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Compass: Smart Compass app - download for Android


"Compass: Smart Compass" isn't a useless smartphone tool developed to battle boredom with its beautiful interface and a spinning arrow. It's a cross functional app suitable for everyday use in urban environments and while traveling to different parts of the world.

The top 3 features of Smart Compass app

The developers have provided Smart Compass with a bunch of navigation and auxiliary functions. 

1. Compass settings

Via the settings you can change the compass interface or coordinates type, connect or disconnect the camera and select the following modes:

  1. standard mode;
  2. telescope mode (the screen around the compass will be dimmed);
  3. night mode (the compass is displayed in red or green shades what is very convenient under low light conditions or at night);
  4. mobile mode (compass changes its appearance and becomes an arrow looking like the mouse cursor. In this mode it's much easier to use the app while driving).

2. GPS connection

This feature takes the app to a whole new level. With it you can navigate not only right here and right now, but also build routes of any area.

3. Metal detector

The app operates due to a built-in magnetic sensor, therefore you can also use it as a metal detector. On the screen Smart Compass displays the current magnetic force in a given location. If you bring your phone closer to a metal piece, the indicators will grow and your device will start making sounds. This feature might be pretty useful both in your everyday life (for example, when you need to find the keys in a fully packed bag) and while travelling (imagine you suddenly decide to go for a treasure hunt in the wild).

How to work with the compass

In order to get started with Smart Compass, you have to calibrate your device. This can be done in the following ways:

1. "Draw" a figure eight in the air.

2. Rotate the device in your hands horizontally and vertically.

When you tap the screen left side, the compass control and settings panel appear. The interface is simple and handy, so it's quite easy to find the feature you need.You can download Compass from Google Play via the link, the app is supported on most Android devices.