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Do ATM machines have a GPS tracking device inside?


We answer any questions related to GPS technology. Today we will answer such questions:

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Is there a GPS tracking device installed in ATM machines?

Yes, indeed, modems with GPS tracking devices are present in most modern ATMs and other autonomous objects that are placed in shopping malls and other venues. An advanced version of the transmitter is used A-GPS, when it does not require a cold start. The device works flawlessly, the GPS data is transmitted instantly.

Are there any cases when the theft of an ATM was prevented by GPS?

Yes, there are a lot of such cases. One of the most recent happened in South Seattle. The criminals kicked in a college door and loaded the ATM into their pickup truck. The thieves then attempted to flee. What they did not realize was that the ATM had a powerful GPS transmitter inside that transmitted a signal with coordinates.

Of course, the criminals were caught within several hours.

Modern ATMs are equipped with a GPS tracker that monitors all movements. The device notifies law enforcement agencies, in particular the police and bank security service about the theft or damage to the ATM. The location is displayed as GPS coordinates: longitude / latitude.

Also keep in mind that there are often surveillance cameras installed near ATMs. This increases the chances of finding the intruders. Even if the surveillance cameras are out of order, the GPS tracking device will be of indispensable help.

Why do ATMs need GPS?

ATMs are attractive targets for theft because they, like safes, hold a lot of money. Since ATMs are installed in every city and in different locations, thieves choose the object that is most accessible and unprotected. Carts, vans, and pickup trucks are used for transportation.

At the same time, GPS tracking devices installed in ATM equipment help prevent easy and undetectable theft of an ATM storing large amounts of cash.

How GPS tracking helps detect ATM theft

Inexperienced thieves, attracted by the prospect of easy profits, forget about the GPS tracking device and let their guard down. Within hours or even minutes, the stolen ATM is tracked down by law enforcement.

The culprits have little chance of being undetected. The GPS tracking device transmits coordinates very accurately and in real time.

In addition to ATMs, where else are GPS tracking devices installed

By the way, GPS tracking is installed not only in ATMs, but also in any valuable equipment left in public. This can be scooters, bicycles, cars. The GPS module is built in an inconspicuous, non-obvious place inside the equipment (frame, bottom of the body), to get access to it in a few minutes and without special equipment will not work.

How reliable GPS tracker protects ATM objects?

Unfortunately, even if a GPS tracking device is installed in an ATM, it does not protect it 100% from theft. Experienced thieves are able to de-energize the ATM in a few minutes, transport it and get the contents. Leaving an ATM with a tracking device in any location, the intruders escape.

Why GPS doesn't protect 100% against theft

The likelihood of ATM theft is increased by the fact that owners are not always willing to spend money on ATM maintenance and disable the 24-hour monitoring service.

As a result, the equipment may be obsolete, the GPS tracking device may be disabled or malfunction.

Alas, the human factor takes place even in such cases.

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