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Unread: RSS reader for iPhone and iPad


There are users (and they should not be forgotten) who use RSS apps to get updates. Many of them prefer mobile apps rather than desktop ones. Let's take a look at a mobile RSS reader called Unread.

The first feature I like is that the full version of an article is available to read. So you can download the latest updates from RSS feeds and read their full content offline.

Whereas some other readers only download the actual feed content containing teasers.

Another point worth noting is the convenient management of subscriptions in Unread.

RSS subscribers know that managing multiple subscriptions is not easy. In Unread, the process is simplified, and you can easily subscribe, unsubscribe, create categories, and do a preview.

By the way, Unread also combines other services in its interface. For example, you can send articles to read later services. To do this, go to the settings and specify accounts such as Pocket or Instapaper.

The app is well optimized and does not consume too much traffic. Unread 3 has added Cloud feature - in simple terms, it's optimizing feed downloads. All data is stored on Apple's servers, then downloaded to your device. There is no need to check for updates and download them from different sources. In this way, the iOS resources are saved.

Unread is convenient to use not only on the iPhone, but also on the iPad. The main advantage is the control of the app through a keyboard. You can (and should) use keyboard shortcuts, gestures. Managing feeds and their contents is very convenient.

Overall, it is a very comfortable reader for iPhone and iPad. It combines the old-school customizable interface with convenient and in-demand features for reading articles.

The reader is constantly updated and in the process of testing worked steadily. So we definitely advise you to try Unread features.

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