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MusicHarbor: smart music encyclopedia


Mobile devices are widely used as music players. This is not surprising, since music has moved from analog media to digital form. Many iOS users have gigabytes of audio stored not only in the iPhone memory, but also on digital platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music.

The MusicHarbor app developed by Marcos Antonio Tanaka. It combines many useful features in its interface, which will surely be useful for music lovers.

First, this application allows you to keep track of new releases: music, news, gigs, and more. Everything that is released in the coming days, weeks or months. You can set up notifications and add events to your calendar, so you won't forget about important releases in the flow of news.

With MusicHarbor, you can organize not only local audio files, but also Spotify libraries in a single repository. The library is searchable, filtering by album and artist.

You can also select specific record labels to track information on selected label artists.

MusicHarbor expands the ability to create and manage playlists. Create a playlist and add it to Spotify or the Music app. This comes in handy if you're dealing with multiple sources and don't want to import a separate playlist into each player.

The app can be used either in integration with Apple Music or separately. You can also add widgets to your desktop, whether it's an iPad, iPhone or Mac OS. By the way, the latest version of MusicHarbor 4.5.2 for iOS has added several features such as Lock Screen widgets, modern Shortcuts and advanced statistics.

In general, it's very convenient to use MusicHarbor, all the information is structured by sections, you don't need to open a lot of services to listen to music and read news through the browser.

Installing MusicHarbor will make your user experience much easier, saving your time on organizing your music, and you will have more time to enjoy listening to your favorite tracks.

MusicHarbor is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The price of full version is only $5.99. You can download the app through the App Store.

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