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Pedometer: step and calorie counter (Pacer Health)

Becoming a gym member isn't the only way of how you can stay in a good shape. Free app "Pedometer" can help you to stay fit and get rid of excess weight. The software counts your steps and calculates the distance traveled per day, week or month. Pedometer also keeps the track of burned calories.

Among the useful features of the app we can highlight the following:

  1. Setting a goal. Based on your data, the program will calculate the number of steps you need to take per day on its own.
  2. Water balance. The app monitors how much water you consume (there is no need to download the colorimeter). You can view the data in the "Health" tab.
  3. Motivation. The "Achievements" tab stores information on your completed tasks.

How to use “Pedometer”

In order to launch the app and start recording your activity statistics, you have to do the following:

  1. download "Pedometer" (via the link below), open the app;
  2. enable GPS;
  3. provide the necessary data: your age, height and weight;
  4. set the settings for battery and screen recommended by the. developer;
  5. allow the app to access the necessary features of your mobile device;
  6. tap the "Start" button and ... get ready for positive changes.

"Pedometer" app will be an indispensable tool for those who truly care about their health and plan to stay in perfect shape.

There are plenty of its counterparts in Play Market such as Noom, Accupedo, Moves, Mi Fit, Endomondo, SteppsApp, Step Counter, EasyFit, Runtastic Steps and others. They have similar functionality and they are also distributed for free (except for some special features).

Download Pedometer