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Pedometer for walking and running


Pedometer apps are no longer pitched as an homage to fashion. Such tools are installed by those who understand the importance of motor activity. Authoritative medical hand books fortify the need to take at least 15,000 steps a day. How many do you take?

"Pedometer for walking and running" is an assistant app for those who want to lose weight or who aren't planning to visit a doctor to complain on heart problems in the next 10-15 years. A simple, clear and effective tool for athletes and those who do care about their health.

The main features of "Pedometer"

The software is capable of the following:

  • Keep a record of all your activity (such as running or walking) during a day.
  • Record and store reports on the number of steps taken and distance traveled.
  • Analyze data based on graphs and charts in order to compare activity per week, month or a whole year. A visual way to smoothly increase your motivation.

GPS module isn't required for the app correct operation. The pedometer uses an accelerometer, which significantly saves your device battery and makes it possible to use the program in any area.

Note! In some smartphones, the accelerometer might not work correctly when your device screen is turned off. This problem can be solved by enabling the active screen option while the app is running.

How to work with this pedometer

For objectivity of the account of the steps you take, before launching the app for the first time we recommend to adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer. Software average setting is 50%. If you notice that the app adds more steps than you've taken, lower the sensitivity or if, on the contrary, it doesn't take into account your activity, increase its value.

The correct operation of the accelerometer depends on where the smartphone is stored at the time of activity: in a hand, trousers/ backpack pocket or mounted on a shoulder. Before going for a test walk, put the device where you're planning to keep it during a training or your daily life routine.

Where to download the app from

You can download "Pedometer for walking and running" from Google Play. 

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