • ready-made text templates on any topic. You can copy a text inside the box in a couple of clicks, which is very convenient, if you don't mind standard text messages.
  • different light modes and styles (100+ themes material design-like). You can choose your favorite themes and colors and mix them;
  • Those who love expressing emotions in their messages will adore the collection of emojis;
  • It has a big image gallery.

Almost all Textra messenger features are free. The one thing you can pay for is advertisement disabling and you only have to do it once.

Download Textra SMS

GO SMS Pro – texting app for tablets and phones

GO SMS Pro is another popular messenger which has been downloaded over 100 million downloads. This text message app is simple, easy-to-understand and it has a well-thought-out interface. Stickers for text messages in different styles, beautiful themes, user-friendly method of organization and pop-up windows – there is everything you need, if not more.

The main functionality of GO SMS Pro is free. Which includes:

  • wide range of stickers and themes to choose from;
  • personal email with reliable information protection;
  • capability to pin a chat at the top of the window;
  • a form of quick reply to messages;
  • support of a wide range of devices with a pair of SIM cards (the number of them is constantly increasing);
  • smart filter and SMS blacklist;
  • GO chat supports free group chats and other messages;
  • delayed sending of messages;
  • automatic categorization of messages sent from all unknown numbers.

For the following Pro features you have to pay separately:

  • advertisement disabling;
  • email with advanced functionality;
  • unlimited cloud space for storing sent copies.

Reviews on GO SMS Pro are mostly good, although you can't do without some negative rates due to several development bugs. For instance, users complain on the lack of possibility to choose a sim-card to send messages from, if there are two of them.

Download GO SMS Pro

Facebook Messenger for Android

It's a simple, but a very handy and thought out to the smallest detail program for communicating on Facebook.

The main capabilities of this messaging app:

  • sending messages to Facebook from any device;
  • emotions: you can send smiles, funny stickers and plenty of gifs, which can be found in the program;
  • posting videos and photos in a couple of clicks;
  • communicating in group chats: ask questions and schedule meetings;
  • voice communication and video chats, which are also supported within a group chat;
  • safe, quick and convenient transfer of money;
  • playing games with friends since there is a great choice of entertainment for every taste.

You can purchase some things in the app, but most users are satisfied with its standard design. Reviews are pretty good, although there are some late updates and small bugs in the app standard features.

Download Facebook Messenger

Signal app

Message apps for Android phones, which provides an opportunity for a private communication and simplifies the process of chatting. You can create groups for communication in real time mode. In order to set up a private conversations just follow the hints.

The features of the app:

  • complete confidentiality of user data: no one has access to your data and your correspondence history isn't stored anywhere;
  • no need to create additional logins and passwords, i.e. no need to create an account, since those that are already on your phone are more than enough;
  • multifunctional group chats for exchanging messages.

Signal is a free messenger app with positive reviews, although some people say that it charges for SMS anyway.

Download Signal

Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is suitable for sending text messages, SMS and MMS. The main features are free and the additional (paid) ones can be enabled via the app settings.

Mood messenger app for Android

The capabilities of the messenger:

  • Sending SMS and MMS with different emojis which you can add just in a couple of clicks;
  • Autosuggest of emojis depending on the context
  • Huge selection of themes (you can change wallpapers, background, fonts and etc.);
  • Fast sending of audio and video files;
  • You can insert GIF-animations;
  • Finding the location of the sender and geotagging;
  • Support of two SIM cards;
  • Private communication mode and encryption.

Mood Messenger makes communication as comfortable and emotionally colored as possible. The interface is clear and simple and its design is thought out to the smallest detail. The reviews on the program are very good and the messenger has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Download Mood Messenger